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20+ Games like Starbound

20+ Games like Starbound

Games like Starbound

Here you will find out fifteen games like Starbound. Starbound features action-adventure gameplay where you go through several sandbox things like crafting, gathering, exploring, and the main one as surviving. The game takes place in a 2D mode where you visit several places and perform activities of collecting things that you can use to fight and building towns and villages.

Starbound Gameplay takes you in the massive space where you are lost, and now you aim to survive in any way. The adventure gets on as you start visiting the space and strange things within. There are monsters to kill, NPCs to take quests and much more.

  • PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Macintosh operating systems
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

Games like Starbound

Check out our collections 2018 Best action-adventure video games like starbound for Android, Xbox, PS4 and on Steam.


Goliath gameThe game deserves to be on the list as it brings a great amount of action and adventure. In the game, you get involved in several exciting tasks like crafting those giant robots and take part in fights against those monsters. The quest system keeps it all interesting where robotic clarion helps you in that virtual world.

Gameplay takes place in several environments as you explore and collect things to make useful things. Here you experience the ability to create while getting in several battles with the opponents. This way, the game world brings you endless exciting things, and completing missions get you upgrades.

On what platforms can Goliath game be played?

Goliath can be played on PC


MagiciteAgain a role-playing game that presents the data in 2D environments. Here the main ingredient is the survival mode that makes players try it from all over the world. Other than survival, it also makes you manage your resources, collect things, craft some equipment and explore the worlds.

Gameplay starts once you choose your character and class and it offers abilities accordingly that you use later for collecting and building purposes. Players will face several types of monsters as their enemies that you need to kick out of your way. Also, you can make purchases for the resources you want.

On what platforms can Magicite game be played?

Magicite can be played on Linux, MAC, PC


Crashlands steamThe next one is the Crashlands as one of the Starbound alternatives. The game offers the same survival mode that can also feel like Don’t Starve. The game sets you in the space environment where you need to stay alive fighting against all the odds. The harsh environment makes you explore, collect resources, and develop things using them.

Gameplay focuses on getting back to your planet, but it’s not that easy. You have to improve your stats, fight enemies, build your ship and explore a lot. Inventory management is also necessary as new tools come to be used, so you continue your adventure.

On what platforms can Crashlands game be played?

Crashlands can be played on Android, iOS, Mac, PC

Planet Explorers

Planet ExplorersThe game is based on the adventure role-playing genre where you act as a wanderer in the strange land just after you crashed. As it is vast so the exploration is the open world where plenty of depth is present in the content. The player can choose from the three modes before getting the multiplayer environment.

Gameplay takes place in the future 2287 after you crash and now you colonize the place to survive. Getting Through several harsh environments, you explore and gather materials to build the required structures and tools.

On what platforms can Planet Explorers game be played?

Planet Explorers can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

Junk Jack and Junk Jack X

Junk Jack and Junk Jack XThis one also features the sandbox genre where the player is dropped on a random world to explore and stay alive even in the harsh states. Exploration is the main objective as you will find several hidden treasures and resources. To keep it interesting, there are several obstructions and monsters are one of them.

Gameplay includes collecting items so you can survive there like collecting food, weapons, decorating items, and much more. Weaponry can be upgraded once you explore and collect weapons that you can use in battles and win the opponents. That soundtrack always runs in the background matching the situations.

On what platforms can Junk Jack and Junk Jack X game be played?

Junk Jack and Junk Jack X can be played on iOS, Linux, Mac, PC


StarMadeThe game directly takes the sandbox technology that set you in the space to give the same fun gameplay like Spore. Here you create your spaceships, shields and other tools that save you against odds. You are on a planet, and there are a few resources, so you start collecting them and build up things of your need.

You also explore other world and asteroids once you are able to take your ship out. You collect all the minerals and elements that make your journey easy and let you survive in that environment. Customisation options are always available so you can fill your ships with several abilities, and in StarMade it’s always fun to pay.

