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Playing on a New Level: Raids in Destiny 2

Playing on a New Level: Raids in Destiny 2

We would like to start with the fact that the storyline in the game is not the most thorough. There are interesting moments but no intrigue. However, Destiny 2 is one of those games where the fun is just getting started after the story. And the main interest is the raids themselves.

A raid is a Destiny game mode and a rather difficult mission designed to be completed by a clan (or a group of friendly players). Raids are 6-player co-op missions that are a collection of challenging tasks and require close cooperation between players. The difficulty lies in the coherence of the team’s work. As for tasks, there are puzzles, silent (stealth) tasks, skirmishes, quests, jumps, and much more in the raid, which are simply impossible to find in the story. But getting into the raid is not so easy. Initially – you will need to go through the storyline, as a result, you will receive the coveted level 20. And after that, you will be able to raise your power level in Destiny 2 to higher levels (at level 20, you will get about 200 power). For new players who are not yet confident in their abilities, the gaming community provides Destiny 2 raid carry services for more confident passing and unforgettable emotions from the game. 

Difficulty Levels

For the players’ convenience, the developers have made two difficulty levels: normal and difficult. First of all, you need to complete the task with normal difficulty in order to gain access to the next level. However, you will not be able to pass the normal difficulty, even if the fire team leader has already passed it.

This was done in order to teach beginners the basics of a new raid, to study locations and opponents. The hard mode is characterized by enhanced enemies, great incoming damage, etc., because of which there will be no opportunity to calmly explore the map.

Let’s Consider The Features of Each Level


Guardians can only be resurrected 30 seconds after death. The rooms spawn simple opponents that do not have buffs to damage and protection. The chance of getting exotic items is a bit lower here, so it makes no sense to stop at the common, but it’s worth moving to the second level faster.


You cannot raise teammates. The only way to save the allies is to capture the control point. In addition, enhanced enemies appear in the rooms, which are almost impossible to kill without teamwork.

The hard mode is characterized by enhanced enemies, great incoming damage, etc., because of which there will be no opportunity to calmly explore the map.

The power level and rarity of the cannons and armor dropped from the last chest are significantly higher than in regular raids and strikes. If you’re looking for unique slots for this raid, they can only be found on Hard difficulty.

When Can I Start Raiding in Destiny 2?

All activities in Destiny 2 have a recommended and required Power level. If you do not meet the second indicator, then you will not be allowed to pass. It can be found in the task description. If the character does not match the first, then there will be problems during the quest. Enemies will be too difficult. They deal too much damage to a character with a low level of Strength, and you most likely do not have a powerful weapon to fight. It is worth clarifying that a discrepancy with the recommended number of Strength points is fraught with a decrease in your effectiveness. In the first part of the game, for each missing point, the character received a penalty of a 3% reduction in resistances and damage dealt. If you need to have 300 strength and the Guardian only has 295, then the hero will lose 15%.

In the second part of the game, the exact numbers of penalties are unknown, but the penalty has been preserved. It is advisable to start the raid when you reach 1320 Strength. If you have 1330 points, then there will be no problems with killing standard units and bosses because. This is almost the limit of character development.

Power Level

It is noteworthy that the levels in the game practically do not affect anything, but the level of Strength is the primary indicator that must be pumped. This is how you can get stronger rewards and cope with difficult tasks where these rewards fall from. As for the level of power for the raid, then the more – the better. On your first raid, it is better to farm 270 strength. Again, each mission has its own “characteristics,” and the raid is no exception. Initially – see what level of Strength is required to complete it, and only then go and do it. In general, you can complete the mission with a minimum indicator of Strength, but it will be incredibly difficult and will require maximum concentration, correct actions, and precise coordination from you.

Farm Farm Farm

Strength depends on the quality of the items equipped by the character, which means that the first thing that every Guardian should understand is the need to constantly obtain new items. At first, it will be quite simple to play: go through the campaign, participate in PvP, and go through adventures and lost sectors.

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Rare items (blue) drop all over the place but cannot have Strength above 260. Thus, they become useless once the character completes the story campaign and most other basic activities.

Later, the blunt push tactics stop working. Having reached about 265-270 Strength, you can notice that the usual activity no longer gives a special increase in the character’s power since the drop-down items are too weak. Therefore, further, we will consider the different levels of the rarity of weapons and armor.

Rare items (blue) drop all over the place but cannot have Strength above 260. Thus, they become useless once the character completes the story campaign and most other basic activities.

Legendary items (purple) are mostly dropped as Encrypted Engrams to be turned in to a special vendor at the base but are also often given out for completing various quests.  Well, the fastest way to get a complete set is heroic public events, which periodically take place on different planets. As a rule, for the passage of such an activity, the player receives two rare items at once, a badge for reputation and glimmer. The most “profitable” planet for farming heroic open events is Titan. Its locations are close to each other, anywhere can be reached in a couple of minutes. By the way, all advanced players farm on Titan, so the probability of failure is much lower.


Destiny 2 opens up a variety of possibilities for the player, but we don’t deny the fact that it can be challenging at times. Of course, the difficulties you will face will make the process even more exciting and unforgettable. However, if you don’t have the time or don’t want to waste it trying to complete the raid, you can always ask for help. Remember that this game is made for our enjoyment. In the end, the goal is to see a unique world, to become part of an amazing universe, but only if you are ready to go through difficult battles.