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20 Games Like Club Penguin To Play Online

20 Games Like Club Penguin To Play Online

Games like Club Penguin

Club Penguin provides an MMO environment that is a virtual life simulation game perfect for kids. It’s a web-based game that offers you living in a virtual world and activities that are purely kids friendly. Disney has improved the game all these years and made it more enjoyable. Now, what about other alternatives serve as best as the club penguin. So, to be forward on the path of games like club penguin, today’s article will take you to fifteen same genres of games that are the best fit for kids and young teens.

In these games, there are different challenges and fun just like the club penguin but in different characters. Also, you get currency and send it on your looks in the game. Let’s start this list of club penguin alternatives and start your journey in a fresh virtual world.

Games like Club Penguin

Moshi Monsters

The game is full of characters that roam around and look like monsters, and so you are also a monster when you enter the world of Moshi Monsters. The game takes you to select a monster as your avatar, and then you start walking around in the game. It’s a soft and light game that is always loved by children all over the world. It has different missions and rewards with each mission and so it earns a place as an alternative to the Club Penguin. It’s not very much easy to make friends but sending them mail is still useful.


The second game that falls among the club penguin like games is named Poptropica.

The Game has a huge base of fans as it’s in trend for all these years. The game has excellent graphics, and the gameplay happens most of the time near islands. So it’s an island fun where you explore things and make fiend during your journey. Here avatars are customizable and exploring islands is really a fun activity here. You can also have conversations with other people or just play your missions with them.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is such an adorable game with fun-loving creatures all around. This one is a fantastic series that deserves a place here among the games like club penguin. In several aspects, the game feels just like club penguin while the presentation of the gameplay feels familiar with similar tactics. You can adopt your animal just like the Moshi Monster and visit the area around the islands with them. For animal lovers, this is a must-have game, and the entire scenery is full of nature which makes it even more appealing.

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Another popular game series you can go for in that virtual life simulation genre. These are cute looking avatars that you use for roaming around in the world of Zwinky. They are fully customizable like you can choose tier clothes, hairstyle, accessories, facial color, and other actors. Here you can find other players and chat with them or make them friends and explore together. It is a beautiful cartoonish world that features several mini-games that offer guaranteed amusement.

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Chit Chat City

It’s like a big city where users are busy in their activities in the virtual world. It displays somewhat black and white visuals with colorful characters, and you can choose your favorite one. As its name, Chit Chat City offers you a virtual world where you can put your interactions with other players and make the world more enjoyable. Here you just not chat or communicate but you sell things by creating your own shops. Shop the game also gives you a motive with several tasks, and that makes it a worthy one among club penguin like games.

Club Cooee

Well, club cooee is quite romantic game because it allows you being in the virtual world and you attend places with individuals as per your choice. Here the characters are in teen forms, and you can create your bond with several other people there. The game offers huge fun like nightclubs, romantic places like gardens, beaches and much more. Also, you can raise your pets like dragons, butterflies, unicorns, etc. And enjoy cool customizations like frantic looking shorts, add-ons and gadgets as well and enhance the overall appearance.


Our world offers characters and activities that mainly focus on the kids-friendly environment. It’s a virtual world where millions of players participate and enjoy their virtual residence. After establishing the basic step that is avatar customization, you can step forward in the gameplay. Here you can decorate your world and your character with some cool stuff. There are always concerts and shows going on in which you can participate and have fun with your gang or even get married to the one you establish a romantic bond.


The next one that comes as one of the best similar games like club penguin is Fantage. It is a 2D platform for those who want to earn a place in the virtual world with cute characters. Chatting and meeting new ones is also a part of Fantage and make your avatar so fashionable. You can increase your social ranking as it allows players to be online and meet others. You have the stuff to do like make your home special, party with your friends, attend several different places with your buddies and much more.


For teens, woozworld is a perfect virtual world that focuses on the funky vibes. Your character is full of life and colors that make it look so cool. Anyone who wants to chill out with fellas virtually can try playing woozworld. You get things to decorate yourself and then step to parties where you meet new bees and make friends. Being in woozworld means, you are having a good time and also take pleasure in several mini-games. There is so much to do here so go ahead get the game and start collecting your achievements.


For kids, YoWorld is a fantastic place to live in and explore. By visiting the virtual world regularly, you can find some quality friends for sure and enjoy with them by chilling out at different places. Yoworld is the new trend these days that kids use to being in the virtual world and enjoy things on their own will. Just ready your avatar and nail all those mini-games alone or with your team of friends. You can enjoy some gambling activities like going to casinos and try your luck at that Lucky Wheeland get virtual money.

Habbo Hotel

Want to enjoy virtual activities in a hotel near seaside? Then go for the game ‘Habbo Hotel’ as it is a perfect choice in that case. It’s a virtual hotel with just uncountable rooms, and you need to find out one for yourself. The graphics are pretty cool, and there are activities so you can have a chill while chatting with others and going out with friends. Here several rooms offer you some games to play and when you do the needed work and get the virtual currency. So basically it’s a role playing game too where you can enjoy your holidays in that Habbo Hotel.


