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10 Best Antivirus for PC Gaming

10 Best Antivirus for PC Gaming

Looking for the antivirus that will work well and protect your PC, mobile, or tablet while gaming, you will come through a bunch of reviews. To ease your searches, we offer a list comprised of 10 best antivirus software programs which keeps your PC healthy while gaming. Here, you will find something appealing to you for sure.

10 Best Antivirus for PC Gaming in 2019

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019

The best antivirus for most gaming PC users

Currently, Bitdefender is rightly seen as a safe and reliable antivirus software due to the exemplar results in multiple lab tests. The developers created software that unites some of the most effective tools aimed at the protection of your devices. Bitdefender is a full-featured software and quality Internet security tool available at an affordable cost. If you are searching for the best antivirus software that can protect your files and keep your computer networks safe from ransomware while gaming. Besides, Bitdefender can work with up to 15 gadgets at the same time.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2019

When you hear about antivirus, Kaspersky company is the first thing that pops into your mind. No wonder, the brand name is associated with high-quality antivirus software that has been crowding the tops of the lists for many years. If you have any doubts, mull over the result that accounts for 100 points out of maximum 100 points in the MRG-Effitas Full Spectrum Test. Kaspersky is pricier than many other antiviruses; however, the cost is justified via high-level protection.


Being released in 2017, TotalAV has already managed to gain global respect of the users. The antivirus offers robust protection from diverse threats and several useful security tools. You will also appreciate a user-friendly interface that is essential while working with this software. Providing powerful protection, TotalAV does not demand lots of system resources, though. As a bonus, the users have an opportunity to test the antivirus trying out its free version. 


McAfee is well-known security software that does not give up positions throughout the years. No wonder as this software offers several useful and practical tools required to maintain the excellent performance of your devices. McAfee developers took care of creating a product that would work well for both family and business use. Apart from some standard antivirus features, you get real-time protection as well.  

PC Protect

PC Protect is the right solution for those who are looking for a reliable and efficient tool to ensure the safety of your PC. PC Protect deserves your special attention because this antivirus software deals with all possible threats users may face in the digital world. Anything starting from malicious attacks and up to mobile phone vulnerabilities is not a problem if you decide on purchasing PC Protect package. Besides, you can test a free version first.


Norton is a reputable antivirus program on the marketplace and among the users. As it is a multi-OS software, the program deals with diverse threats, including malware, viruses, and spyware in a real-time mode. Importantly, Norton treats your financial and private details, carefully encrypting such sensitive data. In addition to this, the software has got a convenient interface. The users receive a high-quality tool for an affordable price and, what is more, have an opportunity to experience a free trial offer.

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ZoneAlarm deserves its place among the leaders of the sphere due to its durable protection and availability of the free version with a set of standard security tools. The antivirus offers several stable features, specifically, an excellent anti-spyware, two-way advanced firewall, antivirus, and also identity protection features. The latest lab results demonstrate the ability of ZoneAlarm to defeat common threats. As for the price policy, you will appreciate the democratic cost of different packages for sure.


Intego seems to be one of the perfect Mac antiviruses at the moment. Indeed, the software is explicitly equipped for macOS and provides the users with high-level protection. The users will be glad to find out that a free version is available, and it guarantees standard yet robust protection. Another advantage of Intego antivirus is a Real-time protection feature which makes the software stand out against a background of other companies. At the same time, the yearly packages are affordable for an average user.


Not only AVG antivirus is a quality product, but the company’s free version is also quite impressive compared to the offers of other antiviruses. The point is that AVG provides a free antivirus that has got a set of features to protect the devices adequately. The simplicity of the installation process and navigation add to the reputation of brilliant antivirus software. The price of each of the packages is fair enough, and if you want to, you can always use a money-back guarantee. 


BullGuard is a Danish product that captivated the hearts of users at once. What makes this software so appealing to people are discounts, excellent customer support, fast performance, and high-quality tools. As a bonus, BullGuard packages include some useful extra features, including Behavioral engine, Game Booster, and Vulnerability Scanner. Many antiviruses use the resources of your PC, and it slows down the performance of the device; however, Bullguard is lightweight. All in all, using this antivirus software is pure satisfaction.