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18 Games Like Pirate Kings

18 Games Like Pirate Kings

18 Games Like Pirate Kings

Games Like Pirate Kings lets you win reward points by spinning the wheel once every hour. Initially, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. You gain points for spinning the wheel— there is no way you could get addicted to it.

But as you move further, a time comes when you are itching to spin the wheel. If you have had enough of this game and want something else with a similar concept, I have shared some of the most popular mobile slots.

For those opposed to gambling, I have added some games that do not involve spinning a wheel.

Games Like Pirate Kings

Coin Master

You will like this Coin Master if you are fascinated by the lives of Scandinavian seafaring pirates and traders who raided and settled in several of the north European regions. To become one of the most decorated Viking, you must attack villages and loot other Vikings.

With the resources you collect, you then build a secure village and move up higher in the points ladder. Fellow Vikings are the biggest threat to you and your resources. Hence, to protect yourself, your village, and your loot, you must collect protective shields.

Slotomania Vegas Casino Slots

Slotomania is a collection of 200+ premium slot machine games. You will like this game if you wish to win big without raiding a village, killing people, or going against your own friends. Try your luck today. You have nothing to lose.

The SlotoQuests lets you go on a gambling journey. Play casino high-rollers, take up challenges, and go on 777 games slot quests. You can also win extra casino rewards.

The games also involve you sending, receiving, and collecting Slotocards— Slotomania’s very own currency. The more reward points you collect, the more slot machines you can unlock. You can play international slot machine versions from your phone.

My Museum Story: Lost Artifact

My Museum Story is another alternative to Pirate Kings. There is no killing, raiding, looting, or rampaging. This game is all about applying your detective skills. You are an agent whose mission is to find hidden artifacts and lost treasures. Create your own mystery museum.

In this game, you will be dealing with paintings, rare embellishments, pearls, statues, and other valuable artwork. To gain more reward points, you are also required to furnish the museum’s rooms and halls.

King Boom

King Boom is a pirate island adventure by Tapps Technology. This game is very similar to Pirate Kings. You are a pirate who is supposed to spin the wheel and earn reward points. The more reward points you finance, the more you can earn. Be open to take major risks. The intention is to accumulate jackpots.

Spinning the wheel is not enough, to become the pirate king or a pirate queen, you must use the cannon to strike and crush other players. Only one player can become a king or a queen. Loot other pirates, collect all their money, and take over their island. Further, you also need to protect your conquered land with the help of shields.

Dice Dreams – King of Boards

Dice Dreams is an interactive board game by SuperPlay. The concept is quite similar to that of Pirate Kings. You must conquer the land, collect money, and become the king of the property. However, with Dice Dreams, you roll the dice instead of spinning the wheel. Board game fanatics will love this game.

The storyline is quite impressive. A guy named Bob returns back to his board kingdom after a journey visiting the Pirate King. During his absence, looters take ownership of his house. To win back his home, he builds a regional army.

Portal Quest

Portal Quest is a strategy role-playing game by PerBlue Entertainment Inc. This game does not involve you winning money by spinning a wheel. It is a quest wherein you assemble a team of battle-ready Heroes to stop the evil forces known as “The Hollow.”

The Hollow is poised to take over the planet and, if not stopped, will destroy the human race. As you move forward in saving the world, you unlock one of the finest Heroes Portal Quests.

Piggy Boom

Piggy Boom is a spinning wheel game designed and developed by HK Aladinfun Technology Co Limited. This is a fun but addictive game. Your phone can vibrate at any moment, and you must get to work to protect your investments.

The magic wheel is an easy way to earn some money. Plus, Piggy Boom gives you free daily chances to win big with minimal effort on your part. The ultimate goal is to build a dainty island with the money you earn.

Also, read games like Piggy boom for more fun.

Island King-Summer Fairy

Island King is a free slot machine game by HK Forever9 Technology Co Limited. This is a free game for you, your friends, and your family. In this game, you are supposed to help a little girl called Luna to find her missing dad.

A dragon captured her dad and has him locked up somewhere in a cave. To get to the dragon cave, Luna and her friends Hammy and Snowbo must cross several islands. The only way to gain access to the islands is by conquering them.

Once you attain the objective, you can explore further by conquering more land in Italy and Greece.

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is an epic battlefield game by NetEase Games. Over 230 million people have played this game. It involves defeating the enemy to survive, but there is no conquering or seizing territory.

Also, you can gain points by winning the game. There are no slot machines to help you earn easy reward points. Still, it has a lot of similarities with Pirate Kings.