Avataria Allows you to set your avatar in this digital world and feel it one of the club penguin like games. There is a lot to customize in your character and be with people you want to be. Setting up physical books is a great bonus here where you can purchase outfits and dress your character. Even chat, make friends and roam out together in several places like parks, salon, clubs, etc.


SmallWorlds is a great place with great graphics but still with an animation hint. Here you enjoy a lot with your character and make lots of fins and invite them to your home or just hang out casually. It is a 3D world where you own your land, pets, and gold to survive in the game.

Currency helps you to purchase stuff of your need as you complete missions. There is a lot to explore like VIP clubs, Dance Studio, or just upgrade your avatar.

Bin Weevils

The game gets your avatar, pets, missing, home, garden and much more so you never face ‘nothing to do.’ Here Bin Weevils is your very own pet that you need to take care of baby feeding out and to keep it fit. Here you can solve numerous missions and get things that ease your way. Also, enjoy visiting places like cafes with friends and enjoy beverages and edibles like chocolate or a cup of coffee. There are several roles to play just like the waiter so you can serve others or choose any of your choices. These exciting things make it stand among the games similar to club penguin.

Smeet 3D

Smeet 3D is a web-based game that comes all free and allows a multiplayer online game to its players. It also offers an online community so players can participate in networking activities and establish a friendship. It is a nature-themed virtual game so you can just feel the breeze, enjoy your well-furnished house, play mini-games, or just hang out with the community. It is a 3D game where your avatar is all in your hands so you can make it up as you wish. There are clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and all regarding appearance to make your character best looking.

Tomodachi Life

This is a casual, single-player simulation game developed and published by Nintendo. Tomodachi life brings a lot of new features to the table along with improvised visuals and mechanics. The game starts with you naming your island and building a Mii that resides in a tiny building.

These buildings will grow with time and the player at some point will be able to own up to 100 Miis. The gameplay says that you need to control these Miis and meanwhile also complete several mini-tasks.

Your Miis can perform many activities like trying on different dresses, eating, falling in love with someone, and so on. It is really enjoyable to see the cute Mii characters carry out their life activities.

Star Stable

Star Stable is an MMORPG that features fantasy and simulation. The game is set in a fantasy world named Jorvik and allows you to choose a horse. Then, you will be exploring this virtual world by riding your new horse.

You will find thousands of online players on this platform just like yourself and you get the chance to interact with all of them. You can also make friends here while completing various quests and taking part in horse races.

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While playing this game, you need to take care of your virtual horse and train it to unlock other horses after finishing the quests. There are several championships held as well along with prizes for the same.


WolfQuest is an open-world RPG that can be played in both single-player and multi-player simulation systems. There are several themes involved in this game like Survival, Virtual World, and Exploration.

In this game, you will be assuming the role of a wolf whose main task is exploring an open environment. The player will be learning and understanding different facts about wolves and also about other characters.

This game can be played in story mode to complete quests or you can play in multiplayer mode as well with at most 4 players. You get the opportunity to live your life like a wolf in this game. The players will interact with other wolves, find a partner, hunt, and do several other things too.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a simulation and community-based RPG. Developed by Nintendo, you can play this game in both single and multiplayer modes. Set in a fictional world full of anthropomorphic animals, the player will assume the role of the protagonist.

You can explore this world, interact with various animals and other characters too. This is a social simulator game and so, you can have your very own sub-plot in it. There are several challenging missions to complete in order to progress here.

Besides offering you exciting landscapes, this game also fulfills your virtual reality fantasies. The core features of the game include immersive gameplay, great visual details, and a nice music score.

LINE PLAY- Our Avatar World

LINE PLAY- Our Avatar World is a free-to-play video game that is set in a virtual world and created and published by the Line Corporation. It offers awesome gameplay for kids where they can enjoy a wonderful virtual game world. You can also create your own character that looks just like you.

The player can find a special place for themselves in this world. You can also interact with other online players and make new friends. Inside this virtual reality, you can become friends with celebrities as well.

Line Play is a game with several exciting features like endless ways to dress up and decorate your avatar, play mini-games, raise your pets, and so on. If you love virtual games, then make sure to try it out!

Min System requirements for Club Penguin (PC/MAC)

  • Windows 7+ and Snow Leopard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 @ 2.20 GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M
  • Internet connection
  • 5 GB hard drive space
  • DirectX 10


These are all virtual life simulation games that provide you a virtual world to stay and compete for several missions that are always easy. Your avatar is fully customizable and you can own pets and other adventures just like you do in club penguins. So these games like club penguin are the best alternative that changes your imagination into reality and gets you some good buddies.