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8 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives for Android, iPhone

8 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives for Android, iPhone


8 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives for Android, iPhone: Today world needs the entertainment to cope up with all the stress and burden caused by our day to day life. All the stress can cause anxiety and many disorders in a long run. We can turn into an unhealthy person from a healthy person in a just matter of some days and just because of stress.

But we all have a way out, and that is through entertainment. Entertainment in the regular interval can keep a man mentally fit and hence we have apps like Popcorn Time which is a movie streaming application, but not all the people are satisfied with this app and hence consider using its alternative.

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Popcorn Time Alternative

Showbox HD


This is a movie streaming application where you will find thousands of movies, and even you can download it on your device without any charges. And just not some couples of movies but also you can stream or download many TV series available in there as well as some cartoons. You have the choice to download the videos in different resolution whether high or low depending on your preference. The only negative is that this application is not available in the Google App Store or iTunes, you have to directly download this application from the browser.

MovieBox HD


This movie streaming application is so similar to Showbox HD app that you can call both of the twins. You will find movies of different genre here. Even you can download the movies in various languages as well as with subtitles. You can even download the MP3 format of all the videos. Also, this application is neither available in Google Play Store nor iTunes so that you can download it directly from browser.

CinemaBox HD


This is also a movie streaming as well as downloading the application. This won’t cost you any money for both movies streaming and downloading of movies. This application features TV serials, cartoons along with the film. You will find thousands of movies on all the genre. Also, you have to download the setup for this application directly from the browser because it is not available in the Android and Apple app stores.

PlayView HD


This is another great alternative to Popcorn Time. You will find thousands of movies here from all the time. Also, you will find best TV serials and cartoons here. All the videos here will be of best quality. Plus all the movies in this application are listed by their release game. You will be informed about all the upcoming movies too. Fetch this application directly from the browser, though.



This is a free movie streaming application in which you can stream thousands of movies, documentaries, videos, cartoons, tutorials anything. Unfortunately, if you want to download mobdro for movies or videos you need to subscribe to its premium version which will cost some money. Along with downloading the premium version will give access to the ad-free interface of this app. You will also have an option of Chrome Casting.

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The best thing is that you can download this application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This application comes free. This is one of the most popular tv streaming and downloading application where downloading is also free. Stream and download the videos in the best quality available on the internet.



This is one of the most genuine application you can find on the web as it doesn’t only feature Hollywood movies but also some regional movies to promote their culture too. Ain’t it incredible? You will find amines, TV serials along with movies in this application. Also, all the videos are available in the best quality. ChromCasting is also available.

MegaBox HD


This one is the last application of this article but is not the least. It is another great substitute for Popcorn Time Application. The most amazing thing is that it is a new bee in the world of movie streaming and downloading applications, but still, it has managed to gain a lot of popularity which is phenomenal. In this application, there are thousands of movies from all time which you can download and stream. Also, all the movies are of best quality. So, look forward to installing it on your device.