Board Kings

Board Kings is another board game on the list. It is developed by Jelly Button Games Ltd. It mainly involves building your own city. Based on the outcome of the dice, you get to bounce around the board. If you are lucky, you will collect enough points to build an entire city.

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Needless to say, your friends and competitors will also be doing the same. As they roll the dice, you get a chance to win goodies like gems, coins, stickers, and freerolls. Collect resources, become healthy, and attack your friend’s boards.

Candy Crush Saga

Games like Candy Crush Saga

If you have access to the internet, then you definitely know about Candy Crush Saga. This game was all the rage among smartphone users when it was launched and continues to be immensely popular even today with over 3 billion downloads. Developed by Kings for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, the game is a classic match-three puzzle where players need to swap colorful candies to create similar rows or columns of three or more and progress through different kingdoms. There are numerous level-ups throughout the game and because of the freemium model, the players can also buy in-app upgrades to help with difficult levels.

Clash Royal

Games like Clash Royale

Supercell’s 2016 video game, Clash Royal is a real-time online multiplayer experience that will have you hooked if you liked playing Pirate Kings! Clash Royal is a strategy-based dueling and card play game that progress mainly by battling through multiple arenas to become the champion. The gameplay focuses mainly on cards that represent Royales, troops, spells, and buildings, joining or building clans to fight clan wars, or playing tournaments, quests, leagues with other players. It has also been featured in the Asian Games, different e-sport gaming competitions, and has received numerous awards, so you can bet that this game is worth the time!

Merge Stories

Jelly Button Games’ Merge Stories was developed and released in 2019 for Android users. The tagline to the game says it all: “Merge, Build and Raid Kingdoms!” and it is the perfect crossover between merge-style games and the battles that you can see in Clash of Clans. The gameplay consists of building land and expanding territory by merging, collecting weapons and power-ups from barrels, training and fighting with an army, and accumulating coins that can be used in quests and puzzles. The super delightful graphics and characters also add to the charm of this very engaging video game.


If there is one game that everybody had played or at least heard about, it is Minecraft. Originally created by Mojang and released by Microsoft for playing on computers, this game has made its way onto the mobile gaming world, and for good reason! The game has its now-signature pixelated graphics and charming characters that the player controls to explore and build different worlds in creative mode and make weapons to fight off enemies and mobs in survival mode. The game supports multiplayer modes, is highly customizable, and has numerous free add-ins that appeal to a variety of gamers across generations.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

Set in the One Piece universe, Bandai Namco Entertainment’s 2105 video game One Piece Treasure Cruise is available on Android and iOS. The game is a typical RPG (role playing game) where the player controls a group of six pirate-like characters working on a cruise. As the storyline of the original series progresses, the objective of the game becomes traveling through various places like Impel Down and Thriller Bark and completing missions and quests through strategy and tap-battle to establish Luffy as the pirate king. The characters and visual style are drawn from the original anime and the efficient, well-developed gameplay makes the game an absolute treat for children and adults alike!

King of Thieves

ZeptoLabs’ King of Thieves is a massively popular online strategy game among Android and iOS players with a rating of 4.4 and millions of downloads. The gameplay revolves around stealing, building, and protecting a treasure collection of gold and gems, learning old magic spells to collect gems and gain strength, becoming part of a guild to fight in arenas, and ultimately top the leaderboards to become the king of the thieves. Since the game has a freemium model, players can also choose to subscribe or upgrade to enjoy a variety of additional features like cool costumes, power-ups, and extra speed!

Clash of Clans

Games like Clash of Clans

Like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans is a game that belongs in the big leagues because of its sheer popularity. One of the first war and strategy games to be launched for mobile in 2012, the game from Elex Wireless is an RPG in real-time with stunning visuals, a strong gameplay that includes navigating the virtual fantasy world, establishing an empire, building armies, and heading to battle. It also features an online ranking system based on popularity. With ratings averaging around 4.1 on Play Store, the game is sure you keep you entertained for hours at a stretch.

Plunder Pirates 

Midoki’s Plunder Pirates is a video game that hits the sweet spot between Clash of Clans and Pirate Kings. It is a strategy-based game and as the name suggests, has a pirate theme where the player can explore, build home bases, train pirates, fight battles in rumbles between guilds, play in events, collect gems and different types of points for battle and exploration. It also receives seasonal updates for Christmas Halloween and Chinese New Year that revamp the themes and add extra quests. The game has an average rating of 4.5 and is available to play on Android and iOS.


Getting better at a wheel spinning game involves a lot of luck. However, you can maximize your chances by upping the frequency of spin. Spin as much as the game lets you in an hour. Also, make sure to look for a free daily bonus. These games are mildly addictive, but they are fun for the most part.