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21 Games like Minecraft that are free to Play

21 Games like Minecraft that are free to Play

Searching for great sandbox survival/creative games like Minecraft? Look no further as we listed our best picks in this list.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever made, with its simple yet addicting gameplay mechanics, huge modding community, and accessibility. While it is a great game, it is easy to get bored from 1 single game, so if you are looking for games similar to Minecraft, whether it be on your PC, the console or mobile devices, we chose 21 games that carry similarities to Minecraft.

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Games Like Minecraft

In the same time, this great game popularized sandbox survival genre and has shown us that there are lots of games developed and based on a similar idea. We decided to present you 12 Minecraft like games that you will enjoy playing wherever you are:

Manic Digger

If you want to enjoy one of the best games similar to Minecraft, then you have to choose Manic Digger for both Linux and Windows users. It starts as a third-party client for Minecraft Classic.

You can quickly create and build anything by using 3D cubes and different materials and elements. You can choose three classes such as Medic, Soldier, and Support.

In the same time, you can choose four weapons: Sniper rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and pistol. There are also both multiplayer and single player game modes that you can play.

On what platforms can Manic Digger game be played?

Manic Digger can be played on PC, Linux

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is one of the most popular sandbox FPS games like Minecraft for pc that was released back in 2012 during the December. If you want to enjoy the game which is a combination of Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft, this is the game for you.

It comes with different game modes such as zombie defense, base infiltration, and team deathmatch. You can choose four classes such as Rocketeer, Marksman, Commando, and Miner.

On what platforms can Ace of Spades game be played?

Ace of Spades can be played on PC, Mac

Cube World

Cube World is an excellent game that will give you a combination of RPG, exploration and sandbox game. Even though it is not available to download it looks promising and it features incredible gameplay that will make you wonder why you haven’t noticed it earlier.

The game is known for its cartoonish graphics and bright colors. Cube World is an endless world made of blocks. You will enjoy in RPG elements and graphics like any other block-building games. The developers don’t want to add digging and mining features, but craft system is implemented. You can choose four classes: Spirit Mage, Rogue, Warrior, and Ranger.

On what platforms can Cube World game be played?

Cube World can be played on PC, Mac


Terraria is one of the most popular action adventure game that was released for PC in 2011, and since then it became the best selling game on Steam in the first week of its release. They have sold more than two million copies, and that is the testament to how great game is.

It is set in the 2D world, and you have some elements that you can see also in Minecraft online such as construction, crafting, and combat. It contains a great feature that gives you the possibility to occupy rooms that you have built. The game comprises night and day cycles where Demon Eyes and Zombies lurk at night, and during the day you will find other monsters such as slimes and hornets that will get much stronger as you progress through the game.

On what platforms can Terraria game be played?

Terraria can be played on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Android, Windows Phone, iOS,


Roblox is one of the most popular multiplayer game released back in 2005. Since then, it gathered many teenagers and children that have no problem in playing Roblox because it offers the immersive amount of exciting features.

The game is not just for fun because it can be educational. Most children can learn something about programming in the game and expose in the world of advertising and marketing.

The unique feature of this game is character customization, where you can create your clothing, articles, making your character different than anybody else. Construction works through a block of different colors, sizes, and shapes, which makes it a  great Minecraft alternative.

On what platforms can Roblox game be played?

Roblox can be played on PC, Mac, iOS


We can easily say that Minetest is Minecraft type games clone without any additional issues. It is an excellent and cheap alternative that will make you enjoy all the way. It comes with burning curiosity, and you will be extremely pleased when you see all its details and features.

Minetest is the game that we recommend you because the gameplay is the same as Minecraft, but just with better graphics and design and features that you can enjoy playing all the way.

On what platforms can Minetest game be played?

Minetest can be played on PC, Mac, Linux


Mythruna is a widely recognized game that attempts to combine different game genres such as crafting, building, role-playing in the sandbox world. Paul Speed developed this game, and since then it became prominent among games lovers.

At first, it seems like just another sandbox game, but it is more than Minecraft clone. It is an ambitious project that provides players unique gaming experience. You can do whatever you want from finding a ship with a crew, building an enormous city and that is entirely your choice.

On what platforms can Mythruna game be played?

Mythruna can be played on PC, Mac, Linux, Facebook


If you want to enjoy in a mobile sandbox game where you can build whatever you want, then you have to choose Survivalcraft. The game is only for one person, but it will still give you everything that you need, which means that it could be like a pocket edition of Minecraft.

Windows Phone released at first this fantastic game, but later it became available for both iOS and Android phones. The game is beautiful with great graphics. At the same time, the world is that enormous that you won’t be able to see everything that it contains.

There are numerous creatures, and each one of them is specifically designed. The main idea is to survive, which means that your character can faint if you didn’t get it to sleep.

On what platforms can Survivalcraft game be played?

Carnal Souls can be played on Android, iPad, iOS, Windows Phone

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Terasology is a combination of Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, and Minecraft all in one. Even though it doesn’t have all features as three mentioned game, from time to time, they update it with new features and fantastic gameplay.

The best thing about it is that you will get excellent graphics. You just have to enter the game so that you can be amazed at everything around, from water to lightning effects that will keep you want to play without any additional problem.

The primary objective is to build your fortress and to handle minions that will defend your territory from creatures that will invade you.

On what platforms can Terasology game be played?

Terasology can be played on PC, Mac, Linux

Block Story

If you want similar Minecraft games to play, then you should check block story that will give you the possibility to enjoy in sandbox building game and different RPG elements that you will enjoy. According to statements, there are three million gamers that downloaded Block Story, which means that it is widely popular among people from all over the globe.

