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The similarity between Online Casino Games and Video Games

The similarity between Online Casino Games and Video Games

Video Games

In today’s day and age, people who are unfamiliar with online casino games may look at them and mistake them as a video games, because of their starking similarities. You may be wondering when this transition took place and what caused such a massive change in online casino games. Many people still imagine casino games as the old-fashioned slot game or the ordinary Russian roulette. They fail to realize that the graphics are now spectacular in terms of quality, and there are even interactive storylines as well as rewards for completing levels as a casino gamer. Users can win badges and obtain spots on leaderboards, whereas in the past , the most you’d get fpr playing hours of virtual casino games were loyalty points.

If you have been wondering about what has changed in terms of online casino games and why they look so similar to video games, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few reasons for the similarity between online casino games and video games.

Gamification is on the rise

Gamification is the process of making something more game-like to boost audience engagement by using features found in games and setups that mimic those found in games. Many online casino games are using this technique to enhance the casino experience, such as Casino X, here, however, it’s mostly used in Europe and Australia, with a few options in the USA. It first started when they saw a rise in gaming users yet a decrease in audience engagement with virtual casino games. It makes sense to use gamification on casino games as both video games and casino games have similar features and focus on providing entertainment.

Examples of gamification

Because the introduction of gamification has been so gradual, you may have missed some of the elements that have been introduced into online casino games over time. An example of gamification in online casino games is leaderboards that are competitive and have a simple ranking system that incentives users to play more to rank higher. Another example and a popular option are mission-based accomplishments. They come in a variety of forms and are similar to first-person video games. You can have a simple start to finish option or story-based option or even one that takes you on aa journey. There are many options. Other examples are badges, storylines, bonus levels, and there are even multiplayer slot games

Why is it being used?

It is being used as it incentives users to want to play more and longer than usual and provides a healthy amount of competition. It serves as a way to bridge the gap between video games and casino games, merging the two communities which independently have a large amount of users. It benefits the customers as it makes the experience more engaging, and allows a younger audience to feel included in the gambling community. It has also been proven that gamification has the potential to increase the intelligence in kids and young adults.

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What does this mean for the future?

This means that the onlin casino game is constantly going through a cycle of growth, similar to that of video games. This is mainly because of the younger audience that expects more from online casino games and has been heavily influenced by the quality and interactiveness of video games. They expect to see the same translated to their online casino games. There is a heavy focus on virtual reality casinos in comparison to physical casinos, along with the desire for more multiplayer casino games.

The massive similarities between online casino games and video games have confused people, especially those who have not been keeping a close eye on the industry. In spite of this, there has been an uprise in online casino game users because of the increased audience engagement and the new game features on online casino games. The use of gamification is the reason for this and it allows for the gap between video games and online casino games to become smaller, encouraging younger audiences to join the world of virtual casino games. The rise of gamification and the growth of online casino games paves a future where there’s a seamless merge of the two, which may or may not potentially occur.