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Is CSGO Trading Dead?

Is CSGO Trading Dead?

CSGO trading

In March of 2018, CSGO made a new update announcing that items received in trade from third-party sites cannot be re-traded for 7 days. The step was taken to curb automated trading by bots that were killing trading for the ordinary folks. But is CSGO trading dead already? Not really, because this new rule actually worked to stop the bots from trading.

The bots relied on quick trades to buy low and sell high multiple times in a short period. The new restriction meant that it would take them 7 days to buy an item from you and another 7 days to cash-out the item by selling it. A 14 days cool-down period on trading items just made it harder for automated trading to work!

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CSGO Trading Is Very Much Alive!

You can still trade profitably in the game if you have a good understanding of the items and follow the strategy. Rare skin trading is still booming in CSGO and traders are still making good profits even though they have to wait a while before selling an item.

Many players had been victims of scams prior to new updates, but Valve forced them to shut. Some of the third-party sites have also taken measures to make P2P trading convenient and safer. They have started using API keys of players so the item-swap scam would no longer work! 

How To Trade Profitably In CSGO?

The new trade rules simply mean you cannot trade as frequently as before unless you have a pretty large stock of items to trade with. But you can still make good profits if you know what the demand is. CSGO trading would work out for you if you know how desired an item is among the general populous.

For instance, the AK47 redline is in high demand. You can negotiate for such items for a profitable price. Another example includes UMP Primal Saber skin. Lightning Strike also has a very high demand among buyers. New skins in general are going to be in very high demand because fewer people have them.

With the automated bots’ operation suspended, players can trade without worrying about good deals being snatched away by bots on third-party sites. One can expect a more genuine price for their valuables even if it takes time to resell what you receive. Pursuing high-demand items would help you trade faster in CSGO.

Better Networking and Negotiation

As a CSGO trader, networking can be vital if you want to make profits with items that are not in high demand. Even ordinary items can fetch you a good price if you make enough friends in the game. Negotiation skills also come in handy to make trades profitable.

After new updates, this skill has become even more useful as bots can no longer steal the deal from you by offering to sell at low profits per trade.

Automation in trading had made trading highly competitive as bots would offer slightly higher prices than their purchase and make marginal profits. They would do this repetitively to make good profits. In the past, it had become harder to sell your item at a fair price.

Rare Items Have Ranged Prices

You can still make profits in trading without the high-demand items. Rare items are those that are not found commonly and are not being sought by the buyers like the high-demand items are. There are no defined prices for these items as they are not traded that often. You can easily sell them at a much higher price than what you got them for.

If you can find the right type of item to trade with, the CSGO trading community is still very much active. The new updates have made it much safer than it used to be. You can put your trading skills to use and make good profits with CSGO trading.

How CSGO survived?

Like, with any online multiplayer FPS the continuity of a game is ensured by both; the developers and its loyal fans. Fans stick to the game because it’s fun to play and developers consistently introduce updates to eliminate bugs and improve the features. This has kept both; the game and the trading ecosystem very much alive.

The game has thousands of active users daily and the community is still very large. Trading in CSGO has got back on track with traders realizing that the impact of the 7-day cool down update doesn’t affect the profitability in trading. Without bots intervening, genuine traders interact to buy and sell the desired items.

After 2018, some traders did quit trading assuming the cool down period would make it difficult to trade if you have a limited stock of items to trade with. But the overall impact of the new trade rules didn’t ruin the trading experience. It just felt different in the early stages. In fact, it kind of gave hope to traders who felt they could never compete with the bots!

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Can You Still Make Profits With CSGO Trading?

Making profits in trading is all about buying the right item at the right time. It’s not about luck as much as understanding the supply and demand condition for any tradable item. In CSGO, you can look for items with a volatile price. These price fluctuations are what help you make a profit on a deal.

It’s important to secure a good percentage of profit if you trade on the Steam community market. This is because they charge a 15% fee on every item sold on their platform. But you can avoid paying this amount by trading on reputable third-party websites like Gamezod.

With the 7-day trade restriction, you can negotiate a better price much easily as you don’t have to compete with the bots. This has actually helped the game become more suitable for traders. Of course, it helps to have a large number of items in your stock so you can trade more actively and don’t have to stay idle during the cool-down period.

Role Of Third-party Sites In CSGO Trading

Third-party trading sites have a pretty big role in encouraging trading. Trading websites like Gamezod let you buy and sell your CSGO items without having to pay that 15% additional feel for each trade. You can also find items listed at a cheaper price as compared to official marketplaces.

With the 7 day waiting period for trading items, the bots have reduced in number since they can’t buy and sell quickly at marginal gains to increase their overall profits. The game is literally over for the bots and the genuine traders find it easier to get better deals for their items.

Without having to pay trading fees on the steam community market, third-party sites like Gamezod have trading quite lucrative even today.

List Of Most Demanded CSGO Skins

  • Desert Eagle Code Red – The Horizon Collection
  • AK47 Redline – The Phoenix Collection
  • AWP Medusa – The Gods and Monster Collection
  • SSG08 Dragon Fire – The Glove Collection
  • Glock Water Elemental – The Breakout Collection
  • Desert Eagle Blaze – The Dust Collection
  • Butterfly Knife Doppler phase 4 – The Breakout Collection


So, is CSGO trading dead or alive? Though, some may find that it has changed a bit. With lesser bots on the market and the trade cool-down period in place, it’s not what it was, but it’s still very active and profitable if you have the skills it takes.