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15 Games Like Town of Salem Steam

15 Games Like Town of Salem Steam

Games Like Town of Salem

This article is about fifteen games like Town of Salem that offer you almost same gameplay.

Town of Salem is a game that tests your ability to lie and detect side by side. The game offers a browser-based gameplay. It brings about 7 to 15 players and assigns them different roles. These roles vary like Town people, Mafia, Serial Killers, Fire raiser, and Neutrals.

Every member has different work to do such as if you are the town person then your job is to track the bad guys that are mafias and killers. Same way, if you are a killer then need to perform your evil role by murdering people but try not to get caught. Let’s focus on these alternatives here.

Games like Town of Salem

Detective Grimoire

Detective GrimoireIt’s a murder mystery solving game that brings you the point and click mechanism. This hunt for solving the mystery begins when the owner of the tourist attraction found dead. The characters are well created that takes the mystery forward. The content is fine that rolls on the mystery, present you dialogues, detective work, and other such tasks.

The gameplay includes searching for the clues and investigating the witnesses or interviewing them to solve the puzzle. Point and click is really helpful to seek the depth of the game where you add up all the clues to get the solution.

On what platforms can Detective Grimoire game be played?

Detective Grimoire can be played on ANDROID IOS LINUX MAC PC

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright- Ace AttorneyThe second one that comes among the Town of Salem like games is Phoenix Wright. It is set in a darker environment that suits the mystery solving genre very well. It is about finding the clues and using them rightly to overcome all the false claims and find something meaningful.

Gameplay gives you the same experience like other titles in the genre. You are supposed to collect the witnesses and bring the pieces of the mystery altogether. So this forms clues in two stages- Investigating the locations and interviewing people. This all doesn’t come easy, and you need to push the witnesses to spit the truth out.

On what platforms can Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game be played?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney can be played on 3DS IOS

Throne of Lies

Throne of LiesThe game takes you in the 3D multiplayer environment that picks up about 8 to 16 players.

Each player has a different skill where everyone tries to set the betrayer off and make their enemies lose so you can control the kingdom.

The gameplay is set in the medieval-looking era where there are over 40 classes that vary from the king to the ill-fated. The game has four groups in total, Blue Dragons are good leaders, Unseen tries to eliminate Blue Dragon and any neutral players, Cult removes Blue Dragon and any neutral players having at least 11 players, and Neutral has different objectives with each class.

On what platforms can Throne of Lies game be played?

Throne of Lies can be played on LINUX MAC PC


SpyPartyIf you want to experience something like a spy, then SpyParty is the excellent game for that. The gameplay is based on following your opponent and make him think that you are just another AI person. There are two rules of spying, one works inside the room and observe things and other works outside to keep an eye using the binoculars and other tools.

Being a spy, you need to complete a set of missions in the given time while having the third person perspective. There are several other features like viewing several angles of the locations, zoom out the areas, mark the targets, etc.

On what platforms can SpyParty game be played?

SpyParty can be played on MAC PC

The Ship: Murder Party

The Ship- Murder PartyThe game offers the first-person shooter gameplay that is based on the art of lying. The game’s environment is set in the ear of 1920 on a cruise ship. Being a play you get the tickets to the luxury ship where soon you find out that to stay alive you have to murder other passengers.

You can have it in either single player or multiplayer mode, and in both, you save yourself using smart mechanics and killing others. The game begins by assigning you the character and a name where you can disguise yourself as NPC in the game world.

On what platforms can The Ship: Murder Party game be played?

The Ship: Murder Party can be played on LINUX MAC PC


EpicMafiaAnother one that comes among the Town of Salem like games is EpicMafia. The game undoubtedly allows disguising yourself after getting the role to attack the mafia. Remember that you need to stay alive while doing so and that’s why you use deception. Simultaneously, mafia also works on his mission to kill the villagers and keeping his head hidden.

The game gives you an online environment to play where you can have a community to chat, compare your ranks, and several other means to show off your skills being in the game world.

So for the mystery-oriented game, EpicMafia is a great choice where you can easily get in the game.

On what platforms can EpicMafia game be played?

EpicMafia can be played on browser.

Sky Break

Sky BreakYou as a part of the team of scientists visit the land Arcania that used to have colonization by a human. But, some drone creatures push the humans out of the lands, and now your task is to research the reason. Unfortunately, you get separated from your team, and that means you are all alone in a strange land. That’s where your journey of solving mysteries begins.

The gameplay mechanics are pretty good with somewhat fine looking graphics. For the creatures, there are different types such as cat-robots, bird-robots, and other robots. These are going to help you in finding resources and make you hop to your team if you tackle them well.

On what platforms can Sky Break game be played?

Sky Break can be played on browser.

Garry’s Mod

Garrys ModIf you are ready to spend a few bucks to purchase the game then surely you will have a huge world to explore and solve the mystery the game world is ready to be manipulated as per your choices, and for that, you have got several tools too.

