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15 Games Like Dayz – Similar Zombie Games

15 Games Like Dayz – Similar Zombie Games

15 Games Like Dayz – Similar Zombie Games

Here you will get to know the games like Dayz. Dayz brings players into the world where zombies are happening all around. You act as a survivor and always crave for water, food, and other resources. Your main aim is to killing, attacking, and even avoiding zombies and be alive.

In the beginning, you start wearing simple layer of clothes, a road flare, and a cloth just like a rag. Here you start your journey of investigation places, finding out supplies and killing out zombies you meet in the way. Weapons are available too so you can finish off the opponent easily. Now, get along and read out all the fifteen games here.

On what platforms can Dayz game be played?

Dayz can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

DayZ Game Details:

Genre: First-person shooter, third-person shooter, survival
Mode: Multiplayer

DayZ System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or AMD Radeon HD 3830 or Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 512 MB VRAM

Games Like Dayz

Check out our collections of 2018 best open world survival games like Dayz on Steam, PC, Xbox, Windows.

Dead Frontier

Dead FrontierThe main advantage is that the game allows playing in the browser. It is all free to play, and you can experience a zombie setup in just your browser. You will be prompted to set your avatar

And you’re good to explore the world, finding the resources and killing those zombies.

You can even call up your friends and start the journey together.

Gameplay assigns you weapons to diminish those zombies using handguns and other explosive weapons. Reloading your guns is a tough task as you have to find you the material and if you die, you will lose all the collection.

On what platforms can Dead Frontier game be played?

Dead Frontier can be played on Browser

Dying Light

Dying LightA large city is waiting for you where you can show your skills on climbing, jumping, and other stunts while slashing zombies into pieces. It majorly feels like role-playing where you act as a zombies killer by finding the infested areas and killing them instantly. It is not that easy because infestation is all over and your one mistake can take you to hell.

Gameplay allows performing parkour so you can avoid zombies and explore the city. The day-night cycle is helpful to make the game exciting, and it can be enjoyed as solo and multiplayer.

On what platforms can Carnal Souls game be played?

Dying Light can be played on Linux, PC, PS4, Xbox One


Games like RustIn Rust, the player takes place in the open world where exploration has no limits, and there is a huge amount of adventure. In this world you are supposed to gather food and other supplies as needed and then crafting of things is a factor too. There are animals too that are ready to kill you anytime, so you take care of your character and loot what you find at the same time.

You can team up with any game and enjoy the gameplay because it doesn’t bind you to kill enemies only but there are areas to visit. The more you progress you find advanced materials to kill the opponent.

On what platforms can Rust game be played?

Rust can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

If you’re looking for more games like rust, feel free to check our article. You might find your next favorite game there.


UnturnedThe game takes you through the map to find out what is in there together while checking out your back for enemies. So you need to manage supplies while keeping zombies out of order. The map takes you through several areas like towns, farmlands, and others where you encounter the operation.

Playing with friends is also an option to experience the multiplayer gameplay. It sometimes feels like the Minecraft where players hunt for food and supplies while killing other animals. There are NPCs too to take up quests and explore those dead zones full of zombies.

On what platforms can Unturned game be played?

Unturned can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

Life is Feudal: Your Own

Life is Feudal- Your OwnIt is an open world that is set in the medieval fantasy where you take advantage of activities like crafting, building, hunting, and other sandbox mechanics. The game can have up to 64 players on the map that gives you plenty of enough room to explore. There are landscapes to enjoy, and there you build your stay too.

You also get some skills too with your character such as mining, logging, carpentry, gathering, farming, etc. gameplay takes you combats that can be controlled using mouse and weapons make the attacks effective.

On what platforms can Life is Feudal: Your Own game be played?

Life is Feudal: Your Own can be played on PC

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir, You Are Being HuntedThe game gives you a horror-themed place in the survival genre where the dark world continually haunts you. Go for the game only if you think you can face the darkness and still survive the hunting things. It is a sandbox gameplay where you focus on your life along with creating things to survive for long. Here you don’t face zombies, monsters but there are British robots who are on the way to hunt you and your little absence of mind can take your life. Now there are things that you need to collect if you want to escape this hell. Here comes the adventure with the collection of those stones that are a key to your freedom.

On what platforms can Sir, You Are Being Hunted game be played?

Sir, You Are Being Hunted can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

Don’t Starve

Don’t StarveFor me, Dontstarve is an amazing gameplay that happens in a dark theme, and there are several strange and known creatures that are always ready to kill you. The game’s motive is to survive by collecting resources and building things to your survival. The incredible thing here is the visuals and the background music that goes on according to the situations. The game is available on a wide range of platforms, and it’s been continuously improving. There are monsters, creepy creatures but you have to stand against all of these. Your tools are your hope that makes your enemies meet the death.

