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18+ Games Like Growtopia to Play on Android, iOS, Mac

18+ Games Like Growtopia to Play on Android, iOS, Mac

18+ Games Like Growtopia to Play on Android, iOS, Mac

Growtopia is a sandbox game that allows playing on platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and windows as well. The main focus of the game is to allow [players to create their own worlds characters remain in Lego forms. The community is vast here, and because of the unique gameplay, it has been attractive for players to try this genre. In Growtopia you are free to build just anything and explore anywhere, and there are games like Growtopia that offer the same concept and familiar characters.

On what platforms can Growtopia game be played?Growtopia

Growtopia can be played on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developers: Hamumu Software, Robinson Technologies

Games like Growtopia

These games are a way to find you something new and exciting if you have already laid Growtopia a thousand times. These all games are in MMORPG mode, so you are building along with millions of players. Now without any further discussion, here are the alternatives. If you’re looking for some games like Growtopia to play on your Android, iOS, or Mac device, then check out aviator game app for more games to choose from. 


Roblox focuses on the concept of building things and worlds in the way a player wants. The Characters are legos, and the exploration is endless. For the genre, Roblox is a well-known game that has been gaining ranking since 2005. There are several game modes like first-person shooters, mini-games, puzzles, role-playing, survival, etc. that you can choose and start building your world. Roblox gameplay happens in the MMO mode where players attend from all over the globe simultaneously. The game is full of cool features, and the possibilities are just uncountable, so why don’t you find out the fun yourself.

On what platforms can Roblox game be played?

Roblox can be played on Android, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, iPod touch, Macintosh operating systems, macOS, Fire OS.

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Epic Inventor

Another one in the Lego form that Pixel Prone published and from 2013 the game offers an open source so it can be modified. Epic inventor is free to play, and the content is enormous that offers both single and multiplayer gaming experience. The inventor’s 2D world is always worth paying as it’s full of explorations and mechanics are easy to learn. Players here crate their cities as per their best imagination and collect all resources that can be used in the game further.

Craft The World

Craft the world offers some really epic visuals, the sandbox based game is available for PC, Mac, and iOS and just like Growtopia, the game has rich content, and the entire place is very well decorated. The game’s’ characters are in dwarfs from where everyone is a dwarf and the entire community exit in the same form. Here you explore worlds that are well-designed, collect resources, use hem in fights against monsters and this way the discovery goes on. The game has several levels, and each of them has its adventure.

Cubic Castles

This one is an adorable adventure with nothing monstrous; the Cubic Castles depend on the creation of cubes where peter creates one cube at a time. There are other things to discover while building ho structures and making friends on a 3D platform. Players just need to create an account and they are set for enjoying the pace of virtual land of Cubic Castles.

During explorations, you visit several places like forests, mountains, and places like poles. The design is overwhelming always and the gameplay too. There are maps in the game that tell you the destination and way to go. Designing the world and exploring things offer the same feel of games like Growtopia.

On what platforms can Cubic Castles game be played? 

Cubic Castles can be played on Android.

Junk Jack and Junk Jack X

It is the place where you find a lot of hidden treasure as you go daughter and explore the world of Junk Jack and Junk Jack X. players can have the gameplay on Android and iOS, so your smartphone is always the game ready. You create things, craft tools and explore the entire place that is beautifully designed by the Indie game company. The visuals offer a good feel, and there are monsters that come in your way that you are supposed to kill and collect your rewards.

On what platforms can Junk Jack and Junk Jack X game be played?

Junk Jack and Junk Jack X can be played on iPhone/iPad, Android & Steam.


Re-Logic has really done a beautiful job by creating this fantastic looking game Terraria. It is a blend of genres like adventure, and role-playing in a 2D environment yet very impressive gameplay. The sandbox style game began its magic in May 2011, and since then it’s an exploration place for millions of Terraria fans. This way it can seem like another version of Growtopia were you find every type of activity that justifies the genre and sandbox type games.

On what platforms can Terraria game be played?

Terraria can be played on Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, MORE.

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The game offers you a browser play, and so it falls among these games like Growtopia. It offers a considerable building area where you are free to design just any block and discover things to store for future use. Here you craft tools, create maps so you can act as a first-person shooter. The more map you design, the more players enjoy it so you can view how well you are doing. This way there are thousands of mini-games that have already designed in Kogama, and now it’s your turn to design your games.

