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18+ Games Like Summertime Saga

18+ Games Like Summertime Saga

Games Like Summertime Saga

7 Games Like Summertime Saga

The popularity of Summertime Saga isn’t up for debate, and this is something that’s understandable. After all, if a game has tons of things to do with each new and regular update and a gripping yet inclusive storyline, it’s hard not to get invested in the story and characters.

If you are someone who is a Summertime Saga enthusiast as well and wants to know about similar interactive games with a gripping storyline and dozens of interesting characters, you have to visit!

Here are 18 games like Summertime Saga that are just as, if not more, enjoyable. While Summertime Saga is completely free to download and play, some of these games require you to purchase to play, and the others are free to play.

Now then without tarrying any longer, let’s get on with my list of 18 games like Summertime Saga!

Games Like Summertime Saga


Melody is a first-person, choice-based visual novel where the protagonist plays a musician and decides to take up a job as a music tutor of the niece of a woman he meets at an online market. The niece’s name is Melody, who is studying music and intends to pursue it as her main career option.

The protagonist has one-on-one music sessions with Melody while accompanying her to various music-related activities. They will have to choose between two options to further the plot while spending time with Melody, and based on the answers, the outcome of the story will be decided.

Sisterly Lust

Sisterly lust An intense game with a strong yet tragic storyline. It’s a choice based game and available to play for free, just like Summertime Saga. Apart from the choices you make, the story progresses according to how high the parameters for Trust and Corruption are for the characters, which makes it much more interesting.

Waifu Academy

Waifu academy is one of the most similar ones to the Summertime Saga when it comes to story direction and character interactions. Waifu Academy is an adult visual novel, wherein a fictional private school Sazaki Academy is the centre of most of the action, and the protagonist is a young man who wishes to seek revenge after everything he went through the years.

This game features 30+ characters with unique settings and backgrounds and can be played completely free of cost on your Android devices. It is a choice based game as well, and the overall outcome of the story will depend upon your decisions.

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Momoiro Closet

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is a novel based game and a pretty good one too. You will definitely like it if you are a Summertime Saga fan as this game is closest to it in regards to the gameplay. The story, of course, is different, and you play as Jason, who is a young musician and lives in a bossy family consisting of his stepmother and three stepsisters.

The game starts when the family is stuck inside the house due to a blizzard, and the story progresses according to the choices you make, so the final ending you get depends on your decisions. The game is available free of cost and is PC downloadable.

Amber’s Magic Shop

If you are still indecisive about what game to go for after you are up to date with Summertime Saga, then you must give a try to Amber’s Magic Shop which is an almost perfect alternative to the popular game. It is available on all major platforms free of cost.

Coming to the story, Amber is a dark elf who was abandoned at birth and was raised by Vin, a Witch. Amber strives to become an Alchemist and goes to the city of Icesilia for her training, and this is where her journey begins. The plot only becomes increasingly interesting from here onwards as Amber meets, befriends and falls in love with different people while operating her shop.

But don’t think that it’s a game full of fluff! In fact, this one is a dark fairy tale kind of Dating/Simulation game wherein our choices decide the fate of Amber and her friends, and wrong decisions can lead to some really dark outcomes.

Coming Out On Top

A Gay themed interactive dating sim video game, in Coming Out On Top you play in the shoes of Mark Matthews, a college senior who just came out of the closet and is ready to embark on a romantic journey. The game has six routes and as many as 18 love interests. 

It’s a hilarious yet heart-warming sort of game with hot men falling in love. It is 18+, though, and contains a lot of explicit content. Coming Out On Top is available to purchase on Stream.

Ladykiller in a Bind

Perhaps one of the best choices to fill that empty void late updates of Summertime Saga created. Ladykiller in a Bind is a choice based game with an intense and complicated storyline with multiple endings. Though you have to purchase this game to play and it is only available on PC, it is well worth the effort owing to the realistic character designs and intriguing plot elements.

Momoiro Closet

Momoiro Closet

Momoiro Closet, one of the best adult novel based games, has an excellent plot. The game is about our two principal characters Alice and Reiji, who both have mystery pastimes. Alice’s interest is being a mystery otaku, while Reiji appreciates otaku stuff as well. Both have their purposes behind concealing their mystery side interest. Reiji can share his side interest more openly, while Alice’s father is attempting to stop otaku impact, so her explanation regarding why she can’t communicate her pastime is much more sensible. 

A Town Uncovered

A Town Uncovered

One more visual reality dating game like Summertime Saga is A Town Uncovered. In light of another charming storyline, this top-notch dating game fundamentally spins around a genuinely new hero to town and is interested by and large about it. The hero is a secondary school understudy who has an instinct that the new city he has quite recently moved to is unusual. This causes him to find continuously a mystery, such as how individuals around him naturally vanish out of the blue. All you see coming at yourself are secretive and bizarre occasions that will cause your brain to go unpredictable. It practically manages character connections and expertise details. There are also complete and exciting side missions that one could go through. 

