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Most Hated League of Legends champions

Most Hated League of Legends champions

There is a large amount of League of Legends champions that players choose to play either in their normal games, just for fun, or in their ranked games, to “tryhard”. Up to December 10th, 2020, when the last big patch of the year went live, there were and still are 153 released champions within the game. Last of them being Rell, the Iron Maiden. Obviously, not every champion’s kit suits the playstyle of every player, meaning that there will always be champions who are more popular than the others from the subjective standpoint. However, there are certain champions that are all-time-most-hated champions within the whole League of Legends community. These champions are disliked because they are obnoxious to deal with and their kits help them make more outplays than other champions can, resulting their opponents to tilt and even rage quit. Additionally, it is important to mention that due to constant patching, some champions get nerfed or buffed depending on their strength and are often referred to as meta or non-meta champions. These champions are not the focus of this article.

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Most Hated League of Legends champions


To no surprise, this yordle is by far the most hated champion in all League of Legends. He is so disliked that he became a meme within the LoL community, you guessed it, for the most obnoxious champion. Furthermore, some speculate that the Little Devil Teemo skin was made to symbolize his role in the game; making everyone’s and their mothers’ lives as annoying as possible. The main reasons why Teemo takes the first spot on our list is the fact that he can become invisible which makes him ideal for setting up traps, furthermore Teemo deals poison damage on every auto attack and his ultimate ability, “Noxious Trap”, when stepped on explodes into a poisonous AOE mushroom cloud. To make things worse, his ultimate is invisible when placed and lasts for 5 minutes. Additionally, due to his somewhat outdated kit, he has a hard time fitting into any team and therefore is considered a useless or a troll pick.

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Fizz is a logical second option for this list because he is also a yordle. Just kidding. Due to his high mobility he is very irritating to go against. Moreover, he is so “slippery” that he can make sick outplays with his abilities without getting caught. His ultimate “Chum the Waters” is an AOE ability that gains size with distance traveled and ultimately, knocks ups, slows and damages the player, making it a great tool for setting up a kill. On top of all that, he has a dash ability to catch up to players and his “Playful Trickster” ability makes him untargetable.

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Zoe is on this list because she has long-range abilities that can out-range most of the champions within League of Legends. These abilities are considered to be very unbalanced since she can almost one-shot her opponent at level 3. Her ability “Sleep Trouble Bubbles” makes her enemies drowsy first, then asleep, which is a form of crowd-control effect. While asleep, champions cannot move or use abilities and when hit, they take additional true damage. This ability can move indefinitely if cast through terrain. To spice it up, her ability “Spell Thief” allows her to “steal” and use other champions’ Summoner Spells.


Shaco is a true trickster since he can clone himself with his ultimate ability, as if one clown wasn’t scary enough. When the clone dies, it explodes into a triangle of boxes that deal damage. Additionally, these boxes, when placed, cannot be targeted or damaged unless revealed. Stepping on these boxes will make champions flee in terror while constantly damaging them as well. To top it all off, Shaco has an ability which helps makes him blink to the target location and go invisible, similarly to using Flash but on a much lower cooldown.


This barbarian is very scary if not dealt with properly. His passive grants him extra critical chance and his ability “Bloodlust” grants him bonus flat attack damage and additional attack damage for a certain amount of health missing. This works very well with the most annoying ability he has “Undying Rage”, which prevents Tryndamere from falling below a certain amount of health for 5 seconds; he cannot die, making him very strong, especially in a 1v1. Tryndamere practically has much more survivability than anyone else and can withstand more damage than his opponents, not to mention that he is a split-pushing monster.