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18 Games Like Millsberry

18 Games Like Millsberry

Games Like Millsberry

The article possesses games like Millsberry. The game was launched in 2004 that drops players in the online virtual world. Millsberry mainly focuses on children and teens, so it depicts content accordingly.

There are millions of younger aged players who love playing Millsberry game because of the attractive graphics and wonderful features. The world is enormous there that is full of arcades, shops, events going on, and other such things that always keep that excitement to explore more.


Millsberry game is like a great town where kids used to enjoy very much with their other online buddies. There are not many other games like Millsberry. The game allowed building and designing of several structures, play games, collect things and this way a lot of learning. The game was very well known for fun and friendship where you just need to create an avatar and start playing the game.

Millsberry game does not continue anymore, but that doesn’t mean that there are no other games in the same genre having the same type of content. There are many games and some of them I’ll describe here so you can get a clear idea.


For those who don’t know, Millsberry was just one of the initial internet based video games meant for a kid aged target market. Launched in mid 2004 Millsberry was on the internet virtually 18 months prior to the preferred Club Penguin franchise business. The video game would certainly be on the internet for simply over 6 years with a last Millsberry closed down day of 31 December 2010 leaving gamers with a handful of wallpapers, printables as well as a personalised yearbook as a last goodbye to the video game.

Millsberry was connected to the General Mills firm that utilized a variety of item positionings within the video game as an advertising device of which they was among the initial to do so. A number of grain launches from the business additionally go across advertised the video game to motivate kids to sign up with the on the internet area of Millsberry.


The video game globe of Millsberry game was described as the area where gamers with their very own tailor-maked Pal personality can discover. A day-to-day login bonus offer of Millsbucks was supplied to gamers which enabled them to take part in house designing, garage sale, buying (food, family pets, clothes) and also play a series of gallery video games and also mini video games (e.g. angling). Each of the video games as well as also some places had solid web links back to General Mills items.

Millsberry was additionally created as a social center for young players consisting of the similarity accounts to include your favorite colours, pastimes or character and also songs preferences. This type of formula was reproduced by a variety of video games comparable to Millsberry that released after Millsberry.


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More Games Like Millsberry


NeopetsEven though the game was released in 1999, it doesn’t give any old vibes. Neopets is all about small and cute creatures that work for you like characters. The regular updates keep users engaged in different activities of Neopets.

The main motive is to explore the world named Neopia while adopting your pet known as Neopet and face the challenges you encounter in the voyage. The creatures are many so you can have your choice and go to customize them by choosing the color and several other features. Another great thing is that you can adopt up to four pets if you can’t decide for just one and just take care of them.

On what platforms can Neopets game be played?

Neopets can be played on browser.


SuperSecretThe second game that comes among the Millsberry like games is SuperSecret. The game is full of exploration, and you need to uncover all the mysteries, and it’s the thing that takes you going on. If you are a teen or so, then you can take part in the game and feel it like you are playing it.

The gameplay offers four activities like shopping, pets, socializing and gaming. Shopping is the most famous activity people do here other than socializing and gaming. Shopping allows players to show off their fashion sense. But if it doesn’t suit you, then you can continue adopting pets as there are plenty of animals related activities.

On what platforms can SuperSecret game be played?

SuperSecret can be played on browser.


HerotopiaThere are many other online games to choose from. Many of which you will find on sites like Some others I’ll describe here so you can get a clear idea. Allowing the experience of MMO, the game has plenty of activities do players especially children can keep themselves engaged for hours. The game also makes you feel some RPG elements where you choose characters from the superheroes community.

Gameplay begins with choosing superhero, customize it and assign the available superpowers. Now you head to explore the world of Herotopia and fight against the gang of bad guys who are pranksters. Spending time is a great thing while exploring the world, talk with others, participate in games, take care of pets, etc. you can also go to NPCs and take missions and feel like a superhero.

On what platforms can Herotopia game be played?

Herotopia can be played on browser.


HorzerHorzer is a game of horses where you train them, take them into the competition, and even trade them. In the beginning, you need to create a free account and pick up from the twelve horse breeds. You can check each one’s qualities stats and pick as per your choices. After choosing a horse, you are ready to name it, color it, and have it as your pet.

The gameplay begins once you are all settled, it takes you to the community. There you participate in several activities with your horse and manage your finances. The earned money can be spent to improve your horse and feed it.

On what platforms can Horzer game be played?

Horzer can be played on browser.

Movie Star Planet

Movie Star PlanetA game of teens in the virtual world where both boys and girls can take part. Choose their avatars, and you are good to live the life of your dreams that revolve around becoming a celebrity or a movie star. The game is available for both browser and smartphones.

