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Simple Guide for Understanding the Software Development Process

Simple Guide for Understanding the Software Development Process

Simple Guide for Understanding the Software Development Process

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The development process of software is more complex than expected and can take months depending on the size of the project. There are many people involved in this process, and each completes a different job. For the software to be successful, all these people need to be in constant communication with each other. After the software is released, the project is still not completed: It is still necessary to develop patches regularly for errors and bugs that may occur and provide technical support throughout the life of the software. In short, the software development process is a real adventure, and like every adventure, it has its good and bad sides. Below, we explain this process in detail and let you understand how things work in the software industry.

Developing a Casino Game: Sounds Simple, Right?

Using the Extra Chilli slot demo as an example, we will explain how the software development process works. (You can find this game on the online casino Vulkan Vegas website and try it for free.) Although there are some differences specific to the gambling industry, this process is almost the same in other industries. For example, the software development process in all industries starts at the meeting table.

First, the targeted purpose of the software is determined. In the Extra Chill game, this goal is to offer a playable online video slot game to players. For this purpose, the basic features that the software should have are determined during the meeting, and a concept study begins. For example, a design is prepared for the interface in the game, and some sketches are drawn for the background images. So, first of all, it is decided what the game will look like. This is because casino game developers use the same architecture for each game. In other words, the codes that determine how the game will work are already there: Therefore, the development process starts by deciding the visual features and, if necessary, simple changes are made to the base code for the bonus features that the game will have.

In other industries, this process may take longer because the programming language and tools to be used must be decided first. Will C ++ or Python be used for the software? Will the images in the software be created from scratch or stock images are fine? It can take days just to decide on these. In any case, the software development process starts with planning: No one suddenly sits in front of the computer and starts writing code. What will be included in the planning process is slightly different in every sector. As we explained above, in the iGaming industry, it usually starts with planning the visual features. In other industries, it may be necessary to decide on the tools to be used first.

Determining the Methodology

After the planning phase, the methodology to be used must be decided. This methodology determines how everyone on the team will work until the final product comes out. There are different methodologies in this regard, but the most common are:

  • Agile Development: Feedbacks are used at every stage of the development process, and changes can be made in design and functions accordingly. In other words, the software is shaped according to the requests of the users. Agile Methodology a people-centered modern approach.
  • Continuous Integration: Copies of all developers are uploaded to the shared mainline multiple times a day and shared with everyone in the team. This ensures that the entire team has the most up-to-date copy of the software. It is a methodology especially preferred by mobile software developers.
  • Incremental Development: Everyone on the team develops a small piece of software. After reaching a certain stage, these parts are assembled and tested, and if everything is running smoothly, the next stage starts, and the work is divided into small parts again.
  • Rapid Development: It is a modern methodology and aims to keep the meeting phase as short as possible. Instead of getting together and meeting every day, team members prepare prototypes and share them with everyone. By seeing each other’s prototypes, team members can make changes to what they’ve developed themselves. It is a methodology that aims to progress by seeing working copies instead of speaking in meetings.

The developer team and the project determine which of these will be used. “Agile” can be used in one project and “rapid” development in another. Casino games are generally developed agile or continuous, but this may vary depending on the type or features of the game. However, whichever methodology is used, eventually the first usable prototype of the software, in other words, its alpha version, will emerge. This means that the most time-consuming stage of the software development process is completed.

Then the Testing Starts

The alpha version is not available to the end-user: it contains many bugs, and this is natural. During the test phase, these errors are detected and corrected. QA experts and developers’ family and friends often lead the testing phase. How long this phase takes depends on how complex the software is. It is a process that can be completed within a few weeks in casino gaming, but in other industries, it can take months.

Must read Advantages of Agile Software Testing

After the tester feedback arrives, the team begins to fix the reported bugs and this time releases a beta version. There are still bugs in this version, but they are much less compared to alpha. This time, the test team is enlarged, and some companies even include end-users in the beta process. The beta usually takes less time than the alpha and eventually ends: The team prepares the RC (release candidate) release after fixing the last bugs. This is the version that will be made available to the end-user and marks the end of the software development process.