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UKGC Gaming Careers: Is it Worth to Join this Team?

UKGC Gaming Careers: Is it Worth to Join this Team?

gambling commission

Despite a strict regulatory environment, the gambling sector in the UK is growing steadily. Between 2015 and 2020, the growth was 4.5%. With these growth figures, one can quickly start their career in the sector. Multiple entities exist in the industry which can employ you. One of them is the Gambling Commission.

The UK Gambling Commission is a statutory body formed in 2005 to regulate businesses engaged in financial betting in Great Britain. The commission works closely with approval authorities when executing its mandate. The agency is also tasked with the role of controlling the National Lottery.

gambling commission

Why Join It?

It would be best if you considered joining UKGC because of its excellent reputation and helpful community. The commission’s working atmosphere is warm and supportive.

Multiple benefits exist for the employees of UKGC:

  • yearly pay reviews;
  • flexible working hours;
  • personalized coaching and development;
  • many career opportunities;
  • 26 leave days yearly;
  • eating areas, and many other benefits.

Top UKGC Positions

When looking for an employment opportunity, you visit the UKGC’s website. You can apply for roles that you have knowledge and skills. The following are so of the jobs that you can use for at UKGC:


The role’s primary function is being responsible for all legal matters on behalf of the commission. The holder of the position handles internal and external legal issues of the commission.

As a legal officer of the commission, you’ll have a range of duties to executer. You’ll participate in matters that have legal implications, regulatory statutes, betting law, contract law, and others.

Additionally, the role holder will interpret statutory law regarding the powers of the commission, reviewing judicial claims, appeals, and data protection work. You will also perform other additional functions, including being involved in procurement responsibilities; attend small legal duties that impact on the commission, retaining excellent working relationships with external legal teams.

The person suitable for this role must have a practicing certificate, possess admirable communication skills, be objective when handling matters, and should feel complex case laws.

Casework Investigator and Gamstop Advisor

The Casework Investigator will be tasked with the responsibility of handling cases related to flouting gambling regulations by licensed or entities that aren’t approved. You must present evidence-based examinations and test good casino games with no Gamstop exclusion in order to prevent the gambling addiction of Gamstop-registered users.

The duties and tasks of the role include preparing thorough case schedules and identifying core dangers that require urgent action, coordinating with relevant national and international organizations, and offering in-depth information on the cases you’re handling.

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You’ll be considered for the opportunity if you’ve proven experience and legal knowledge on civil matters.

The role holder is supposed to be analytical and possess the ability to dissect through complex issues and interpret them articulately.

Licensing Manager

Licensing managers play a crucial role in ensuring that lottery licenses are issued to deserving businesses that have met all the regulatory requirements. You’ll be required to thoroughly evaluate a licenсe applicant to ensure that they’re compliant with UKGC regulations and standards.

As a licensing manager, your role is to ensure that you deal professionally with gambling issues in line with Social Responsibility protocols, maintain a cordial relationship with employees, and support the general manager in the organization’s strategic management.

The personal attributes associated with the job include being attentive to details, having evaluative skills, and managing multiple teams from diverse backgrounds.

Online Specialists

The online specialist is an IT expert who coordinates remote teams that are working on multiple projects. The role includes:

  • close cooperation with the top management teams;
  • advising the government and management on policy matters;
  • handling press-related cases.