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Useful Tips for Bong Users

Useful Tips for Bong Users

Anyone that owns bongs or wants to own a bong will benefit from knowing a thing or two on how to extend its longevity and keep it in its original shape. Bongs are a great method for consuming the good green stuff, whether individually or within a group, and there are a few ways to make sure your bong is here for a long time and not just for a good time. The special place that a bong holds in a stoner’s heart is pretty unmatched, and for a good reason. Here are a few useful tips when using bongs and making sure you are taking care of them properly to avoid any accidental mishaps or damages. If you do not have a bong that you are already in love with or need to expand your collection, be sure to grab one of the best bongs online, so you never have to miss out on an epic smoke sesh ever again!

Cleaning Bongs Regularly

It is essential that bongs are cleaned out regularly or at least have a routine cleaning schedule monthly to ensure cleanliness. Bongs can build up some gnarly gunk and residue from the leftover debris that occurs from taking bong rips. It is very important that you clean your bong properly, or else users will risk inhaling unhealthy contaminants and creating disgusting buildup that no one should ever expose themselves to.

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The trick to cleaning bongs is that if it is done regularly, the job should not be too difficult and should in fact be a lot easier than waiting all month to do a cleanup. Imagine all of the gunk and residue just sitting inside of a bong for a few weeks to a month, versus cleaning out a bong after every use so that users can enjoy a freshly loaded bong with clean water and shredded Mary Jane packed into the bong bowl and ready to be smoked. There’s actually no better feeling in the bong world than having a clean bong and rewarding yourself with a fresh bong rip, because you deserve it.

Change Bong Water With Every Use

This should go without saying but we know there are sometimes where a user just wants to toke and get on with their day, making the act of filling your bong with fresh water a cumbersome task that lazy stoners will avoid at all costs. Trust that by changing bong water it creates a freshly new experience for the user that can also have bongs feeling brand new with this simple little task. It needs to be said and apologies in advance to anyone who might be offended, but if you think changing bong water is a time consuming task, then you probably should not be smoking out of a bong and consider using a glass pipe of sorts to avoid having to clean a bong if it is not your thing or area of expertise.

Store Bongs in a Safe Place

Sure, even if it is your own home and you are a loud and proud stoner with multiple bongs at your disposal, do you really need to have them laying around? Bongs are actually very fragile and can break in an instant, so handling with care is of utmost importance and should be treated like it can break at any time (which it can). Storing bongs in a safe place like in the high corner of a closet or designated space where you know your bongs will be is one safe way to make sure any bongs do not accidentally break on you. Sometimes, breaking a bong is inevitable and it just might be their time to bow out – but if you can avoid this tragedy at all costs, why wouldn’t you? Bongs should have their own place where you can store your entire collection together and not worry about where you put what and which bong you have to account for and so on.

Upgrade Bongs Accessories

One of the best parts about using bongs is its ability for the user to upgrade with unlimited accessories for bong lovers.

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Most stoners that use bongs choose this method because they can customize and personalize each bong for the best individual experience. Upgrading accessories for your bongs can be in the form of bowls, downstems, any attachments that are compatible with the bongs you have and more. Bongs are an excellent way to express your style and truly add a unique vibe to a space, completely done with just one bong setup.

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