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The Most Appropriate Occasions To Smoke Weed Wraps

The Most Appropriate Occasions To Smoke Weed Wraps


We all know there is a time and place to get high, and with that comes choosing the best method for getting high. Sometimes, it is not the best moment to take a bong rip before your parents arrive at your new apartment, and other times it is only necessary to light up a joint when in group settings. When it comes to weed wraps, there is definitely a time and place to bust out these bad boys. But when does a moment call for weed wraps over bong rips, and how do you know when is the right time to whip out your weed wraps for a heavy-hitting session? Here are a few ideas of when are the best occasions to smoke weed wraps so you can get some inspiration the next time you plan to light up. Be sure not to forget to order some weed wraps ahead of time so you can avoid settling for stale gas station wraps; you will thank yourself later.

Weed Wraps at Celebrations

This is definitely a no brainer and at the top of everyone’s list because if a celebration is meant for attendees to celebrate – weed wraps should for sure be included in the celebratory shenanigans and in fact, make excellent party favors. Similar to smoking cigars, weed wraps will elevate the good vibes and allow users to get high and/or cross faded if consuming alcohol. Blunt wraps at celebrations like weddings, college graduations, quitting a toxic job, or leaving a terrible relationship – these are all things that call for the best blunt wraps around for a highly enjoyable time.


Obviously, weed wraps were made to be the star of the show, and when going to a concert, you should have a few weed wraps with you in tow. There is nothing like listening to your favorite artist or band and lighting up with your flavored blunt wraps that pair perfectly with your best dry herbs, and we encourage you to try it for yourself if you haven’t already. Concerts and festivals that have a lawn for attendees to sprawl and space out on are the best occasions to light up and pass around your friend group,

Weed Wraps in Nature

Have you ever smoked a blunt while immersed in nature, with only you and some friends, wildlife and some good legal dry herb to pass around? It sounds like a description of heaven but indeed it is attainable for anyone willing to take a hike and hit the trails. Weed wraps are a fabulous way to enjoy your time at the river, when boating on the lake, or hiking up a mountain and rewarding yourself. Imagine hiking high ground, then getting high from weed wraps – getting high all around will absolutely do something to your soul.

Even if you live in a place that does not have mountains to hike or water nearby, a local park can provide all of nature’s sounds that you need to help ground yourself and move into a calming state. Smoking blunt wraps in nature can really help a user to become one with the earth and truly appreciate each moment that we are able to use our hands and feet to transport ourselves to see parts of the world.

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Weed Wraps at Home

You do not have to leave your house to enjoy weed wraps; they do not have to be just for special occasions! If you plan ahead and order your blunt wraps to your home, it is like gifting yourself in the future, and surely that should make you smile. Imagine getting your package delivered and being able to thank yourself for setting yourself up for success. Pro tip: a smart stoner will plan ahead to compensate for the times the dry herbs just hit way harder than expected.

Take a Bath With a Blunt

It is called self care, and what you do when it comes to a self care routine is entirely up to you. What comes highly recommended, though, is a bath accompanied by a blunt. Paired with a bath bomb of bubbles, a hot cup of tea, and fat weed wraps filled with your favorite dry herbs; there is really nothing missing besides a face mask and some ice cream afterward. Bathing with a blunt in hand is just top-tier self-care since that is your moment to tune out the world and truly do you. Whether you are a mom, a roommate, or riding solo in your space – you deserve to take a moment to unwind and the best way to do so is with blunt wraps and your favorite munchies to snack on later.

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