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Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2020

Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2020

Movies Online

Nowadays, watching movies online and tv series has become a norm to spend your free time with your family. Every week new movies are released with some new tv series as well. With the increased presence of online word and more and more people are connected to the internet, people don’t want to go to the theater and watch the latest movies releasing every week. People want everything online that’s why we have the best free movie streaming sites no sign up 2019 to help you.

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As per the 2019 World Internet Users Stats, 58.4% of people use the internet, that’s why movie streaming is also becoming popular. If you too have an internet connection, you can now stream movies and TV series on-demand means whenever you want to consume the content rather than at a scheduled broadcast time.

Some of the movie streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime doesn’t provide the content for free. They charge a subscription fee to watch any type of content on their network. Although you can use 1 month trial for Amazon Prime and Netflix to get a taste of the kind of content they have.

If you are among the people who don’t want to spend even a dime while streaming then we have got a lot of sites that do not ask for any subscription. Now you can find the best free movie streaming sites no sign up 2019 easily anywhere online. We have shared the list of those websites to watch any movies or TV series with no need to sign up or pay for anything at all. Check out some sites to watch tv shows online & free legal streaming apps.

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Watch Movies Online for Free in 2019

The movie streaming websites mentioned below are free and have an easy user interface. Some of them may not be available in your country as it may have been blocked by your ISP providers.

When you stream the movie you must know that there will a lot of ads coming up. We know it is frustrating but that’s why they are providing the content for free. There are many ad-blocking extensions or apps in chrome you can use to stop them. Make sure to get a strong wi-fi connection or data on your mobile before streaming the movies from these sites. Because streaming activity consumes 1 GB of data per hour for SD video, and up to 3 GB per hour for HD video.

No one likes the buffering of videos while watching the movie, so make sure your internet connection is strong enough. Below is our free list of the best movie streaming sites to legally watch them online for free.


a screenshot of snagfilms

SnagFilms always provide quality content. You can watch lots of movies here. They have the content in HD and 4k Quality. The selection of movies is very easy by just checking its clean available directory. All the movie titles can be filtered as per genre, & ratings. Most of the users consider this website a great movie streaming website where people can spend their leisure time watching anything.



This is another fantastic platform where you can watch movies online free even without registering for it. So, here you don’t have to be worried about any email hacks or spam. Still, it is optional to register in Crackle as by doing so, you will get new hundreds of full-length free movies uploaded notification.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus

Hulu is presented to you by FOX, ABC, and NBC. This is one of the top free Movie Streaming Sites for you to watch TV shows or films whenever you want. To get notifications about new movie releases, you can join in the Hulu community through a membership fee. However, Hulu is available for US region only. You can also you can download Hulu Plus app on your desktop.


Viewster Free movie tv streaming

Viewster is also one among free Movie Streaming Sites. You can freely watch your favorite Hollywood or Bollywood movies and tv shows using their amazing service. This site is also a most trustworthy site that is easy to search. It has many collections of movies in different genres like drama, comedy, adventure and so on.

This site is also the most trustworthy site that is easy to search. It has many collections of movies in different genres like drama, comedy, adventure and so on. Find out all the details about Viewster.



Popcornflix comes on our list of best sites to watch free movies online without downloading because they have a huge database. They have over 1500 movies collection that includes comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, documentaries, and foreign films. They also have a good collection of old movies. You don’t need to sign up on this site, just select the movie and hit the play button.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Popcorn Time is basically an open source free media player which works as an alternative to video streaming service Netflix. It streams the movie or tv shows torrent file directly from the source and can stream any number of files at a time. Check out its Alternatives here.

Tubi TV

tubi tv online

Tubi TV is a movie streaming site with free membership became popular years ago when movie piracy was still in the center of attention. With this platform you will be able to find thousands of totally free full-length movies, old, new it doesn’t matter in which category is.

This particular website is considered one of the best free streaming movie sites. It doesn’t contain any ads and design is minimalistic and that could make you skeptic at first, but don’t worry the design is not important, the quality of movies are, and you will see their quality as soon as you try this site on.