On what platforms can StarMade game be played?

StarMade can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac


DarkoutIt is about trying to live on the planet having the harsh environment. The planet takes you to the sandbox experience where you perform activities like crafting, building, and finding other resources. Your ship crashes to the unknown land where no one lives, but only enemies land dark.

Taking the gameplay along you fight off the enemies and keep them from entering your boundaries. Here light is your main tool to damage or kill the enemies and resources also include things like glow sticks so you can make torches, lanterns, flashlights, and other light sources.

On what platforms can Darkout game be played?

Darkout can be played on PC

Edge of Space

Edge of SpaceA game that happens on the list of No Man’s Sky alternatives because here you explore the space and find resources. The game remains in a 2D style where exploration, combats, and mining resources are major factors. You can have it in both single player and multiplayer where your main aim is to survive the unknown universe.

Gameplay allows fighting against the monstrous enemies while making the place habitable. There are monster bosses too, but you have to regularly find resources and craft them to produce things.

On what platforms can Edge of Space game be played?

Edge of Space can be played on PC

Craft The World

Craft The World steamThe game brings you a unique experience of sandbox genre that mixes up several similar games, and that’s why it undoubtedly comes as one of the Starbound alternatives. Here you become the manager of the dwarf society that you manage and make it grow. You make explorations to find what is necessary for your community and save it from the monsters.

Gameplay includes searching for the resources, collect them and make items that you can use to go forward on your adventure. Here quests take you to several types of monsters that you fight against and collect your reward after winning over them.

On what platforms can Craft The World game be played?

Craft The World can be played on iOS, Mac, PC


Games like TerrariaAnother one that comes up with the action-adventure genre and sandbox elements but in the 2D environment. It offers role-playing other than exploring a lot of places and finding resources. It all feels like a creative game where the player can choose the difficulty level and a permanent death mode is there too.

In the gameplay, you take up several quests and go on battles in the 2D adventure game. The multiplayer environment is worth playing where you enjoy it all with your friends. So, Terraria is not any less than all these games here and the one that you must try.

On what platforms can Terraria game be played?

Terraria can be played on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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No Man’s Sky

No Man’s SkyThis amazing game brings you experience that action-adventure genre where you explore the beautiful world. The colourful vibes wit vibrant creatures are the attraction point of the game that includes sandbox like content. Taking survival as the main point, it lets you visiting all strange places and finds your hope there.

As you go ahead and uncover things, you surely get rewards as being a lawyer who has lost his spaceship. Gameplay takes you on the journey of mining resources and uses them to build up your spacecraft. Also, there are combats if you want some action RPG and trading is available too.

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On what platforms can No Man’s Sky game be played?

No Man’s Sky can be played on PC, PS4

A Valley Without Wind

A Valley Without WindThe next one among the Starbound like games is this game that mixes up several genres. The game world provides you with a purpose where you aim to save the world and restore it to the best situation.

Gameplay remains side-scrolling in the 2D mode where you are free to roam or explore just after setting up your character. Here you get new things as you complete missions and learn things like spells, get resources, save people, build things. The more you level up, the more capable you become to take down the evil power and this way you go along with the storyline.

On what platforms can A Valley Without Wind game be played?

A Valley Without Wind can be played on Linux, Mac, PC

A Valley Without Wind 2

A Valley Without Wind 2The second version of ‘A Valley Without Wind’ where you take the role of the hero forward to save the world. The new version unlocks more places and powers that can be used against the demons.

Gameplay is identical with some advanced aspects such as you make strategies and experience turn-based combats. Exploration and action are two main concepts here where you rescue the world, develop buildings and survive. Here are twelve classes available to choose from that come with different abilities, and you can experience the entire game world by switching them as you want.

On what platforms can A Valley Without Wind 2 game be played?

A Valley Without Wind 2 can be played on browser.

Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC

The Survivor: Rusty Forest

The Survivor- Rusty ForestThe game includes Action-Adventure with the survivor genre and features a Single-player mode. The world has all destroyed due to an unknown virus, and now you are one of the few survivors. You aim to survive in harsh situations and slash everything that comes in your way. The open world makes you feel free to move just anywhere.

Gameplay offers you a first-person perspective where all you can see is that hand holding the weapon. Here you lay traps to save your base at night and visit NPCs to take help about the game. In the night mode, it’s nothing special other than the dark.

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On what platforms can The Survivor: Rusty Forest game be played?

The Survivor: Rusty Forest can be played on Android, iOS

Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode is the legendary one among in the sandbox genre that he established as the most addictive game of the century. It has action, adventure, crafting, mining, building, exploring, and much more. Here as being a protagonist, you access the beautiful world of Minecraft and complete missions as assigned.

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Gameplay is point-and-click where you make convo to different NPCs and take their help. Other than exploring and mining, puzzle solving can be felt too. Combats and other action based events are there, so you don’t miss battles, and it all makes it here among the Starbound like games.

On what platforms can Minecraft: Story Mode game be played?

Minecraft: Story Mode can be played on Android, Ios, Steam, Windows, Mac

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If you are into aerospace games, then gather round! Astroneer is set in the 25th century which is marked as the Intergalactic Age of Discovery here. The astroneers shall be exploring every nook and corner of outer space and even risk their lives in extreme environments.

All of that to discover rare items and unfold the mysteries of the space. As you might have guessed, this is a space sandbox game based on adventure. The players need to form a team and construct bases, vehicles, and several other things.

So, do not put any restrictions on your imagination. This space adventure/survival game is a unique entertainment for all those gamers who were tired of clichéd space-opera games.

Planet Centauri

Planet Centauri is yet another game where you can explore your creativity to the fullest. The player will be tasked to reframe a society and build a new civilization from scratch on the planet named Centauri.

The player will find themself crash-landing on this planet. It is then, that you will have to create homes, build weapons, engage in farming, and get rid of all the monsters to give rise to a safe and beautiful society.

Certain elements of the game feature 2D pixel-style art and animations. So, you can allow your imagination to do anything while creating objects in this game.


Eco is a simulation-based world where the ecosystem is thriving with hundreds and thousands of plants and animals. You can construct buildings here, harvest, gather environmental resources, and do a lot more.

However, you need to be cautious because the environment is very responsive and each one of your actions affects your surroundings. As you explore the world of Eco, you’ll witness a meteor that is about to strike. Your mission is to save this world and protect it from the meteor.

Not only is this a great construction game, but it also spreads environmental awareness among gamers, which is an excellent initiative. Moreover, the visual design of this interactive world is amazing and almost everything is animated here.

Empyrion – Galactic Survivor

Empyrion – Galactic Survivor is a high-quality open-world game with a 3D environment. If you were looking for adventure-based sandbox survival games, then your search ceases here. You will get the opportunity to build huge space stations and space ships here.

Also, the players will be exploring several planetary settlements, conquer them, and discover exciting mysteries of the land. It includes battles as well and the combats can be against humans, aliens, or even biological hazards.

This is a great amalgamation of space simulation, survival, and construction elements. You can play alone here or form a squad with friends to forge a glorious destiny in the solar system.


Rust is a survival video game that takes place on an island dominated by harsh situations. The player will be fighting real-world problems here. You will have to cater to your hunger, thirst, fight wild animals, enemies, and also the harsh cold.

This is the ultimate survival game you were looking for. The players need to fight various struggles, build an efficient shelter to protect themselves. Gathering food and killing animals for their meat is also required.

In fact, you also need to protect yourself from other players. At times, you would need to ally with other players to make a town. The ultimate goal in this game is to survive, so don’t forget that.


What can be better than all these twenty games like Starbound? These games offer all that a Starbound alternative should have and if you think the same then go ahead with any of these and enjoy the action-adventure genre with various other elements.