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17 Awesome Games Like Kings Raid That You Must Try!

17 Awesome Games Like Kings Raid That You Must Try!

17 Awesome Games Like Kings Raid That You Must Try!

King’s Raid is an RPG available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. It is a much-loved knight-training game and revolves around the adventures of a knight. With an enrapturing storyline and captivating battle sequences, King’s Raid holds a special place in the hearts of gaming enthusiasts.

This game includes prominent RPG elements like bosses, dynamic battle sequences, unique characters, and more. So, if you have just finished playing King’s Raid and are looking for similar games, then we are here to help. Given below is a list of 17 awesome games that are very much like King’s Raid, if not better:

Games Like Kings Raid

Across Age 2

Across Age 2 is the sequel to the fantasy RPG Across Age. Like its predecessor, this one too offers a game-play like King’s Raid with 16-bit RPG visuals. It also allows you to control and switch between 4 different characters. Each one of these has unique abilities and will help you to beat dangerous mob bosses.

The storyline will drop you in interesting situations like meeting a mysterious time-traveling girl who holds a secret. You need to explore what happened and fix the past, present, and future to save this gaming world. Across Age 2 comes with 20 hours of thrilling gameplay and pixel-perfect 2D environments with an exciting soundtrack to keep you on your toes.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is yet another wonderful action-adventure, an RPG video game that is based on fantasy elements. It features a beautifully built world where you can wield cool weapons and fight off dangerous monsters. There are dungeons to explore and terrible secrets to explore.

In this game, you will guide a young boy whose dad is out on an adventure to kill the Oseanhorn monster. However, he never returns and the boy takes it on himself to ultimately defeat this sea monster.

The breath-taking 3D graphics of the game will make you addicted to this epic action-adventure thriller. Do try this out to explore several islands of the Uncharted Seas and face the dangers that come along your way.


The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda promises immersive gameplay along with high fantasy elements. It combines several elements like action, adventure, and puzzle elements together to give you a complete package. Set in the Kingdom of Hyrule, it puts the player into the character of the Protagonist Link who is tasked with saving Princess Zelda.

You need to save the Kingdom of Hyrule as well which is being overrun by Ganon. The game will ask you to find 8 Fragments of an ancient relic that goes by the name of Triforce of Wisdom. You need to harness the powers of the relic and defeat your enemies.

Zelda features a special weapon that you need to employ while slaying the Shadow Beasts. This game has an excellent storyline, mesmerizing visuals, and offers a great gameplay experience.

Love playing Zelda, here is the list of Games Like The Legend of Zelda


Runemals takes you to a magic place called Rune Island. This is a place where you can capture amazing creatures, train, and evolve them. To do the same, you will have to progress via combats and quests. You can play this game against your real-life friends and complete your teams of Runemals with them.

Set in a world full of amazing quests, regular updates, and magical creatures, Runemals becomes a game that people want to play again and again. Moreover, it’s free-to-play and puts you in a world full of awesome adventures.

The game incorporates all the exciting gaming elements like role-playing, strategy, and puzzles to result in fast-paced and challenging gameplay. This is meant to address the hardcore gamers who love complex games.


Anodyne is an awesome action-adventure RPG based on fantasy. With an immersive game-play and an interesting storyline, Anodyne offers a gaming world full of dreamy locations. Other than that, you’ll also encounter several deadly monsters.

The player in this game aims to explore the wonderful world, depict your anger towards the enemies, collect the assigned relics and treasures, etc. Moreover, you can also interact with the NPCs in the game.

You can also play and solve challenging puzzles and enjoy the addictive gameplay. This game promises a thrilling gaming experience and you’ll be missing out if you don’t try it out now!

Zenonia 4

Zenonia: Return of the Legend provides a great gaming experience composed of Action, RPG, and Hack and Slash elements. It transfers you into a reality where an evil entity threatens to destroy the world. Zenonia 4 puts you in the shoes of a warrior and bestows the task of eliminating all the evil forces and ultimately saves Zenonia.

This game offers a huge world where you can choose your online avatar and gear yourself up with armor and weapons. What makes this game special is its HD visuals, immersive gameplay, and engaging plot! If you were looking for games like Kings Raid, then Zenonia 4 is something you should definitely try.

Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good and Evil is an action-adventure, stealth-cased, sci-fi RPG that is developed and published by Ubisoft. You can try it out on several platforms such as PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube, etc. The game is set in a place where people are at war with the aliens and revolves around Jade.

The players will get the opportunity to explore the game’s open world and collect evidence about a war with aliens. Over time, you’ll encounter different enemies and will have to employ melee attacks to fight them off.

If you are looking for similar games like Kings Raid that also include Sci-Fi elements, then Beyond Good & Evil should be on your list. This game offers the best of both worlds with action-based sci-fi and RPG elements.

Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Legacy of Kain: Defiance has been developed by Crystal Dynamic and published by Eidos. It is an action-adventure game with fantasy elements and RPG. Defiance can be played on MS Windows, PS2, and Xbox 360. The storyline of this installation starts off where it left off in the previous Legacy of Kain game.

This is a continuation of the adventures of the vampire Lord Kain and his friend Raziel. The game also incorporates time travel elements. As a player, you will be controlling these two vampire characters. Each of them has a legendary sword that needs to be used in battles against enemies.