YIFY Movies [Now]

Free Movie SItes

Among the free Movie Streaming Sites, YIFY Movies is considered the best one that has a large number of movie collections. In fact, every minute you can see a new movie being uploaded here. Free moving experience can be enjoyed at its best, just by signing up with this site, you can stream movies online free at 1080P and download movies for free.

Yify TV

Yify TV

Yify TV is a fully HD content website. You can stream the contents in 720p or 1080 p quality. This website has a tv series and shows from various networks. This website allows you to browse any kind of movie for free and with this, it’s so much easy to use. There are various options given to search the movies by ratings, reviews or even release date. 


Vimeo is basically a video site and there are some channels which have uploaded some good movies on their channels. We can watch movies on their channels on Vimeo. You get to watch over 60,000 film collections in this portal from many languages. You will also get to watch movies free online on this streaming site. To give you more information about movies, each movie specification will be displayed on this site.

AZ Movies

AZ Movies may be a free streaming website but when talking about ads on this site, there are very few ads. That’s why streaming on this website is very easy without waiting for ads to disappear. You can stream the movies in top quality 1080 & HD. From Drama, Adventure to Sci-Fi, nearly every genre is available on this site. The amazing thing is AZ doesn’t ask you to pay anything to watch the contents on its portal. You just need a portable internet connection.


This website SeeHD may be the best free movie streaming sites no sign up 2019. After visiting this site, you can see a TV series or stream any movies. Just select any movie title which you want to watch. This website has content from across the world from countries like India, US, UK, Korea & more, especially Tv series. There is an option to choose the video quality, HD or lower. This site also provides the new content especially movies from Hollywood. The navigation of this site is very easy, just browse for any movie in seconds. Filters can be applied based on genres and titles.


Anime is very popular among kids but still, you can’t find it on any movie streaming website. If you too are a fan of anime and movies, FMovie has all the content you need. You can see titles from Hollywood and other major countries. There are lots of box office movies with anime. If you are Tv series than that too is available here. You can sort all type of content alphabetically so it becomes easier for you to find anything if you know the name of the movie. They also have a movie request feature if your movie is not available on other best free movie streaming sites no sign up 2019. As per our user report, the online watching movies on this website may be blocked in your country, being illegal.

Go Movies

There are lots of movies and tv shows available on this GoMovies. The content available on this website is not from the US but from countries like India, China, UK or Spain. There are some soap operas are also added. Being all this, it’s a free website with no signing-up required. So now you just need to visit the site and check and watch the contents. This site won’t ask you to submit any Credit Card info to watch anything. That’s why it is considered as one of the best free movie streaming sites no sign up 2019. We’ve got some notices that this is illegal for free movies online. So we crossed the link.

123 Movies

123movies provide you the comfort to stream movies and TV series without getting hindered by the pop-up ads every minute. There are many streaming websites but this website is great because of its easy to use interface. Also having the less-ads makes the movie streaming on this site smoother. You don’t need to put much effort to browse movies or shows. The easy navigation is provided to filter via genres, titles, ratings, countries, and others.


This streaming website FilmOnline4U has so many movies and tv series on its platform. There are some documentaries from Discovery Channels, History TV, National Geographic and sports videos also available. The best thing you don’t even need to sign up, just select the movie, play and watch. 


Cosmo Tube may not be the best free movie streaming sites no sign up 2019 but it is surely one of them. You can watch new movies which are released recently or other old box office blockbusters. There are some Tv shows also available if keen to watch them as well. Everything is free on this site with no signing up required for soap operas and documentaries as well.


Movie4K also has all types of movies listed on this site; You can also be sure about it’s sound and picture quality with HD feature. Thus, your favorite TV shows or movies are watchable in good quality with just a single click. This streaming site is also compatible with all your devices like Android, Windows, Mac and so on.


Putlocker also one of the best free Movie Streaming Sites that regularly update its movie list in all genres. All you need to do is just to click on the movie and watch it relaxing! There is no need to register on this site to watch your favorite movie free. Like other sites, you need not install any flash player on your device. Just click on the movie and watch it directly.


