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How To Win Sports Betting Parlays?

How To Win Sports Betting Parlays?

How To Win Sports Betting Parlays?

Parlays are great for converting a small stake into a massive payout. Besides, increasing your account balance, it can also make sure that your betting buddies stay with you for the entire week. However, you need to do it right in order to ensure that you win. There are many tricks that can help you in winning parlay bets. In this blog, we’ll be listing out some of the must-dos that you need to practice if you want to win your parlays.

Make Use of Bonuses

If you check out a UK betting sites list, then you are sure to find a couple of sites that offer bonuses as play credits in place of cash. This turns out to be a great advantage for betting parlays. Suppose you risk a stake for a certain amount of winning. If you win, then you will get both the stake and the winning money. But, if you lose, then, your risked money will be lost.

However, if you use the free play credit and win, then you’ll get the winnings only and if you lose, then you won’t lose anything from your pocket. Note that the free-play will be lost whether you win or lose. Moreover, if you use a free play in a 3 team parlay, then you will get three times more return than that in a point spread bet.

Suitable Parlay Payout Time

You might already know that a parlay won’t earn you a payout until all the legs get settled. And the time required for the same should suit your needs. In case, the time length is not suitable for you, then you need to ensure that all your parlay legs end on the same day, if not at the same time.

Keep in mind that you will only lose opportunities if your stakes are locked for days, weeks, or months. Moreover, this loss will further increase if you have multiple legs have come through but you can’t get the money because the final leg hasn’t yet played out. So, building a parlay that is aligned with your time frame is a must.

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Point Spread is a Big No-No!

You might feel that grouping the point spread wagers together is a great way to get some odds. But no, every individual leg of a parlay has a 50% possibility of landing. For example, it might seem that 3 bets against the spread will give you 7-1. But, the actual odds are 8-1 because every leg has a 50/50 landing probability.

Hence, you need to stay wary of the point spreads. Moreover, the sportsbooks will actively promote point spread parlay to dupe you this way.

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Include Multiple Sports

Turns out, you cannot win the best value bets if you focus on only one sport. You cannot find multiple matches in a single league of a sport. So, if you have a wide range of options at hand, then, it becomes easier to find value. Hence, expanding your horizons is a key parley strategy.

Try doing it by first expanding into multiple sports, then curate a short but useful list of value picks. Once done with that, you need to decide the parlay length followed by narrowing down the list further to suit yourself.

Final Words

A couple of strategies to keep in mind are combining parleys, using multiple online accounts, overnight parlay, etc. Combining parlays works great when you do it with football. Make sure you follow the aforementioned steps while betting on parlays to ensure a sure-shot win.