On what platforms can Don’t Starve game be played?

Don’t Starve can be played on iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One

State of Decay

State of DecayIt is the open world genre where the zombies’ attack happen. The player is aimed to control the invasion along with enjoying the splendid landscapes and scenery. These zombies may look slow to you, but they all have their own power and can do serious damage to players.

Gameplay is a third person perspective that includes survival and offers a deep content. There are vast areas to explore while finding resources and killing all zombies. You stay alive if you collect the required amount of supplies and the same allies to your weapons too.

On what platforms can State of Decay game be played?

State of Decay can be played on PC, Xbox 360/One


Nether gameThe game sets you in the same survival genre, but it is somewhat fast-paced, so you need to make quick decisions and apply them to the opponents. The map is not a huge one, but the enemy is fast, so you better gain control on those wise AIs. These enemies are called Nether that can meet you to death in seconds.

During the gameplay, it is mandatory to manage your supplies such as food, water, and weapons. In lack of it, you will not survive for a minute because Nethers always look for the weak one. But if you complete the mission, you get rewarded and upgrade yourself that help your survival.

On what platforms can Nether game be played?

Nether can be played on PC

Killing Floor

Killing FloorIt is about killing a team of zombies that always seek for your one mistake and you are vanished. There are several maps to explore and hunt down the zombies along with finding the supplies and use them for survival. Maps include several locations like streets, abandoned buildings, and farmland, so players don’t get bored in roaming the same type of environment.

Gameplay allows you to choose the level of difficulty in every map where you can control the strength of enemies until you play like a pro. Also, game’s currency can be generated and spent to purchase weapons and armor to save you.

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On what platforms can Killing Floor game be played?

Killing Floor can be played on PC, Linux, Mac

The Abandoned

The AbandonedPlayers get to the abandoned land due to the helicopter crash that takes you into the world of zombies. The basic tutorial introduces to everything so you can take steps to finding your path.

Also, you need to keep your supplies like food, fire materials, and weapons to attack the danger.

The gameplay gives you the objective of survival that depends on days and each day you take a new task to achieve. When the day ends, you get what you have achieved like crafted items, killed monsters, wood collected, and other things in the form of a summary.

On what platforms can The Abandoned game be played?

The Abandoned can be played on Android, iOS

Dead Rising

Dead RisingIt gives you a blend of open world and horror where your survival is all you need. You are Frank West that takes place in a mall full of zombies. To live you have to like those slow walking and filthy creatures, the more you kill, the more things you achieve. This way you complete the missions getting upgrades that mean new abilities and gears.

Just like any other gameplay, it needs you to store food, clothing, and weapons so you can stay alive and kill zombies. Weapons here are a lot of effective to most effective. Also adding up two weapons is allowed to get a deadly weapon.

On what platforms can Dead Rising game be played?

Dead Rising can be played on PC, Xbox One

Dead Island

Dead IslandAgain a horror video game that combines the action in the roleplaying environment. The game can be played on platforms like Microsoft Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360 where you are on a dead island and for the beginners; it can take some time to learn the mechanics. But if you have already played the first part then this sequel comes easily to you. So just select your character and prepare yourself for the monsters you are going to meet on your way.

On what platforms can Dead Island game be played?Dead Island

Dead Island can be played on LINUX PC PS3 XBOX 360

Fallen Earth

Fallen EarthYou are put in a wasteland as a player where you find no life, but all the settings seem impressive graphics. To access the game, you have to purchase it, but it is totally worthy because of the ultimate survival genre and fine looking environments all around. Here you can access vehicles too if you do not wish to explore on feet.

Gameplay starts with getting character customizations that seems really impressive and get in the MMO world. Your progress makes you able to upgrade your stats so you can get extra skills and abilities. Taking up weapons and crafting are allowed too.

On what platforms can Fallen Earth game be played?

Fallen Earth can be played on PC, Mac


ContagionThe game world is set where zombies roam all around seeking you to terminate. Going through several maps, you encounter these zombies but you aim is to save your torso from getting bitten and being infected. After choosing among three different game modes, you can start your play in the multiplayer environment.

Making strategies and team up with other players to go on the hunt together and slash all those filthy heads. These modes keep you from getting bored by trying out different environments and attacking zombies with your team. The more you go ahead, the more you identify these AIs better and survive efficiently.

On what platforms can Contagion game be played?

Contagion can be played on PC


These fifteen games like Dayz offer the gameplay in the zombies’ world where you save yourself and collect your necessities. All of these are surely a fantastic experience if you want something like Dayz. So get anyone and share which one seems the best to play.