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Choosing the Best Keyboard for Your Gaming Needs

Choosing the Best Keyboard for Your Gaming Needs

As a gamer, you need a keyboard that will serve you well, and for a long time. There are a lot of gaming keyboards being sold online and in physical shops alike, but you do not want just any other keyboard. You need one that will give you a great gaming experience. TKL boards or those that do not have the number pads are the new boards on the block. They are unlike the traditional keyboards with great ergonomics and a super soft feel. Even when choosing these keyboards, there are some important aspects that you must consider. Here are some of those factors.

Size and Design

As a gamer, you know which size suits you best. Since you just need a keyboard for your gaming needs, you may want to avoid the full-size keyboard that includes the number section. The number section could prevent you from properly utilizing the needed keys when playing. Most gamers these days go for the TKL or the “tenkeyless” keyboards that come without the number pad section. These keyboards are small enough to occupy just a small space in your playing area or on your lap. The design of the keyboard also matters. Consider going for a keyboard that has a gaming design for both conveniences when gaming and for aesthetic purposes. Normal shaped keyboards are boring when used to play games.

Mechanical Vs Membrane

The gut of the keyboard is a vital consideration for gamers. Gut refers to if the keys register their command when pressed. A gamer needs to know if they have registered what they click by a click of a sound in the keys. That is why they have to select between a membrane and a mechanical keyboard, or a variation of the two. Mechanical keyboards contain mechanical switches that make them appear taller. The switches have springs, housing, and stems that enable them to produce a clicking sound and are highly tactile. A membrane keyboard on the other hand comes with a very thin layer of rubber silicone that serves as both the electrical contact and the spring. While these keyboards are highly versatile, they lack the clicking sound of the mechanical keyboards. As a gamer, you may want to go for the mechanical keyboard so that you can be sure every time you click on the keyboard. They are also sturdier and can withstand the rigorous use associated with gamers.

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A good gaming keyboard should allow you to be in full control for the best experience. You need a keyboard that has a super-fast response to executing some moves in some specific games. Some gaming keyboards come with dedicated extra keys for these specific purposes. Basic keyboards that lack such keys force you to use your mouse to make some moves which may have a delayed response. A good keyboard is one that features keys that you can customize to give those functions especially if you need a short reaction time.