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15 Games Like Monster Hunter for PC

15 Games Like Monster Hunter for PC

15 Games Like Monster Hunter for PC

Monster Hunter is a series that promotes the action RPG genre. It was first started in 2004 for PS2. The series features combats with a deep content where exploration is vast too. It is a fantasy world where the environment is set for the high action components in the open world. This article brings you the same games like Monster Hunter that primarily focuses on a lot of combats providing several fantasy environments and endless quests with always updated content.

The gameplay in the world of Monster Hunter PC allows you spend time in the village to explore there and gather material. Later, go forward and take quests to defeat serial monsters and bad faces. You start as a beginner and get better with each quest by collecting resources and experience. This way you diminish all these monsters crawling near the villages and help the villagers.

It doesn’t come any easy, and that’s why you get huge weaponry, and different weapons can be used for different monsters. To improve the weapons, you need to take more quests, get the loots and collect even powerful weapons. Now, let’s head to learn about the fifteen games that look similar to Monster Hunter.

PC Games Like Monster Hunter

Soul Sacrifice

Soul SacrificeA dark-themed game that includes a lot of adventurous components that make it worth trying. Currently works for the PlayStation Vita where your aim is to finish all the enemies using your reckless attacks and powerful tools.

The gameplay wants the death of the monster Magusar who takes the human life to give him eternity. Now he is after you, and your mission is to take him down for his cruel intentions. The talking book Librom helps you in your mission by taking you back to the history of the evil. There you encounter the same fights and gain power and experience which help to diminish the existence of Magusar.

On what platforms can Soul Sacrifice game be played?

Soul Sacrifice can be played on PS Vita

Dark Souls

Games like Dark SoulsAnother fantastic game that takes your avatar to a dark place allowing you the RPG mode.

It is an open world where exploration happens greatly with minimum restrictions. It sets you in the world full of dungeons where you perform crawling through them.

The gameplay gives you the quests and players need to take quests oriented actions.  These actions include killing some monsters and boss enemies in the way. Additionally, the exploring things give you additional weapons to use against the opponents.

Players also find bonfires at several points of the game that can be used to get your life back in the game world.

On what platforms can Dark Souls game be played?

Dark Souls can be played on PC, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360

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Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the ColossusThis one also falls among the Monster Hunter like games; it takes you to the action-oriented world full of adventure. The gameplay sets you in the strange land called Forbidden Land that was used to have a life but not anymore. As being a wanderer, you get to the land with your ultimate sword. Your main aim is to terminate the huge looking sixteen enemies called colossi.

You need to use a little trick as each of them has their weaknesses, once you find out you are going to kill them all one by one. Once you find the enemy, try to look out their weakness and use your sword there.

On what platforms can Shadow of the Colossus game be played?

Shadow of the Colossus can be played on PS2, PS3


VindictusThe game offers you the MMORPG environment where you are set as a Korean character. As being the same genre, the game mainly focuses on actions and combats. Several characters are available to choose, and skills and abilities come accordingly. A few customizations are available too, and the content has a depth for sure.

Gameplay is fast-paced where it’s all about slitting your enemies into pieces and collects the useful resources. You will have many weapons capable of killing the enemies and careful tactics make your victory easy over them. Good planning is required as it is fast-paced combat system to bring down the evil.

On what platforms can Vindictus game be played?

Vindictus can be played on PC

Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s DogmaThe action-oriented RPG gets you into a fantasy world that sometimes feels like playing Skyrim.

Dragon’s Dogma is an open work that means no restriction or a few on exploring the entire game world. Here you see your character as a third-person after selecting a particular career such as Fighter, Strider, Mage, Warrior, etc. gender choice are there too, and some changes can be done in appearances.

The gameplay starts with killing the population of dragons, so more exploration means more enemies to kill. There will be AI characters too that come to you on calling like Go, Help and Come.

On what platforms can Dragon’s Dogma game be played?

Dragon’s Dogma can be played on PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon HunterThe game mixes up the MMO mode with the anime looking characters. The game suits teens well as per the entire game world’s components. It is about monster hunting where players explore the vast world and encounter hundreds of monsters in the way. The gameplay needs you to either fight these dragons or tame them.

The motive is same for all the four classes like the scout, mercenary, mage and cleric. The game world is all about exploring and gets you several dinosaur creatures in different shapes and sizes. So collect all the monsters, gather resources, craft things, work with friends, and much more.

On what platforms can Dragomon Hunter game be played?

Dragomon Hunter can be played on PC


Games like BorderlandsA very popular and action-oriented game full of RPG features. The game allows several platforms to experience the gameplay which is a reason for its popularity. You are allowed to select from the four classes Roland the Soldier, Mordecai the Hunter, Lilith the Siren, and Brick the Berserker, each of them come with unique skills and weapons.

The gameplay depends on taking the missions from the NPC characters or bounty boards and fulfill them. On establishing, players get points, currency, and rewards. Here enemies come in human and non-human form, and you kill both of them to achieve the mission. For all these features it surely deserves among these Monster Hunter like games.

On what platforms can Borderlands game be played?

