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When Video Games and Casino Games Collide

When Video Games and Casino Games Collide

There are all sorts of video games out there now, many are skills-based, plenty involve strategy and practice, but a number are simply luck-based mini-games that involve spending money to progress with in-play purchases. The line between video games and casino games has never been as blurred as it is now, which has led to casino players trying their luck on video games, and gamers searching sites such as in order to find the best online casinos and offers to try out the best new video slots around, so they can use their skills in a whole new field. However, there are games that can combine the two perfectly. Here are the video games we think are perfect for both:

GTA: San Andreas

This game has plenty of appeal for all, as it is an excellent throwback game to the early ’90s, celebrating gangster rap, with a well-played out rags to riches storyline. So, it stood to reason that there would be plenty of casino action in the game. San Andreas has all sorts of casinos in the fictional setting, with three of them being open to players. Once inside, gamers could enjoy a number of casino games, including slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker and even a wheel of fortune game. This is the perfect example of when video games and casinos collide.

Leisure Suit Larry

We’re going retro now, with Leisure Suit Larry, which is a 1987 PC game, so don’t expect fancy graphics or technology. The whole idea of the game, which was pretty controversial back then, was to get Larry a ‘good time’ with the ladies. So, to do this, he frequented a number of various places such as discos, bars and, of course, casinos. He never had much money, so your job as a player was to win him funds on the slots or the blackjack table. You win money, and Larry is happy again, as he can pursue the women. It’s a questionable game theme, but it certainly is an example of video games working alongside online casinos.

Sims 3

Let’s move it back to more recent times, with Sims 3. The idea of Sims is for players to create a whole new simulated world. Sims 3 allows players to purchase the Simoleon Casino DLC, which is an impressive casino, housing games such as slots and blackjack. What’s more, the game even rewards players with a Gambling skill that increases the more your sim plays.

Once you purchase the casino DLC, you can then design and build your own casino. However, the reason this isn’t higher up on the list is because you can’t actually play the casino games yourself, you can just watch as your character wins or loses. However, this still involves an element of luck.

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Pokemon RBY

Anu gamer of the 90s will be familiar with Pokemon, originally designed for the Nintendo Gameboy. This early Pokemon game actually featured a game corner, where players could place money into slots to win more coins to continue their adventure. One may well be surprised that a game designed and aimed for such a young audience would blatantly advocate slot machines but it was the 1990s, so nothing is really surprising.

A Perfect Blend

So, it seems that video game designers have long been combining the idea of casino mini-games within their designs, and this is nothing new. However, with technology even better than ever before, the whole experience is now on a whole new level.