So in the gameplay, you aim to be social and creative. Make your movies and let the community know about it. This way you earn fame and currency called StarCoins. You spend the currency in buying more costumes and upgrades to make better movies. This way it’s one of the Millsberry like games.

On what platforms can Movie Star Planet game be played?

Movie Star Planet can be played on Browser, Android, iOS


DogzerJust like the Horzer, it is Dogzer which means a game has dogs instead of horses. The concept is all the same, and only the creatures are different. You can choose from over fifty breeds of dogs and customize it as you want including naming your pet. Here breeds have so many features so you can choose from small breeds to larger ones like Chihuahua toy Terrier.

The advance gameplay allows you to even breed dogs and produce new animals. As you progress, you get a certificate in dog care for groom them or to train. This way you can have your own business of dog care and run it virtually.

On what platforms can Dogzer game be played?

Dogzer can be played on browser.

Bin Weevils

Bin WeevilsOne of the coolest Millsberry alternatives, the game features several types of bugs or creatures.

To initiate the game kids choose their avatar in the form of any creature. Your next task is to explore the bin world using your avatar.

The gameplay gives you the avatar and your nest that you can decorate in different ways while exploring the world. It can include up to right rooms and greenery around. Players also can do plantation and earn the in-game currency. There are endless options to try and experience such as playing mini-games and earn Mulch that is the game’s currency.

On what platforms can Bin Weevils game be played?

Bin Weevils can be played on browser.

Secret Builders

Secret BuildersIt’s a virtual world game dedicated to children from 5 to 14 years of age. So it pretty much fun to being here and due to the attractive and adorable features it’s quite addictive too. Children can collect a lot learning here in a fun way, and as it’s a free game.

The gameplay brings you several elements from the history, so players get a chance to learn about the history. Also, there are fun quizzes so you can learn things about science, arts, and literature in just no time. Even it introduces you to mini-games like puzzles that you can try in the MMO mode and test your knowledge against others.

On what platforms can Secret Buildersgame be played?

Secret Builders can be played on browser.


FantageFantage allows MMO to take part in the game and it offers fantastic gameplay to young age. Teens can also take part and interact with other players roaming around. The game is a popular one because of the spectacular graphics and character selection from wide options.

The gameplay starts by giving you a basic home that you can decorate and changes things as you want. Next, you start exploring the world of Fantage that is full of thousands of mini-games. In each game, you get rewards in the form of game’s currency called Stars. These can be used to decorate even more and buying stuff for your pets.

On what platforms can Fantage game be played?

Fantage can be played on browser.


HabboHabbo allows users to take part in the virtual world and being socially involved with other players. It is accessible via a browser where players create their avatar and get to the play.

The gameplay starts with the Avatar customization and put you in the hotel named Habbo where all the players are assigned their room.

Here you can explore surroundings and make friends. There are chat rooms, room decorating, mini-games, and much more. A lot of places can be visited as dance clubs, beaches, restaurants, etc. with your friends or all alone. You can customize your room too like adding a new wallpaper, furniture, or floor. Invite your friends and hang out.

On what platforms can Habbo game be played?

Habbo can be played on browser.

Animal Jam

Games like Animal JamAnimal Jam is a fabulous game in the genre because of the ultra-clear graphics and animals that you can’t see in any other games. The virtual world perfectly suits children that promote educational content, so it ensures no wrong content. The ability to play in the browser makes it even more demanding from the year 2010.

The gameplay focuses on education with fun where players learn about planet conservation, global awareness, nature, and much more. You get in the world called Jamaa where different environmental things happen. Here you explore, learn facts, and understand things. Also, you adopt pets, decorate the home, make friends, and earn currency.

On what platforms can Animal Jam game be played?

Animal Jam can be played on Browser, Android, iOS

If you’re looking for more games like animal jam, feel free to check our article. You might find your next favorite game there.

Moshi Monsters

Moshi MonstersIt is a game of small monsters that are adorable in their way and look lovely to get them as your character. You first create your Moshi Monsters account and set up your avatar. Now the gameplay starts where you will be prompted to adopt a pet. You choose the species, customize it and have it as your virtual pet.

Afterward, exploration happens with that virtual pet on the Monstro City.  It is full of various games and puzzles, and you can decorate your room too. As you participate in various activities, you earn the game’s currency known as Rox. You can spend it on your pet or decorate your home by just a drag and drop mechanism.

On what platforms can Moshi Monsters game be played?

Moshi Monsters can be played on browser.


_WoozWorld - Virtual Worlds Land!It is great for teens with a blend of the virtual world that allow players being socially involved.

