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17+ Games Like Huniepop

17+ Games Like Huniepop

Games like Huniepop

There are numerous tile-matching puzzle games available on the web. One of the most popular ones is Huniepop, which is something like an adult puzzle. Developers released it in 2015, and the main idea is dating simulation and tile matching. It became one of the most prominent games for both iOS and Android devices.

Front Wing’s Purino Party game is inspired by HuniePop. The developer Koon also released a new game called HunieCam Studio which is an adult-themed business simulation game.

The next sequel of HuniePop will be released in 2018.

This game is available for the platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

After a while, even these games can get you bored, which is the main reason why we decided to present you 17 games like Huniepop.

Best Games like Huniepop


Roommates game

This particular game is considered as one of the best Huniepop alternatives because it falls in the same category. It is also a visual novel game that you can play on most operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Roommates is a single player game where you have to choose protagonist from Anne or Mane, depending on gender that you want to play. Max is a guitarist and singer in college and rebel kind of guy, while Anne is shy and studious kind of girl.

On what platforms can Roommates game be played?

Roommates can be played on Android, iOS

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Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messanger is one of the best online games like Huniepop. However, it is a mostly female game where you can enjoy all the way. Cheritz decided to develop this fantastic game and released it in 2017 for both iOS and Android devices.

It contains excellent romance gameplay where you can change the name of girl protagonist. In the same time, she decides to download some app and ends up meeting six new people. The protagonist starts a romance with other characters so that she can find a truth behind the company that developed the application.

On what platforms can Mystic Messenger game be played?

Mystic Messenger can be played on Android, iOS

Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance game

If you want to enjoy in games that are similar as Huniepop, then you don’t have to look anywhere else, because Sengoku race is the perfect choice for you. It is widely recognized dating simulation game, where you can enjoy in comical moments inside of it.

The gameplay revolves around rude and ruthless warrior called Rance. In case that you are a fan of games like Huniepop, then you won’t be able to resist this fantastic game. The main characters are nothing like the usual ones. That is because they are not avenging anyone, but they are looking to kill enemies because of rage, and there is not any melodrama involved. 

On what platforms can Sengoku Rance game be played?

Sengoku Rance can be played on PC

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Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Huniepop was a fantastic hit in dating simulation and adult novel type of games, however, this particular game that we want to mention excelled level of displaying different fantasies.

The plot revolves around Kamidori, an orphan boy who is training hard to become an alchemist. Throughout the game, you will see lots of adventures and progress that waits for him.

Later on, he will get a company with three girls. Through gameplay, you can take it in a few different directions. Of course, it depends on which girl you choose to romance.

On what platforms can Kamidori Alchemy Meister game be played?

Kamidori Alchemy Meister can be played on PC

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Conception II- Children of the Seven Stars

Conception II: Children of Seven Stars is an excellent roleplaying game where you can enjoy all different aspects similar as Huniepop. Spike Chunsoft developed this fantastic game set in 2013 and if they released it worldwide in 2016. It supports platforms such as Nintendo 3DS, Windows, and PlayStation. However, you can only play single player mode.

Gameplay revolves around students of the high school that possess some Ether in his body. That gives him the possibility to get more people to like him. Throughout a game, you are playing with classmates.

On what platforms can Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars game be played?

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars can be played on Nintendo, Steam, PlayStation4, 

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Kitty Powers Matchmaker is another game that is similar to Huniepop for Android and iOS devices. Magic Notion developed it and published through Mastertronic Group in 2014, and you can play it on all consoles and operating systems.

Everything works through matchmaking, where Kitty Powers decided to launch matchmaking business. You work as a matchmaker in it. You have to share one character’s data to another so that you can find two people that are perfect for each other.

On what platforms can Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker game be played?

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker can be played on Android, iOS

Shira Oka: Second Chances

Shira Oka- Second Chances

If you have played Huniepop as much as you can and you finally think that it is boring, you should check this fantastic game because it will show you entirely different approach to this kind of games. You play a game that contains a high school plot, which makes it much more refreshing and relatable.

This game is an adult visual novel where all characters are humans. It evolves around roleplaying and possibility to enjoy all the way. There are lots of mini-games involved that you will enjoy playing. It is a straightforward game that will keep you occupied for some time.

On what platforms can Shira Oka: Second Chances game be played?

Shira Oka: Second Chances can be played on PC

The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop gameThe Flower Shop is also another game from Winter Wolves. They released it in 2010, and you will find it surprising because of similarities with games like Huniepop. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux and it comes only in single player mode.

When you download this fantastic game, you will get a combination of visual novel and farming mini-game. There are numerous characters in the game that you can choose to enjoy all the way.

On what platforms can The Flower Shop game be played?