Gameplay offers you two guns, and some with several abilities and one of them is adding up the props in a few ways. Other abilities of the guns enable you to make the game more exciting. The gameplay offers a multiplayer mode too so with the community you can enjoy the modding even more.

On what platforms can Garry’s Mod game be played?

Garry’s Mod can be played on LINUX MAC PC

Velvet Sundown

Velvet SundownThe location is set in the Caribbean like a world where your journey begins on that luxurious yacht with 11 characters. The game offers role-playing where all the players regularly crave to achieve their own objective. The game starts with providing you the character and the aim accordingly where you need to get the information from other characters. So the entire title is set to provide you an environment where you deceive everyone.

Gameplay also allows players to roam around if any money they don’t feel like playing the game. There are several objects to interact, and the game covers the storyline with the basic tutorials.

On what platforms can Velvet Sundown game be played?

Velvet Sundown can be played on MAC PC


MasochisiaRemember, this is not something for soft hearts even if it one of the Town of Salem alternatives. The graphics and characters are not so adorable, and it all sets a horrible theme. Your character is named Hamilton, a young one that wants to keep his family happy. But it’s not that easy as everything seems like working against you as your mother and brother are not that soft to your father.

Additionally, the gameplay needs you to deliver a message to your father sent by an angel. Gameplay here is point and click to enjoy the adventure of puzzles and problem-solving in that brain messing environment.

On what platforms can Masochisia game be played?

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Masochisia can be played on Mac Linux PC


RimWorldIt is more like a construction and management game where the environments are space inspired. It is about three survivors who escaped their spacecraft’s crash, and now in the rim world, they need to do colonization.

The gameplay is all about creating and managing the settlement on the strange planet. Meanwhile, they need to collect the resources to build up their spacecraft and go home crossing the planet. The Game offers a 2D view in the sci-fi environment where the AI character guides you. Several challenges will be there too such as fulfill your needs, cure wounds and illness, fight pirates, animals, machines, etc.

On what platforms can RimWorlds game be played?

RimWorld can be played on Mac Linux PC

This is the Police

This is the PoliceYou are Jack Boyd, a loyal and respected police chief who has just 180 days left to get retired because of having the corrupt mayor. You are tasked to earn a certain amount of income before the retirement, and for this, you can use anyway even a corrupted one. This work of earning dollars take you through several corrupt activities like bribes, weapons, and drug sales, contacting with Mafias, layer the budget, etc.

Gameplay is a point-and-click adventure where there is a good mixture of challenges just after you choose your character to play the crime scenes. It also needs somewhat strategic playing too as you are aimed to make money deceiving your team.

On what platforms can This is the Police game be played?

This is the Police can be played on Xbox One Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4 SteamOS Linux Mac

Hello Neighbor

Hello NeighborYou are a man living your life peacefully in your house until something unusual happens. You realize some strange going on in your neighbor’s house and it creates the urge to sneak into that house and find out what’s happening.  You get in the house just in time where you aim to reach to the basement and see what is hidden in there.

Gameplay needs you to hide and find out that thing in the Neighbor’s house, but in any case, you must save your back. Keep the mysterious play and gather items to unlock the basement. At any point, if you are caught you will be sent back to the initial stage and repeat all over again.

On what platforms can Hello Neighbor game be played?

Hello Neighbor can be played on Xbox One, PC

Don’t Knock Twice

Don't Knock TwiceDon’t Knock Twice brings you a horror game based on the survival element and one of the of Salem alternatives. You are a mother who has lost her daughter and now full of guilt. So you aim to uncover the truth facing the demonic witch where the first knock wakes her up from the bed and the second knock brings her from the dead.

Gameplay gives you a vast house to explore things and find your lost daughter. There are subject to interact, and the phone with you guides the entire way through that house. Also, that demonic witch haunts you and appears just anywhere.

On what platforms can Don’t Knock Twice game be played?

Don’t Knock Twice can be played on PlayStation Network PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC Nintendo Switch

The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey HomeYou are left in a strange world of space where quests make you progressive for your aim that is returning to home or your planet. As time goes, you find it hard to make decisions and to stay sensible.

Being alive is all that matters, and for that, resource management is a vital point. All these matters or resources help you in different ways to repair your ship and build your hope to return home. Well, as you know the name, it is a long journey, and the vats content won’t make it quick to return to your planet. The gameplay puts you in several things that need to be faced and get rid of.

On what platforms can The Long Journey Home game be played?

The Long Journey Home can be played on Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


Mystery solving has always been a fantastic genre to play, and all these fifteen games like Town of Salem fulfill that desire. All of these need you to solve the mystery in any way; some of them are set in horrible place while some are peacekeepers. So the choice is yours whether to go with the peaceful environment or the horrible one.