Borderlands can be played on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mac

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Primal Carnage

Primal CarnageThe game allows players being in the MMO mode where PvP elements take place too. Here combats go on between a crowd of dinosaurs and humans. The class system is well-managed for both humans and dinosaurs having different weaknesses and abilities. For humans, you can choose from commando, scientist, trapper, pathfinder and pyro and for the dinosaurs, it is T-Rex, raptor, pteranodon, dilophosaurus and carnotaurus.

The gameplay happens on a remote island where you explore the abandoned locations and killing all the monsters dinosaurs. The combat system is pretty exciting here as you find the dinos with abilities like flight, trampling, charging and jump ability and Players have abilities like the flamethrower, sniper rifle, blinding flares and assault rifles.

On what platforms can Primal Carnage game be played?

Primal Carnage can be played on PC

Lord of Arcana

Lord of ArcanaLord of Arcana promotes an action game where you fight the monsters and demons. The gameplay can often remind you of games like Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star, and other similar games. There is a vast world to explore where you encounter several enemies and boss enemies.

The gameplay sets the players in the land called Horodyn where their role is a powerful warrior. Here you can either kill your enemies or add them in your crowd and use the magic power as Fire, Light, etc. the gameplay is pretty exciting, but sometimes it may feel usual when you encounter the same boss enemies repeatedly.

On what platforms can Lord of Arcana game be played?

Lord of Arcana can be played on PSP

Toukiden: Kiwami

Toukiden- KiwamiIt’s the sequel to the previous version Toukiden following the same storyline with a new range of characters, weapons, monsters, and such contents. The gameplay sets you in the world full of demons where players accept quests and explore the different areas of the game. It doesn’t take long to understand the game’s content if you haven’t experienced the prior version. The different environment lets you efficiently use all the power and skills you get for the class you choose. All in all, Toukiden: Kiwami is a well-designed game where other than using weapons and armour, crafting can be experienced too.

On what platforms can Toukiden: Kiwami game be played?

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Toukiden: Kiwami can be played on PS Vita, PS4

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Phantasy Star Portable 2It is the sequel to the version released years ago that brings you all that aura again. The game is more like a sci-fi environ where monster killing is the primary activity. Following the genre, the game is pretty good and keeps the excitement alive to get you new and update content. Some customizations are there such as choosing facial features, gender, body type, etc.

The gameplay has all sort o monsters that players hack and slash in the way. Also, all your abilities can be examined by the players if they want to be experimental. There are several opportunities to kill monsters and boss monsters, and it’s like some missions going on.

On what platforms can Phantasy Star Portable 2 game be played?

Phantasy Star Portable 2 can be played on PSP


BloodborneAnother game in the list that is one of the games similar to Monster Hunter. The game brings you action-oriented role-playing in the dark themed environment. The dark world has an immense level of exploration where you find hidden treasure, brutal fights, and other fascinating items.

The gameplay takes you in the world of Yharnam in a Gothic-inspired city. Here inhabitants suffer from a disease called blood-borne and you as being the hunter hunt down the entire blood to find the cure. During the journey, you encounter several beasts and monstrous things, but eventually, you throw out the plague with your efforts.

On what platforms can Bloodborne game be played?

Bloodborne can be played on PS4

Freedom Wars

Freedom WarsThe gameplay of Freedom Wars sets you in the future in the form of the Korean character. Here you fight off all the enemies using the gears and weapons given at the time of class selection. Throughout the game, you improve and get other powerful gears and weapons.

For the storyline, the earth is in the year 102014 and functioning strangely that human life feels harsh condition to survive. All this makes the lives living underground in the cities known as Panopticons. Resources are melted, and wars are going on. You are the only hope and hero to free the people of the cruel government and monsters.

On what platforms can Freedom Wars game be played?

Freedom Wars can be played on PS Vita

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero DawnIt is a remarkable looking game with the spectacular graphics that are really awe inspiring. That’s why I put it among the games similar to Monster Hunter. It promotes the action role-playing in the primitive advanced looking world. So there are dinos but in the robotic forms that include both terms primitive and advanced.

The gameplay sets you as a female hunter Aloy who is on the mission of finishing all these monstrous and free the world from the robots rule. So a lot of exploration happens, and by the time you reveal several secrets and solve the mysteries. Your main weapon is the bow that you hold all the time, but various explosive materials can be used too.

On what platforms can Horizon Zero Dawn game be played?

Horizon Zero Dawn can be played on PS4

Planet Calypso

Planet CalypsoThe game is set in the Entropia Universe that takes you to a planet offering the MMO experience. The game’s activities are all linked to the currency of the game that can be converted into real money.

Planet Calypso gameplay is full of several activities from hunting down the monsters to crafting things and earn the currency. The game can be played at free of cost but by investing a little amount you can get the ultimate an advanced experience. The game doesn’t focus on money making primarily, but it’s a part of it that inspires players to play more.

On what platforms can Planet Calypso game be played?

Planet Calypso can be played on PC


All these games seem a perfect package for the fantasy and action-based gameplay. The choice is all yours that which one you choose from the list of games like Monster Hunter. All of these are filled with lots of adventure, quests, combats, resources, and much more. Players can start with any of them and let me know your opinions about the game you choose.