JustMovieZ is a another free streaming site to give an online movie watching experience in a nice and comfortable way! It has movies that are more popular on it. However, it does not have a list of TV shows. It offers you with many links to watch a movie that removes all difficulties in watching a movie without any trouble.


Movieswatcher gives you a variety of options to watch movies as it offers movies in all genres whether it thriller, action, drama, comedy, romance and whatever you wish for. This site works great and lets you download the movie as well. it moves beyond the realm of movie section and gives you choice for watching t.v serials also. You can download the full-length movie as well watch it online. It works as another wonder. Visit Site


Yidio is such a movie streaming website that allows you to avail yourself of customized movies. The user base of this free movie site refers to it as the ultimate free movie search engine. It gives you detailed information about all the other free websites where you can watch free movies.

This site also features its own movie ratings and genre distribution. You can find several interesting genres here like animation, musical, Indie, Classic, and so on. You can also sort the movies here based on popularity or added recently.

Moreover, the rating and reviews are based on a reliable source, i.e. Rotten Tomato scores. Hence, you can see that Yidio offers an array of services for movie buffs like yourself.


The main aim of M4Ufree is to provide you with free online movie streaming. Apart from movies, it also features short videos, anime, documentaries, and much more. The best part about this site is that there are no advertisements and no sign-up or registration is required.

You just have to visit the website and start streaming right away. The interface of this website is very neat and so anybody can easily look for their favorite content. Moreover, you will find everything organized properly into various genres for better accessibility.

Besides providing you with a large library of content, it also promises zero pop up ads. So, if you were looking for a free movie streaming site without the annoying pop-ups, then this is it.

Yes Movies

Yes Movies is yet another movie streaming site that consists of thousands of films and TV shows in stock but you don’t need to register to access them. The best part about this site is that all its content is available in high-quality.

On this site, the movies can be filtered by genre, year of release, ratings, and so on. The search box on this website is very handy. Goes without saying, you don’t have to pay anything at all to access the movies here.

This is one of the best free online movie streaming sites out there that you can access without the need for any sign-up.

Other Free Movie Streaming Sites

Site Free/Paid Ads Video Quality
veoh Free Yes Best Free Yes Good Free Yes Good Free Yes Ok Free Yes Ok Free Yes Ok is another free streaming website where you can watch movies online for free. On the website a lot of free movie streaming links submitted by users from open sources. Also, they have a crawl system that finds links on the Internet.

FAQ’s about Streaming Sites

What are the best free movie streaming sites?

Probably the most well known free movie streaming site is Youtube, which has a selection of full-length movies. Then, there is Crackle, Sony’s version of Netflix, which has a wide range of movies that you can watch.

What free online movie sites are safe?

Although you can find many unsafe sites for watching free movies online, there are a few safe options such as Crackle, Tubi Tv, Popcornflix. You can also try Mega Box HD, Viewster, and Hubi.

What is the best way to stream movies?

Here are some of the best streaming movie services which are worth giving a shot: Crackle,  Popcornflix, Snagfilms, Retrovision, Yidio. The list is bigger and can include sites that have a free trial period such as Netflix, and Hulu.

How do you watch movies on YouTube?

You have to search for youtube moves in the search bar on YouTube’s Homepage. Then, you can either rent or purchase a movie. You can also find free movies by simply searching for the movie title, followed by a full movie. Example “ X full movie”.

Is watching movies online legal?

Watching movies online is legal.  However, if you copy or distribute these movies, you are liable for copyright infringement. No matter if the movie you are watching is pirated or not, it is not illegal to watch it online.

Can you watch movies on YouTube red?

Yes, you can. However, the service is not free. In addition, you can benefit from an ad-free experience for all of the videos on the site. It also allows you to download the movies in order to see them later.


Just click on the Site link to watch best movies streaming online, so now you can save time. Make your spare time even more enjoyable with a trouble-free and relaxed way of movie watching experience using these free Movie Streaming Sites.

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