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A Top Gaming Trend For 2021 – PvP Platform That Enhances Your Gaming Experience!

A Top Gaming Trend For 2021 – PvP Platform That Enhances Your Gaming Experience!

A Top Gaming Trend For 2021 – PvP Platform That Enhances Your Gaming Experience!

Professional esports gamers are not the only ones who can receive real rewards for achievements in their favorite games! For amateur players who are passionate about their occupation, we suggest trying out IQeon PvP platform! is a platform with over 20 browser games of various genres, from shooters and casual games to racing apps and puzzles. What is its specialty? Each user can receive an in-game IQN asset for boosted gaming skills.

How does it work?

Users can compete with each other in game rooms on the platform. Before the match both opponents form a prize pool, mutually confirm the amount of IQN they are playing for. The winner takes all, and this is guaranteed by a coded agreement – a smart contract.

However, they can also play in free mode, just to show who’s the big boss over here!

How to get prize IQN money?

You can get a digital asset not only by fighting in matches on IQN. The project team often conducts activities, competitions and marathons, the winners of which get prize digital assets to their gaming accounts!

For example, there is a monthly competition for the best platform player, where the user who takes the first line of the leaderboard with the biggest number of victories gets 10 IQN.

To encourage users, the platform developers have also prepared a section with tasks. With the help of IQN bonus system, you can get it for free! To do this, platform participants need to go through simple steps: complete a personal profile on or watch a video presentation about the project. The more tasks completed, the higher the number of bonus IQN!

How can you use IQN?

With the help of a digital asset, players can participate in gaming matches on the platform, as well as exchange it on the popular crypto exchanges HitBTC, BitForex, EXMO and Exrates and subsequently withdraw it into fiat money.

Join us!

Getting rewarded for epic game victories sounds more like an alternate reality. But IQeon creates space where this is possible. Become a part of IQeon ecosystem – go all out and monetize your achievements!


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