The Flower Shop can be played on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You

Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You

Similar to any other date matching games, Dandelion is a perfect simulation type of game. The thing that makes it ideal is a possibility to change storyline and process through your guess and choice.

The protagonist is a girl, and there are five guys that she can date. She is a busy girl and has no time for herself, whatsoever. Therefore, she is not able to stay happy and to find the perfect match.

One day she finds basked with five rabbits and cats in it, and soon afterward they all become guys. You know what goes next.

On what platforms can Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You game be played?

Dandelion – Wishes Brought to You can be played on PC

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C14 Dating

C14 Dating game

C-14 Dating is an excellent dating simulation that combines friendship, archaeology, and love. The main character is Melissa Flores, who studies anthropology in summertime internship. It takes place in Belgium out of comfort zone, which means that she becomes unfamiliar and nerve-racking.

You have to follow the guidelines and to earn some romances and find friendships.

On what platforms can C14 Dating game be played?

C14 Dating can be played on Windows, Mac, Linux

Little Witch Romanesque

Little Witch Romanesque

Little Witch Romanesque is perfect strategic mini games collection that you will enjoy all the way. They released Japanese version in 2005, and you will get beautiful story throughout it.

You have to mentor two young witches, to train them to learn new skills and when they get ready, you have to give them tasks to complete. There are some adults scenes that you will enjoy also.

On what platforms can Little Witch Romanesque game be played?

Little Witch Romanesque can be played on Android, iOS, PC

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Celestial Crossing

Celestial Crossing

This fantastic visual novel kind of game is one of the most popular games like Huniepopo where you can enjoy in fantasies and different projections of reality. In the beginning, you will be weak, but your goal is to create healthy and intelligent characters.

You play as Hikaru who is high school students that love to play favorite games all night and sleeps all day. However, one day two worlds collide, and now her game avatar is in his room. She has to show him all concepts of this world through gameplay, which is perfect and exciting.

On what platforms can Celestial Crossing game be played?

Celestial Crossing can be played on PC

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Adorable Crush

Adorable Crush is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online game that’s the most similar to Huniepop. It’s both a puzzle game as well as a dating simulator with anime/manga characters. The objective of this adult game is to encounter the many female characters and seduce them (possibly with your puzzle tile game skills). 

Just like Huniepop, this game has a number of appealing characters to make leveling up exciting as you encounter more of them. It is also set in the year 2030 where virtual reality dating anime girls is possible. 

On what platforms can Adorable Crush be played? 

Adorable Crush can be played on Windows.

Tokyo School Life

In this game, you visit Tokyo as an exchange student and experience life from then on. There’s lots of drama as you meet three different girls and get to choose who to fall in love with. The game lasts for the in-game time of two months where you need to make multiple choices. This is a visual novel and dating simulation type of game. 

This adult romance visual novel has all Japanese characters and fully voiced in Japanese with English subtitles. 

On what platforms can Tokyo School Life be played?

Tokyo School Life can be played on Windows. 

Cookie Store

This cute and happy game lets you live life as the owner of a cafe with multiple challenges. This Visual Novel involves multiple genres of drama as you go through the entire story with many different endings (although the creator of the game promises that it doesn’t end there). 

You get to improve on your business skills, get closer to employees and friends, take chances and risks during many choices you have to make during the game. There are many mini-games hidden inside the game, including puzzles that we enjoy so much in Huniepop.

On what platforms can Cookie Store be played? 

Cookie Store can be played on Windows. 

Cyber Crush 2069

Set in 2069, a future where cybernetics and artificial intelligence are the most common advancements in technology, you play the character of a self-proclaimed Ripperdoc. Setting up a small clinic in Little China. 

As you encounter different girls from different backgrounds, the objective is to seduce them in this complex dating sim gameplay with story-driven visual novel characteristics. There are also Huniepop-like Match 3 puzzle minigames. 

On what platforms can Cyber Crush 2069 be played?

Cyber Crush 2069 can be played on  Windows. 

Puzzle Wishes

This game is a combination of a puzzle game and an actively scrolling match 3. You play the character of an explorer in this game, you’re traveling to a kingdom when you encounter an old genie-lamp. The genie tells you that you don’t have just one soul-mate, but seven.

The rest of the game is spent getting to know each of the seven female characters, talking to them, and going on ‘puzzle dates’ with them. Set in a fantasy environment, you have about 49 levels to go through (7 for each of the 7 heroines) with the reward of swimsuit CG for each of them. 

On what platforms can Puzzle Wishes by played?

Puzzle Wishes can be played on Windows. 


We have presented you with 17 games like Huniepop that you can enjoy playing wherever you are. If you are into adult visual novels and date simulation games, there is nothing else that we would instead mention.