Dreaming of Dana

Dreaming of Dana

The plot of the visual reality game, Dreaming of Dana, is one of the most venerated ones as it satisfies plenty of fellow dreams. One of the protagonist’s goals is to turn into a wealthy child who has all that he needs. Be that as it may, this wealth gives him a too bratty mentality. 

When you start the game, you work with your father’s sister named Dana, who isn’t as rich as you. As things fire warming up, you begin feeling for Dana. This strange relationship dynamic makes it only like Summertime Saga. You will also go on to finding a lot of additional intriguing characters with whom the plot will proceed further.

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Love Mystery Club

Love Mystery Club is a game based on reasoning and as the name suggests, love as well. The main character of the game is the head of the school detective club. As a player, you will have to solve several reasoning challenges.

So, if deducing the right answer from a given set of clues is your forte, then you will fall in love with this game. But, even if you’re not, don’t worry because choosing the wrong answers won’t end the game.

This is for all those gamers who like dating games but don’t want to waste their time or brain cells. Try it out because you might find it very enriching after all!

Ethereal Enigma

Ethereal Enigma is an awesome game with anime-style visuals and a choice-driven storyline. It unfolds like a visual novel and starts with the protagonist coming across an unknown lady who offers to grant him a wish.

The character wishes for a mythical other-worldly princess. Once she arrives, the player has to keep her identity hidden and find the lady who brought her in order to undo it. The storyline feels a lot like a fantasy manga and you are sure to enjoy it.

You will find lots of characters in this game and several interesting sub-plots as well. Also, it is available in an English version where the voice acting is fully English. So, manga lovers, go play it now!

Dual Family

Dual Family is a life simulation game that progresses in the form of a visual novel. The player will assume a character whose ultimate goal in the game is to find true love at all costs. In this game, you will exercise total control over your character.

At the end of the day, the player has to decide between two female characters in the game, both of whom have been involved with him. The game puts forward pre-structured difficult situations to test your relationship.

This game is similar to Summertime Saga with a somewhat different theme and storyline. But, Dual Family too, is a simulation-based game and also a visual novel, like the latter one.

Camp Pinewood

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Camp Pinewood is a free-to-play android game. However, it’s not a visual novel so say goodbye to MCQs and long dialogues. This dating simulation game will give you a fun and entertaining experience.

The storyline is pretty cool as well. It all starts with a student camp and once you get there, you notice that it is for women only. Funny yet tragic twist! Now, you need to find out what went wrong and how did this happen.

Ultimately, you will want to become friends with the new girls here and choose a partner. The graphic design and visuals are like cartoon animations which is the same as that in Summertime Saga.

Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales is yet another game based on narration that incorporates simulation with the classic visual novel concept. It is set in a small town that goes by the name of Taffy with several missions for you to complete.

Everything might seem very normal in Taffy to the player until they realize that the people can’t really be called normal. Almost everybody who lives in this town has a dual life and a dark secret.

It is also a dating game that often throws in some humor in the storyline. You’ll be missing out if you do not try out this creative game like Summertime Saga

Mythic Manor

Mythic Manor is a Japanese manga-style game that has a visual novel-like feel to it. The game starts by putting you in a house that you’ll have to share with 5 extremely beautiful ladies. So, the title contains ‘mythic’ because the women have mythical beauty.

Your goal in the game is to become friends with your roommates, interact with them, and finally choose which one of them you want to spend more time with. It might sound like the entire The The game is set in a mansion, but you can also go out and roam around in the city to engage with other characters.

This game features a vast universe with 250+ scenarios. Go try out the experience now!

House Party

House Party is a simulation game with open endings. It draws inspiration from the trendy comedies of the 90s. In this game, you have the power to change your future as your decisions are what decides your fate.

This is one of the best games to go after if you are done with Summertime Saga. You will love it and it has good visuals and graphics too. The player will assume the role of a character and if you are lucky enough, then you will get invited to a lit house party.

It is more like a dating game and also features fun missions for you to complete. As you progress, these tasks will keep getting tougher and you have to handle the uncontrollable party too. Have fun playing this one!

The Awakening

The Awakening one has a unique and creative storyline that you are sure to find interesting. It follows the protagonist who suffers from an accident and wakes up in a hospital after being in a coma for 2 years.

The player takes up the role of the protagonist and has to figure out what actually happened to him since he has no memory of his past life. Interesting take, right! The mystery has to be solved via adventures that involve lots of interaction with the pretty ladies in the game.

It has decent graphics and all the female characters in this game look like Barbie dolls. Find out the entire plot of the game by playing it yourself for you’ll love it if you love Summertime Saga! 


And that’s it for our main list today. Though the above-mentioned games are closest to the style and theme of Summertime Saga, there are a few other games too that fit the bill but weren’t included in our main list due to one minor reason or another. 

With this, we come to the end of our topic of the day, and I hope you found something of interest here. Why don’t you read more about summertime saga. 

Happy Gaming!