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12 Games like Cards against Humanity

12 Games like Cards against Humanity

Games like Cards against Humanity

Games like Cards against Humanity or CAH are something that you play with your friends. But what you should do when you ran out of the options, and you already played dozen times? You will try to look something different, something new.

Every single game, no matter how good it is, can only last sometime before you decide to play something new and different.

If you are looking for something different, we decided to present you games like Cards against Humanity.

What is Cards against Humanity?

This particular game offers you exciting party gameplay that you have never tried before. It is quite simply because, in each round, you ask a funny question from black card to other players and everyone have to answer by using their funniest white card.

There are some rules that you have to follow to play this game. It begins with a Czar card, and one player has to be a judge that will select black cards and ask questions to other players.

All players have to submit their answers in blank space and show to everyone. Each player must have ten white cards in his hand at a starting of the match. To win this game, you have to score highest points compared to other players, and of course, to have lots of fun.

  • This is a review that we present you to understand this particular game.
  • You can check their website for more information, and download it free for your Windows laptop or PC.

Top 12 games like Cards against Humanity

Joking Hazzard

Joking Hazard game

Joking Hazzard is a great game that is developed by Cyanide and Happiness where you must accomplish by using different cards from a deck filled with awkward and horrifying possibilities.

To start the game, you have to find three or more people and offer them seven different cards. Select a person who will be a master, and he needs to shuffle the deck and select card from it and read questions to everyone.

Cards are divided into two borders such as black and red. During your turn, you have to put down card on the table and perform an action that is said on the card to earn points. The game consists of different levels and player with highest points becomes a judge in the next round.

It is an excellent alternative to Cards against Humanity available for Windows PCs and Laptops. You can download it directly from their website.

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GiftTrap board game

GiftTrap is an excellent board, card and party game which are developed by GiftTrap Enterprises. It is the best game if you want to enjoy in games like Card against Humanity. It contains series of levels, and after each round, you can choose several steps such as Deal, Give, Shop, Get, Reveal and Scores.

The gameplay is pretty simple; you just have to pick up a card and ask questions to other players. On the other hand, they have to answer the questions in their style. Each card contains a question and game rewards all players with correct answers.

You can play fantastic gameplay and have significant experience with revealing each other secrets. You can check additional thorough information on this website.

Say Anything

Say Anything card game

Say Anything is a great card and party game published by North Star Games. It provides you with the similar gameplay as Cards against Humanity. Rules are pretty simple; the first player picks a card and asks a question to another player, while other play pulls cart in the answer decks in the best and funniest style.

This particular game is designed for people who love card games. There is a chance to ask questions that were in debate for years before. You have to face every question with Braveheart and answer without hesitation.

When you give a correct answer, you will be rewarded with points. You can enjoy in card gameplay experience with your friends and get to know their secrets.

We present you a link where you can download it on your laptop or Windows PC.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

This particular game is considered as one of the most popular single, multiplayer, party, card game like Cards against Humanity. You can play it on PlayStation, which is convenient if you have in mind that most of these games that we have stated above are not available for this particular console.

It offers you exciting gameplay and set of rounds. In each round, you have drawn a description card, while other players select the card secretly that will match the description of the card and put it in face down on the table next to another player.

The player who chooses to select description car, need to show off his car and pick the Thing card, that will match the Description card to earn a reward. If he accepts the right card, he becomes an active player in the next round.

The game is challenging to master, and the player needs to be the best to defeat all opponents. It comes with excellent mechanics and fantastic gameplay.

You can purchase it on their website for PlayStation 3.

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Crappy Birthday

crappy birthday board gameCrappy Birthday is a great party and car game where you prank your opponents with prizes that they don’t like. There are numerous hilarious gifts in the game, and it offers you simple gameplay that you can master quickly.

The idea is to have a good time, talk and laughing with everyone. It is similar to Card against Humanity because it revolves around turn elements and every play has five cards at the beginning. Everyone tries to give a crappy gift to each other on their turns and watch for reactions.

