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15 Games Like Animal Crossing

15 Games Like Animal Crossing

Games Like Animal Crossing

All these games like Animal Crossing have the same gameplay that I’ll describe here. So you would feel like playing a true alternative to Animal Crossing. So let’s know a little bit about Animal Crossing before writing the alternatives.

Well, in the world Animal Crossing, a player is set in the rural environment that is more like a village. The village is populated by animals and other such factors. There is no fixed objective that you need to complete, but all in all, a player performs several activities regarding the village development and animals oriented. The type of activities includes gathering resources, plantation or growing crops, be social with villagers, take care of animals, etc.

This way, Animal Crossing gives you some time near nature when you feel fed up with the corporate schedules. It supports a wide range of devices such as Wii, DS and 3DS and that are all the Nintendo consoles. So it is limited to Nintendo, and that is where users feel the urge to search for the same type of games that offer other platforms too. For the purpose, here are the perfect alternatives to fulfill your desire of being in the rural place and develop there.

Games Like Animal Crossing

Fantasy Life

Fantasy LifeA very good game that features cute graphics that are well polished and characters that are adorable. Providing a lot of customization, it drops you into a massive world after you are done choosing from the classes. Once you have customized your character and chosen the class, the game begins.

The gameplay sets you in the world called Riviera where you gradually understand your responsibilities. You encounter quests and tasks as per your class that include the role of the alchemist, blacksmith, carpenter, cook, magician, miner, hunter, etc. using your role; you aim to build up a civilization here by doing different activities like growing crops, taking care of your animals, etc.

On what platforms can Fantasy Life game be played?

Fantasy Life can be played on 3DS

Stardew Valley

Games like Stardew ValleyAnother fantastic game that brings you the rural adventure. In the game, you receive a plot or a small land of your late grandfather. This area is known as Stardew Valley that needs to be built. In the beginning, you see the land covered by trees, weeds, and other trash. You aim to clear it all and establish a beautiful looking farm that is well bloomed.

So you need to encounter several farm-related activities such as plantation in which you grow different crops or vegetables and sell them out. This way you generate the revenue and regularly make improvements in the farm.

On what platforms can Stardew Valley game be played?

Stardew Valley can be played on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One

If you’re looking for more games like stardew valley, feel free to check our article. You might find your next favorite game there.

Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

Magicians Quest- Mysterious TimesAnother one on the list of Animal Crossing like games. It gives you the identical rural adventure where your journey depends on the development of your surroundings. It is your magical school, and you learn here to master all the magic and spells.

The gameplay needs you to perform several magic tricks and be a pro in casting spells. This way your aim is to get the magic license and the title known as Master Wizard. Other than performing magical activities, you can hang out or make friends the other students learning magic. So it’s a place for both magic and to mingle.

On what platforms can Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times game be played?

Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times can be played on DS

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest BuildersThe game seems like a mixture of sandbox and RPG genre that offer you a spectacular adventure over the rural land full of greenery. The game sets you in the world known as Alefgard that is full of monsters.

Now, the gameplay requires you to fight off all these monsters and evil things and make the settlement there or rebuild it to a living place. So you are the hero that abilities to create structures with material gathering and diminish the obstructions. To gather the material, you need to explore the world and gather from trees, mountain, monsters, and other sources that will enhance your survival and you will settle the world efficiently.

On what platforms can Dragon Quest Builders game be played?

Dragon Quest Builders can be played on PS Vita, PS4

World’s Dawn

World’s DawnThe game is full of colorful aura and promotes a green world or nature majorly. The first step will be character customization before you get into the world. Once you’re done, you will be greeted by Mayor Barley before entering the Sugar Blossom Village.

The gameplay sets you in the old farmhouse and giving you the keys so you can strata managing things there. First, you review your surroundings to get familiar and look out your inventory to know what is there in stock. Next, you start working on the customization of the old farm and make it a blooming farm that is always full of crops. Other activities are fishing, mining, cooking, hunting, etc.

On what platforms can World’s Dawn game be played?

World’s Dawn can be played on PC

A World of Keflings

A World of KeflingsThe game has really impressive graphics, and here you are in the world of Keflings that are small humans. Actually, these are very small humans that are lost. Initially, you will be prompted to choose any of the three kingdoms. Each kingdom comes with unique tasks and settings.

The gameplay needs you to help out these Keflings in creating a huge castle. But it’s not that easy as there will be challenges in your way. It’s not all about creating a castle, but you need to train these Keflings to take care of themselves and collecting resources. So they can help you out in completing your missions.

On what platforms can A World of Keflings game be played?

A World of Keflings can be played on WII U, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Shepherd’s Crossing 2The game seems like an old form of farming due to the graphics, but for the genre, it comes here among the Animal Crossing like games. The game does not apply any restrictions so you are free to explore just anywhere and it’s totally okay if you do not follow the objective and focus on the activities if your interest.

