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Runescape 3 – AFK Money-Making Methods

Runescape 3 – AFK Money-Making Methods

Runescape 3 – AFK Money-Making Methods

In Runescape, there are many ways to make money, but some require a lot of effort and focus. In this guide, we’ll look closer at some money-making methods in Runescape 3 that don’t need as much effort, known as AFK methods.

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Defeating Spiritual Creatures in the Player-Owned Slayer Dungeon

This first method on our list has some reasonably high requirements and recommendations but results in a technique so AFK that clicking every few minutes is about all you need to do.


  • 99 Slayer
  • The Jack of Spades Quest


  • 90+ Magic
  • 95 Prayer
  • Salve Amulet(e)
  • Ghost Hunter Equipment

You can use a friend’s player-owned dungeon for this method; however, it is recommended to have your own for convenience in the long term. As long as you’re not wearing any of the God Wars related items, you’ll not need aggression potions for these as they also use the same mechanics as within the God Wars Dungeon.

Note that utilizing Spiritual Mages results in a movement requirement to pick up the drops; however, the drops from Mages compared to Warriors have a higher average value.

If you want complete AFK ability, then utilizing only Spiritual Warriors is the play for you.

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Leverage your AoE abilities here. The more damage you can do in the multi combat area, the better. It is also advised to bring high-alch runes with you as many of the drops are alchables and result in a lot of the overall GP/h. The Spiritual Creatures also drop many raw coin drops, making this method not require much banking other than to restock your potions.

With Spiritual Warriors, you can expect an average of 4M Gold per hour. With Spiritual Mages, you can expect upwards of 5M Gold per hour at optimal DPS.

Harvesting Cursed and Incandescent Energy

Although you can make money with Divination at lower-levels, the income rates do not match that of Incandescent Energy, especially compared to other AFK methods available.


  • 95 Divination


  • Divine Conversion Relic
  • Nightmare Muspah
  • Divination Cape (99)
  • Divination Outfit

Harvesting energies are a straightforward and AFK method. The Divine Conversion relic requires 98 Archeology is what truly makes this method great as it drastically increases the harvesting and conversion speeds of your memories, almost two-fold.

Without the Divine Conversion Relic, you can expect to earn 2-2.5M Gold per hour, which is still very good for an almost wholly AFK method. With the Divine Conversion Relic, you can reap the rewards of up to 4M Gold per hour, incredible!

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Mining Concentrated Gold Rocks

With the lowest requirements on the list, mining concentrated gold rocks is often a long-forgotten mining method, especially since the Mining & Smithing rework. Gold Ore, however, with all the available boosts and bonuses, can be a reasonably lucrative activity for such low effort required.


  • 80 Mining


  • Magic Golem Outfit
  • Adamant Ore Box (Or Better)
  • Gold Stone Spirits
  • Lava Titan Pouch
  • Legendary Quarrymaster Aura

Although the low requirement of 80 Mining is required to start this method, you’ll harvest significantly less Gold Ore in the hour without the recommended equipment.

This method is not viable for money-making without the Gold Stone Spirits. These are the sole providers of most of the profit due to drastically increasing the amount of Gold Ore you receive constantly.

The method is as simple as mine the gold in the Living Rock Dungeon. Easy!

Good Luck!

Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas on how to AFK your way to riches in Runescape. These methods are all great for multitaskers or as a secondary account purely to make money for your game-play. Either way, enjoy!