You can easily play it on PC or any other mobile devices, and at the same time, it doesn’t matter where you are if you have a stable connection.

We have to mention graphics of Block Story that are amazing. You will enjoy in exploring the open world because it is so well designed. The best feature of Block Story is that you can craft your armor and weapons. That means that you can make knives, staves, guns and even shields so that you can get additional bonus stats.

There are lots of quests that will help you understand mechanics of the game better.

On what platforms can Block Story game be played?

Block Story can be played on PC, Mac, Android


If you are a fan of Minecraft-like games, then you will enjoy this particular one. However, you have to know that this one is set in space, and there is an Alpha version which is entirely free, but you won’t get entire gameplay and all features that are available. For the premium version, you have to pay.

Throughout the game, you are thrown in the middle of the universe and you can do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if you wish to build your edifices or roam around to explore. You can collect blocks from NPC ships and asteroids, and travel to visit different planets and enjoy different structures.

There is also a multiplayer mode which is still just a fraction of the game.

One feature that you will enjoy is a fighting system because there are NPC ships that will attack you from time to time. You just have to shoot cannons at them and enjoy in visual effects that are pretty amazing.

On what platforms can StarMade game be played?

StarMade can be played on PC, Mac, Linux


The best thing about this game is that Minecraft was based upon it, which is outstanding fact. It is one of the oldest block building game that you have to try. Zachary Barth is developed of this great game, but he stopped updating it after source code leak. However, it is still popular and has a cult following, so you won’t be alone if you decide to play it.

The game works through the idea that you have to battle against the opposite team. The objective is to gather more precious metal than another group so that you can be victorious. To do this, you must have a team with all classes that are available in the game. You can choose:

  • The Engineer – It is equipped with building options
  • The Miner – It is fastest differ
  • The Prospector – It can locate rare minerals
  • The Sapper – The one who uses TNT to destroy lots of blocks

It is one of the free games like Minecraft that you will play for days with your friends.

On what platforms can Infiniminer game be played?

Infiniminer can be played on PC

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WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft

Worldcraft promotes building and crafting in 3D environment where the player can choose from the single and multiplayer mode. The game follows sandbox genre that allows players to gather things and craft materials along with kicking out the enemies or whatever come in the way.  Here you survive, adopt animals and tame them, and explore the beautiful worlds.

On what platforms can WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft game be played?

WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft can be played on Android, iOS, Windows

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The Forest

If you are bored of blocky games like Minecraft but still want the crafting and survival aspect, The Forest can be your game. It drops you on a deserted island on a mission to find your missing son. You will craft, build and survive while trying to escape from cannibal savages. It is much scarier than Minecraft though, so definitely not for kids.

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On what platforms can The Forest game be played?

The Forest can be played on PS4, Windows

Block Fortress

If you want to take your blocky defenses to your pockets, Block Fortress is a survival game like Minecraft for iOS and Android. You need to build the best base and defenses to repel the never-ending hordes of enemies while trying to mine valuable resources. If you love Minecraft’s “build on the morning, defend at night” aspect, Block Fortress can be your favorite mobile game.

On what platforms can Block Fortress game be played?

Block Fortress can be played on iOS, Android


Want to share the war of survival with hundreds of other players? Rust spawns you on a map with a randomly generated character with nothing but a rock, among thousands of other players. You can form alliances, get killed by highly-geared raiders or explore the vast world with your friends while looting and crafting better gear every hour. It demands a lot of time, but if you do, it is one of the most rewarding survival games like Minecraft out there.

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On what platforms can Rust game be played?

Rust can be played on PC

Ark: Survival Evolved

If you are a fan of both Jurassic Park and survival games like Minecraft, there is no way you won’t love Ark. It is very much like Rust that we just mentioned but with a broad PvE system against many different dinosaurs that are also tameable. You can build huge clans with your friends and take part on the massive PvP battles and so on.

On what platforms can Ark: Survival Evolved game be played?

Ark: Survival Evolved can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


While Trove seems like another Minecraft clone at first with its blocky graphics, it is actually and action-MMO designed for the people that love Minecraft’s adventuring aspect. It is free to play as well, so grab your friends and start looting and slaying your way through the dungeons of Trove.

On what platforms can Trove game be played?

Trove can be played on PC, Xbox One, PS4

7 Days to Die

What is a better motivation to survive other than the clichéd zombie apocalypse? 7 Days to Die is a much more serious game than the Minecraft but it preserves the staples of the genre: loot, craft and survive. Things get even worse when the night of every seventh day arrives. Not spoiling anything, just be sure to gear up.

On what platforms can 7 Days to Die game be played?

7 Days to Die can be played on PC, Xbox One, PS4

Craft the World

Craft the World gives you the control of a group of dwarves and the world of resources to build a fortress, which will defend you against the various monsters of the outside world. It is a 2D game, but preserves the same fun that games like Minecraft have through its endless possibilities.

On what platforms can Craft the World game be played?

Craft the World can be played on PC, iOS

LEGO Worlds

Our childhood toy that is responsible for the creative games that are on the rise today is back with its own video game. There is no limit to your imagination in LEGO Worlds with its campaign mode, collectibles, classic LEGO gameplay and creative modes.

On what platforms can LEGO Worlds game be played?

LEGO Worlds can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


There they are, our best picks among the games like Minecraft. While millions of players play Minecraft to this day, it can get boring even with the addition of mods. So we chose these 21 great games like Minecraft for you to enjoy on your various devices when you are bored. If you enjoyed any of the games we listed here or think we missed a good game, let us know below!