The gameplay takes you to a rural place with your pet duck where you wish to set up your own farm. So all the activities you perform are farm oriented such as growing crops, harvesting them, manage animals, and maintain the farm in various ways.

On what platforms can Shepherd’s Crossing 2 game be played?

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 can be played on DS

Harvest Moon 3D

Harvest Moon- Friends of Mineral TownThe game follows the same concept of Harvest Moon series where the avatar customization takes place. After that, you will be prompted to choose the type of crop or plants you want to grow on your farm.

So the gameplay is all about maintaining and rebuilding the village named EcoVillage. All in all, you are the in charge of the village where you decide how things should take place in order to be improved. So basically it depends on your imagination, the better it is, the better you shape the surroundings. This way, you manage the farm, sell things and make a profit.


On what platforms can Harvest Moon 3D game be played?

Harvest Moon 3D can be played on 3DS

If you’re looking for more Games like Harvest Moon, feel free to check our article. You might find your next favorite game there.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Viva Pinata- Trouble in ParadiseThis game follows the same concept just like its name. It means you are in the paradise, but there is very much trouble that you have to handle to keep it continue looking like a paradise.

The gameplay continues by making you the protector of this island where your aim is to protect the island from the invaders.

Overall, your motive is to restore the balance of the island, and that means attracting every pinata creature to inhabit again in the garden. These creatures are ladybugs, geckos, gorillas, crabs, etc. you also sow the seeds, do the plantation, make ponds, and manage the garden to call the pinatas back.

On what platforms can Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise game be played?

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise can be played on Xbox 360, Xbox One

Castaway Paradise

Castaway ParadiseThe game is very enjoyable for the younger ones because of the clear and shiny visuals plus having younger characters. Having it on your smartphone is completely like a blessing.

Initially, you will be asked to choose the role of either a boy or a girl. There are no customizations, but the characters are already adorable. You will be served with basic tutorials so you can get familiar with the things there. The gameplay sets you on the island with other inhabitants where you help them in various activities. You take several quests and perform tasks like fishing, painting, and repairing the island.

On what platforms can Castaway Paradise game be played?

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Castaway Paradise can be played on Android, iOS, Mac, PC

Funky Barn

Funky BarnThe game is special because of the ultra-rich graphics and characters that suit the environment perfectly. So this comes here as one of the Animal Crossing alternatives. You will be given your passed uncle Chatsworth’s land. You will also get some resources like basic tools to start working. Your helper farmer Rufus gives you a tutorial to understand things better.

The gameplay states by fulfilling your uncle’s dream of getting an automated farm with the help of robotic mechanism. All in all, your mission is to take care of the animal, feeding them food, water, and create a proper barn for them. Additionally, activities can be enjoyed too like decorating the surroundings.

On what platforms can Funky Barn game be played?

Funky Barn can be played on 3DS, WII U

Wild Season

Wild SeasonWild Season is more like a Korean form of farming adventure where you take a break from the big cities and manage your own farm. Choose the character as male or female and get ready to develop the farm.

During the gameplay, you get several quests from the NPCs characters and enjoy other things too such as mining, fishing, cooking, horse racing, animal management, etc. Remember that things will not polite here initially and you will meet people who talk harshly and even try to bribe you. But as you progress you prove all them wrong and happily live there keeping many folks on your side.

On what platforms can Wild Season game be played?

Wild Season can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

Virtual Villagers (Series)

Virtual VillagersIt is not limited to just Nintendo, and due to its availability of major platforms, players love to try the Virtual Villagers series. Here you can choose any of the game as A New Home, The Lost Children, The Secret City, etc.

The gameplay gives you a tribe or some people. You need to take care of them and guide them on survival on that harsh island. There will be climate changes and diseases in your tribe, and you have to cure them all. Gradually you learn the secrets and the island by exploring it, and you manage to protect lives there.

On what platforms can Virtual Villagers (Series) game be played?

Virtual Villagers (Series) can be played on Android, iOS, Mac, PC

Gemini Lost

Gemini Lost

It’s a very beautiful place that seems mysterious as you and your buddies are just bright to this strange land. You find yourself a little list here, and you do not know the way of going back home. Following the same genre, the game comes another one as the Animal Crossing alternatives.

The gameplay focuses on picking up the quests, complete them and gradually make your way back. These quests include several tasks like building up the civilization, gather resources, and manage your community. You also need to keep you people happy while building up the structures and clearing whatever comes in the way.

On what platforms can Gemini Lost game be played?

Gemini Lost can be played on Mac, PC

Happy Street

Happy StreetWho doesn’t want to play with the cute small creatures of Happy Street? The answer seems yes because it is just an app that takes just seconds to be installed but gives you hours of excellent play.

The gameplay is all about creating your very own colorful and charming village with huge of some additional activities. It will really be an addictive one on this list. You are Billy, a fox explorer who is aimed to create and develop the community. You create several structures too like shops that are a source of your income and this way the earned money help you expanding the village.

On what platforms can Happy Street game be played?

Happy Street can be played on Android, iOS