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The Most Attractive Players to Watch in the New Season of the Call of Duty League

The Most Attractive Players to Watch in the New Season of the Call of Duty League

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The new season of Call of Duty League is coming hot, with brand new storylines and exciting gameplay for its fans around the world. While fans usually focus on teams and games, it is worth highlighting top players who can independently change the course of games and steer their teams to victory, not to mention generating and attracting attention on social media.

Anyone interested in the CDL should closely watch the guys we will mention in the continuation of the article: they are considered the best players in Call of Duty League 2021 and, accordingly, you can bet on their teams at the best live betting bookmakers.

Obaid ‘Asim’ Asim (New York Subliners)

This is a new beginning for a 21-year-old whose career seemed to have been shaky after he was kicked off the Minnesota RØKKR roster. Long considered an underrated player in the CDL, in part because of his selfless style of play, he is one of the fastest SMGs to finally make his mark under in the team pushed forward with the experience of back-to-back world champion James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks.

Although Asim has had considerable success in smaller online events, his star truly began to shine at the start of the Black Ops 4 season when he played under the GRVTY flag as ‘Sweet Chicken’, with a string of successes that eventually prompted FaZe Clan to sign them for their academic team FC Black. He eventually became part of their main team when the organization entered Pro League, replacing Red Reserve. So, from amateur to professional in one year – a pretty damn impressive achievement for Asim.

He spent six months in the squad before joining the RØKKR, but a worrying single drop cost him a spot on the roster despite a strong start. The return to 4v4 forced some tough decisions on the team and that was a big part of why Asim was released from the RØKKR – which made his crazy show against them later on sweeter and more exciting.

Now, playing for the Subliners, a Canadian-born youngster (who nonetheless wears the Afghan flag on jerseys out of respect for his family and roots) offered some of the most exciting stories in Phase 1 KD, from 4.40 at Hardpoint and 9.00 in Search and Destroy, taking his new team to victory against his old one in a performance that many considered a true CDL player definition.

He paid respect to former teammate Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto, whose retirement due to injury launched Asim from a backup to the main squad. If he continues like this, he will serve as ZooMaa’s worthy replacement, and similar displays at later events would mean Asim will undoubtedly finish on the list of the best CDL players in 2021.

Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris (Atlanta FaZe)

The Atlanta FaZe have a de facto world champion in aBeZy, one of the winning five from eUnited, who won the biggest title of all of them in 2019 at the expense of 100Thieves. The 21-year-old SMG maestro is probably the ‘scariest’ of the Tiny Terrors as a part of FaZe’s team, and among the scariest players in his role in the entire league. He has proven his talent winning multiple CoD titles, performing strongly in MW and Black Ops, which made him one of the biggest overall award winners in a highly competitive Call of Duty and one of the first names to emerge when the debate turns to who is the best player of this game.

Like many in his age group, aBeZy’s eSports journey began by making small steps through the world of online games banned for professional gaming due to age restrictions in the Black Ops 3 era. His real competitive career began playing Wildcard. He was ranked 64th in the CWL Dallas, the first-ever LAN event he attended. Although he did not excel in WCG, his individual performances were good enough to deserve a place at Enigma6, winning the US National Round twice. When Black Ops 4 rolled in, aBeZy was picked up by eUnited, immediately hitting their pace and finishing in second place in the CWL Las Vegas, which finally culminated in their famous victory at the 2019 World Cup.

He joined the FaZe for the CDL 2020 season, staging consistently strong performances for this extremely young team. Finishing as runners-up last season, this time they are seeking revenge. The team became super-strong in the round-robin of Phase 1, and aBeZy itself pulled off shiny moves, leading his team to a 5-0 record. If the season goes on like this, aBeZy and teammates are among the best candidates of all CDL teams to win everything.

Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas (Dallas Empire)

Even though he is just 19 years old, this outstanding FPS player has already been crowned world champion at Halo and CoD, with a seasonal MVP title alongside his CDL victory in 2020, becoming the first and so far only person to be called an absolute multi-player. The FPS world champion is also one of the few selectmen to win the Call of Duty title in his debut season. If you ask around who is the best CDL player today, his name would be more than an acceptable answer.

Shotzzy’s competitive FPS career goes back even further than Call of Duty, as he was one of the best Halo players until the fall of 2018 when he made the fateful decision to move to Black Ops 4. The rest is, as they say, history: SMG killer on top of all SMG killers slowly started in the first two events but have excelled soon afterward.

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Shotzzy and his team have so far shown no signs of stopping in the 2021 season either, which can now only be watched via streams due to the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing their squad to Phase 1, though with a 4-1 record – slightly worse than the FaZe – competing in Group B. Still, it is hard to see any other team squeezing between the two of them in the title race. However, the performances of the young champion will be crucial for the attempts of the Empire to defend the crown. The fact that he might return to Halo can prove to be an equally interesting story in some upcoming articles…

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner (OpTic Chicago)

The 2017 world champion is a great player. The 25-year-old owes much of his success to his iron partnership with FormaL over the years – winning the Duo of the Year award together as well as Veteran Player of the Year 2020 and their fourth place last year (while still known as the Chicago Huntsmen) in the regular season, together with a bronze medal on the playoffs, poses a great foundation for building a real challenge in eventual 2021 title.

Being slightly older than the other top players on this list, Scump’s competitive career spans all the way to the first game of Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. Starting with Quantic LeveraGe, the controversial ‘player replacement’ for ProoFy soon saw him join OpTic, who formed a team that toppled the rest of the competition in the MW3 season. Although their results were not so good during the Black Ops 2 era, a turbulent period in his career came when he joined other teams for a short time, only to eventually return to the OpTic. They dominated the competition in Advanced Warfare, followed by a somewhat less impressive series of performances in the Black Ops 3 era, moving into their recent string of successes as the Huntsmen.

Now known as OpTic, the team finished second behind FaZe with a 4-1 record in the first group stage of the CDL 2021 season, earning a place that leads them to meet the Subliners to begin their main campaign. Scump still shows no signs of the brutal game he showed before. Even if at one point he interrupts his competitive career, there will remain a multitude of social networks, over two million YouTube subscribers, and the same number of followers on Twitter to work with. He is the kind of player who can direct attention both on and off the server.

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