If the player doesn’t like the gift, then the card is set inside the deck. When a player wins, he earns three points.

It is available for Windows, and you can purchase it for $19.99 at this link.

Awkward Turtle

Awkward TurtleThis is impressive multiplayer, board and card video game that is created by Frost Applications. It combines the elements of puzzle and party games and what is the most important; it is available to play on Android devices.

You can enjoy the chance to have an enjoyable conversation without knowing what will happen next. It revolves around two teams, and you have to become a part of one of them.

Someone has to start the conversation, and the game will provide you 210 facts. Each round consists of one minute, where teams struggle to guess the maximum amount of words to win thirty points.

You can find it on Google Play Store and download it for free.

Cards against Everyone

Cards against EveryoneGheeroppa developed this particular game, and it is available for Android devices. The main inspiration was games like Cards against Humanity and introduces two thousand different cards on your mobile device.

The idea is to create the funniest sentences in your style to defeat other opponents. Every player receives ten cards at the beginning of the game and elects one master who will select a black and red card.

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Every single player tries to enter the code in the field. The Master will select the best phrase and reward points to the player who wins. The one with highest points will become Master in the next round.

You can download it install it from Google Play Store without any additional problem.

Cards against Proximity

Cards against ProximityCards against Proximity are question, card and answer video game that you can play with your friends from your mobile devices. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and published by Rogan Josh.

Connect yourself through Wi-Fi connection and wait for others to do the same to start the game. When the game begins, one player becomes the Master. He can select a card and ask a question to another player. After listening to the question, the player has to choose Response button and provide the answer to puzzle.

There are numerous exciting questions, and for some of them, you have to answer twice. It is the best game like Cards against Humanity for iOS and Android devices.

Black Cards

If you want to play the game similar to Cards against Humanity for iOS platforms only, then you have to choose Black Cards. This game combines the elements of the board and card games, and it was developed by Brandon Abbot.

It contains seven hundred question cards. The idea is to create a card and save into a deck. Use answer cards and join different questions. When it is your turn, you have to tap the screen and read the card to fill the empty place. You will gain enough points by giving the correct answers.

Anyone who answers to every question becomes a Master in the next round.

Phase 10

Phase 10 card gamePhase 10 is a personal card, puzzle, a single and multiplayer video game developed for Android platform by Magmic Inc. It offers you the possibility to enjoy in exciting gameplay that you have never seen or played before. It will provide you knew locations where you can play with three different friends in multiplayer mode.

There are numerous levels with three difficulties such as Easy, Medium and Hard. You can select three characters such as Sandra, Scooter, and Anna to enter the game world and to compete against your friend.

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal card gameMonopoly Deal is lovely party, fast-paced and addictive card video game that is developed by Asobo Studio and published by Ubisoft Entertainment. It will offer you exciting gameplay that you have never played before.

In the game, the idea is to gather three sets of cards by stealing them or playing with them directly. You can also collect them as rent for other properties that you have. You can play with four players at the same time, where 39 cards are property cards and 47 are actions, and 20 are money cards.

One player shuffles card deck and provides five cards to each player. After every turn, the player must face down one card to create a pile. The game gives you the possibility to compete against friends to steal cards and be first to gather three property sets with the same colour.

Therefore you can build Real Estate Empire and dominate other players. It is one of the best games like Cards against Humanity available for PlayStation 2, 3 and Xbox 1.

Munchkin Level Counter

Munchkin Level CounterMunchkin Level Counter is a single player card video game that you can play on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Steve Jackson Games publish it. It combines trading card elements with role-playing and introduces various levels where you take a role of hero, and your task is to earn points by defeating different monsters.

Throughout a game, you can use various cards that will increase your strength and help you defeat monsters. It comes with kill-o-meter, which will show you how you progress with monsters. You have to kill as many of them as you can to proceed to next level.


We have presented you 12 games like Cards against Humanity that will give the possibility to enjoy with your friends and family. These games are perfect for enjoying the party and finding out different secrets about them.

The primary goal is not to be a winner and to compete with other, but to have fun and to enjoy.