Due to the characters, the game is perfect for teens, but adults can enjoy it too and live a younger version of yours.

See Also

You start the gameplay after setting up your account and customizing your character that takes a few seconds and no cost. The game world is endless where you start by creating your house and explore the entire world with other players. There is an option to subscribe the premium membership too. This way you explore additional worlds too and get extra game’s currency.

On what platforms can Woozworld game be played?

Woozworld can be played on browser.


PoptropicaA game that offers a tidy experience to children and teenagers following the genre. It makes it stand among the games similar to Millsberry. Also, RPG can be felt too with the mixture of a virtual world game. You just need one account that is all free and join the millions of users that fall in 6 to 15 year age group.

Poptropica gameplay starts with exploring several islands where you encounter quests, play mini-games and complete your missions. Player s get rewards for the completion, and each of these islands is named as Shark Tooth Island, Spy Island, Super Power Island, etc.

On what platforms can Poptropica game be played?

Poptropica can be played on Browser

Lady Popular

lady popularIf you are seeking for a super fun in the genre but the adult version, then Lady Popular is the right one for you. It is a vast area in which several exciting things going on like fashion arena, buying an apartment and decorating it, making relationships, and much more. The browser playing is a plus point plus the depth is nice too that don’t let you down.

In the Lady Popular, gameplay begins with creating your character an choosing all the features like hair color, skin color, and much more. As you go on, the game gives you more opportunity to work on your looks and get better by time. Shopping for your favorite items is also a feature, and all these things make it super cool gameplay in the adults’ world.

On what platforms can Lady Popular game be played?

Lady Popular can be played on Browser


Even though this game isn’t available anymore on its host site since it died an untimely death along with Flash player, many users claim that they continue to show their faces (character’s faces) in this virtual world hosted on private servers. The game itself has a fun virtual world that was targeted towards a younger audience: teens and preteens primarily. 

Much like other games on this list, the main prerogative is simply to customize your character’s style with various fashionable outfits and interact with the other players in this world. Since its a virtual world there are no AI driven characters and the thrill lies in meeting players that are real life humans. You can participate in multiple game quests as well as compete in the many mini-games hosted by OurWorld with your friends. 

On what platforms can OurWorld be played? 

OurWorld can be played on Android, Browser

Club Penguin Rewritten

Most early 2000’s kids will fondly remember playing one of the first virtual reality games ever — Club Penguin. It was a safe (mostly censored) game where kids got to customize their character, a penguin, and also play mini-games with their friends. There was lots to explore in this fun, ice-covered winterland and it was definitely a unique gameplay experience since no other game was centered around penguins before. 

There was also a thrill of belonging to this secret club and it became extremely popular amongst preteens. Now Club Penguin has come back and its even better than before now that you’re a member of the Club without having to pay real money. As of now the players of Club Penguin are mostly filled with adults trying to relive some of their nostalgia and childhood memories: but the developers of the game are confident that the new Club Penguin Rewritten will attract the younger generation as well. 

On what platforms can Club Penguin Rewritten be played? 

Club Penguin Rewritten can be played on Browser

Dino Pets

If you’ve already played Neopets, Dogzer and Horzer, you’re probably on the lookout for more virtual pet games. Maybe your parents don’t let you keep your own real pet, or you’re just a sucker for the animated cuteness overload. Either way, Dino Pets is an exciting game that will tug on your heart strings. Just like the name suggests: you won’t be taking care of any puppies, kittens or colts in this game. 

This game is all about a fantasy world where humans and dinosaurs don’t just live in peace together, they actually take care of each other. You get to personally take care of dinosaur babies and ensure they become tall and healthy adults. You can decorate their homes and shelters and also see them through multiple generations: crossing two species together to get hybrid extra-cute dinosaur babies!

On what platforms can Dino pets be played? 

Dino pets can be played on Android, iOS

Fluffy Favorites

It’s a bit of a mystery to us how the original game Fluffy Favorites managed to become such a popular game that it birthed an entire series. There is even a version of Slingo, and finally, Eyecon has released a version of Megaways. The game stays true to both the original and the standard Megaways gameplay, but fans may be disappointed by the lack of a Toy Grabber bonus game.
On what platforms can Fluffy Favorites be played? 
Fluffy Favorites can be played in casinos with Ripple.


I hope you would love playing all these games like Millsberry. They are like for everyone from 5 years to adults. There is always something exciting going on, and updates make these even more appealing. All of them have super graphics and characters; it just depends on your taste. So get one and tell me which one is your favorite and why. Till then wait for other article having lots of games like Millsberry.


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