The world of the game is full of conflicts and you need to uncover your destinies and triumph over the dark energy that has condemned this world to misfortune.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is yet another awesome RPG that offers hack and slash gaming too. As the name suggests, it is the 5th installment in the Dungeon Hunter gaming series. The game comes with 3 different classes to choose from and play with.

Each class has a different set of abilities and skills that you can explore in the game. Dungeon Hunter 5 has some trial modes as well that will test your skill set and abilities. This will allow you to practice better and modify or improve yourself to increase your chances of defeating the enemies.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a fantastic action-adventure game set in a land full of chaos. If you think you can be a hero and fend this magical land against monsters, then do try it out!

Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda is a highly addictive RPG that focuses mostly on action-adventure. You will find several awesome quests, adventures, and hack ‘n’ slash elements in this game. It is set in a mythical world full of demons, goblins, bandits, etc.

This game allows you to venture out on amazing quests, collect treasures, and fight bosses. You’ll witness an awesome combat system and engage in an action-packed game full of thrill. Taichi Panda allows you to fight with melee tactics and weapons. You can crawl into dungeons, and explore a lot more exciting things. This is an awesome game with jaw-dropping visuals, PvP and PvE events, and an engaging quest-based storyline.


Evoland is an addictive puzzle-based RPG developed by Shiro Games. It takes you on an adventure through the history and allows you to explore and unlock new technologies as you progress in the game. The game is quite impressive as it allows you to unlock new graphic upgrades, gameplay techniques, and much more over time.

This is a cult-inspired video game but offers great 3D visuals, an engaging storyline, and a fun-filled gaming experience. With epic boss battles against different types of enemies, the gamers will find it quite immersive. If you are an action-adventure and puzzle lover, then don’t miss out on this one.

See Also

Nonstop Knight

Nonstop Knight is an RPG game that you can play offline and incorporates both action and RPG gaming elements. This is an action-packed game full of adventure and dungeon crawling. With several heroes who never cease going on adventures and an offline idle setup, Nonstop Knight surely becomes one of the best mobile RPGs out there.

It is free-to-play and takes you on quests for epic loots. Sharpen your skills to the fullest because you need to survive tons of enemies as a dungeon crawler. Moreover, your hero will be earning rewards and loots even when you’re not playing. So, if you are looking for flexibility in a game like King’s Raid, then this awesome offline RPG is a must-try!

Blood And Glory 2: Legend

Blood and Glory Legend is the much-awaited sequel to the hit video game Blood & Glory. The game is all about gladiators, weapons, and combats. As a player, you’ll enter the battle arena as the crowd cheers for the next legend warrior.

You’ll also journey throughout the empire and encounter dangerous bosses as the story unfolds. The game gives you free money and bonus rewards if you take part in battles every day. You’ll experience life from the eyes of a gladiator in this game.

Perfecting skills and training yourself with different forms of attacks will become a part of your daily schedule. This free-to-play game also features chat rooms that allow you to interact with other players.

Wonder Tactics

Wonder Tactics is one of the best RPGs in this list of games like Kings Raid. It incorporates strategic elements and gives you the strongest formation with over 300 heroes to choose from. This game has it all with 5 basic attributes and different types of heroes like knights, dragons, etc.

Moreover, you can train your heroes in any way you want to. You can activate different traits of the heroes via gems, fixed evolution, random evolution, and can also use power-up skills through the awakening system.

One of the best things about this game is that it has 150 dungeons that come in 3 different modes. Some of the special dungeons in this game are Tower of Treasures, Raid, Arena, etc.

Brave Nine

Brave Nine is a turn-based RPG that has more than 300 different mercenaries in store for you. The players will find it easy to get the hang of this game but it is quite difficult to master. As the name suggests, the game includes a unique formation of 9 brave heroes who fight to save their world and loved ones.

This game was launched back in March 2019 and has captured the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. Brave Nine comes with hundreds of hours of gameplay along with endless probabilities for strategy-based battles. Moreover, its storyline is one of the best among those of the current RPGs.


Evertale is set in a breath-taking fantasy world that is full of mysterious monsters and sprawling landscapes. You can capture these monsters, train them, and battle them. This open-world RPG is comprehensive enough to have included cities and dungeons too. As a player, you will be joining a band of heroes and save the world of Erden from Pandemonium.

Fulfilling your objective in the game requires collecting, training, and evolving over 180 creatures and warriors who you can fight alongside. These supercharged monster battles are fast-paced and will unlock gear, power-ups, and several other items. The game comes with both an engaging single-player mode and an online multiplayer mode where you can play alongside several global players.

Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a brilliant RPG with anime-like visuals and a mesmerizing storyline. It is set in a different reality where a special world called the 7th world exists. With dazzling animations and thrilling battle sequences, this game is sure to thrill you to the fullest. As a player, you will embark on a journey to slay monsters and win amazing rewards for the same.

You’ll be fighting with up to a whopping 16 heroes and against players worldwide in real-time. Action lovers gather around because this is the ultimate fantasy battle a game could ever offer. Besides, you can also create a team of your own heroes and fight side by side against monsters.

Bottom Line

Phew! That was a really long list full of action-adventure role-playing games. King’s Raid is a unique RPG about knights and not all games can match up to its level. To help you find a decent game like King’s Raid, we have curated a list for the same after much research. Let us know which of the aforementioned games you are planning to try out in the comments below!