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Top 5 Upcoming Esports Tournaments & leagues

Top 5 Upcoming Esports Tournaments & leagues

Esports Tournaments

As we head towards autumn, there are still some fantastic tournaments coming up. We can use the futures odds to assess the probability that various teams have of winning in the next big, upcoming tournaments. Let’s look at the top eSports events coming up.

League of Legends Worlds

league-of-legends worlds

The Worlds is one of the biggest tournaments in all of eSports. Out of the LPL we have FunPLus Phoenix, Royale Never Give Up, and Invictus Gaming. In the LCK we have SK T1, Griffin, and DAMWON Gaming. Out of the LEC, G2 Esports have qualified, but we are still waiting on the second and third seeds. In the LCS, Team Liquid, Cloud 9 and Clutch Gaming are in. And over in the LMS, we have J Team, ahq e-Sports Club, and Hong Kong Attitude.

The odds favor the LPL and LCK teams at Betonline. Both the Chinese and Korean brackets are set with odds of +140 for the winner of the Worlds to come out of either of those regions. Next in the line of probability is the LCS at +200, putting the North American teams as the second most likely to win it all. The Worlds winner coming out of Europe is set at +1900 … and any team from any of the minor regions to win it all is set at a very long, +20,000.

CS: GO Clash Masters

CS- GO Clash Masters

Gdynia Sports Arena in Gdynia, Poland will hold the 2019 Clash Masters. The event kicks-off on September 20th and runs through the 22nd. Right now, AVANGAR is the odds-on favorites to win the tournament, but BIG and Furia are riding their coattails and in position to snag victory as well. The eight participants for 2019 include AVANGAR, Aristocracy, AGO, BIG, DreamEaters, Furia Esports, Illuminar Gaming, and Spout. 

If AVANGAR takes first-place, they snag half the total prize pool and take home $50,000.00! They have a lot of momentum, recently beating Team Liquid, G2 ESports, Vitality, and Renegades. The only match they’ve lost in their last five meetings was against a resurging Astralis. The BLAST PRO Series in Moscow is currently underway and AVANGAR has matches coming up against NIP, forZe, NaVi, and MIBR, so they’ll be heading into the Clash Masters honed and ready to go.

PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall

PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall

The Fall Split is about to get underway and PUBG fans should be stoked! The fall split for the Mobile iteration has a whopping prize pool of $2.5 million! The Spring Split Global Finals were a major success in Berlin and the top three teams to come out were all Chinese-based, Top Esports, X-Quest, and Elite Esports. 

If you enjoy Fortnite but haven’t yet gotten into PUBG, we highly recommend that you check it out. The principles of a Battle Royale on a map that shrinks over time make the two games quite similar, but PlayersUnkown BattleGround is almost like the more ‘adult’ version. The graphics are more akin to Battle Field and the damage is less forgiving. For some, Fortnite is the cartoon version of PUBG.

Ten Regions will participate in the regional group stage and then Semi-Finals before heading off to the Fall Split Global Finals for their cut of the two-and-a-half million dollar pool. 

Fortnite Champion Series

Fortnite Champion Series

The initial rounds of the next big Fortnite event after the World Cup started on August 17th. But the Championship Tournament starts on September 21st and the winners from each region will be hoisted up on the proverbial shoulders of the digital world and crowned kings of the Battle Royale. 

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Over the course of this 5-week tournament, there were millions of dollars of prizes at stake. Through four weeks of play, we have the players who have qualified for the Finals, you can find the Fortnite Champion Series Standings here.

The Overwatch World Cup

The Overwatch World Cup

At the beginning of November, we’ll get to see representatives from countries around the world collide. Korea is currently world-ranked No. 1. Canada is No. 2, China is sitting at No. 3, and both France and the United States have already qualified for the OWC with world-rankings of No. 4 and No. 5 respectively. 

There are still five spots left and the UK, Australia, Sweden, Russia Finland, Argentina, Austria, and Brazil are all duking it out for their berth into the Overwatch World Cup.

So, whether you love first-person shooters, third-person shooters, or classic MMORPG style strategy, there is a major eSports event coming up that you’ll be sure to find wildly entertaining. The Hearthstone Grandmasters is also underway and OWL matches are hitting their seasonal climax as they gear up for the OWC!