On what platforms can Kogama game be played?

Kogama can be played on Android, Web browser.


If you want another ultimate gameplay, then you can consider this one too with these Growtopia like games. Anyone who loves building things in an environment that is full of vibrant visuals and nature, then he would probably go for the Blocksworld. From all these years, the game has been enjoyed by millions of players, and the age never matters. The game allows you to test your creativity that is the best one as being in the sandbox category. Also, the mechanics come handy and easy to learn when you just design colorful blocks and go on to the unexplored places.

On what platforms can Blocksworld game be played?

Blocksworld can be played on iOS, Microsoft Windows.


Games like Growtopia always include the Blockheads on the list because even though it’s a 2D sandbox game the experience is always spectacular that support an MMO mode. The game offers a vast world where there is unlimited digging and as you do you start finding some very valuable tools and gears. The controls are all simple so they are easy to learn. There are very much features where you crawl in those caves, check in several kinds of weather, explore different plants, animals, and enjoy boat adventure and much more.

On what platforms can Blockheads game be played?

Blockheads can be played on Android, iOS.


It is a 2D world that is very much impressive gameplay and crafting system that always gives hundreds of adventures. Just like the Growtopia, Deepworld works the same, and the cross-platform compatibility allows users to experience this game from different corners of the planet. Just creation of an account is needed before you gain access to the Deepworld. The game provides you the necessary tuts, so you don’t feel alone and ineligible in the giant world, so it gets easy to understand.

On what platforms can Deepworld game be played?

Deepworld can be played on Android, iOS, Steam, PC, Mac.

Build With Chrome

With Build With Chrome, you eventually become a master in the building; the unique experience comes with combining the Google Maps along with the Lego concept, so it’s two in one fun. Also, there is no trouble in capturing the concept, and the building gives you the ability to create blocks and then a giant world. You can always invite your friends and share your maps with them and this way you become proficient in the building. Just start with basic things, and soon you will be able to design skyscrapers and see how amazingly you build.


Brick-Force is another fantastic game and a perfect suit among the Growtopia like games. This one brings you, even more, excitement by combining two features that include building things and first-person shooting experiences. Where j can have it in your browser or just download on your PC and Mac devices. Also, as a bonus, there is an MMO mode, and there are uncountable accessories and weapons that you can store in your collection of gears. Here you can build maps for several fun purposes then perform the play and let other have a play on these maps.

On what platforms can Brick-Force game be played?

Brick-Force can be played on Steam, Windows PC.


Minecraft is one of the famous building games as the game offers you several wide platforms to play on. So you can now do Minecraft free download full version on your PC or try it on Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo and several other platforms. Here the creativity is the perfect one, and the graphics take you to a whole new experience. There are countless activities as the world is all full of explorations and features where you don’t just walk and explore, but you can fly, gather resources, fight combats, craft and much more.

On what platforms can Minecraft game be played?

Minecraft can be played on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, 4, Vita, Raspberry Pi, Universal Windows Platform, Wii Um Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Gear VR, Oculus Rift

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The game Survival Craft gives you a spectacular view at the seaside, and you explore all the resources there. You are on an island and surviving is the thing you need there. There are several death challenges that you need to make an escape from and build a safe home while getting clothes and food for yourself. There are cruel animals everywhere, and your goal is to avoid being eaten by them. It’s all about survival and building that players enjoy every single time because there are thousands of ways to kill yourself and only your strategy can keep you alive.

On what platforms can SURVIVAL CRAFT game be played?

SURVIVAL CRAFT can be played on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1.

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King Arthur’s Gold

The game gets you some seriousness towards building things and discovering treasure. The playable platforms are Windows, Mac, and Linux; the game allows you do deep mining jobs you can find resources, destroy enemies getting in the way and find the treasure of King Arthur. The game offers you a 2D environment that mixes up crafting and combats after you choose classes and get your favorite skills top trap the enemy and get it killed.

On what platforms can King Arthur’s Gold game be played? 

King Arthur’s Gold can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac.

Among Us

Published by InnerSloth, Among Us is one of the most popular games of recent times. It is also the most downloaded game of 2020, giving friends a chance to play games together during global pandemic lockdowns. The game is a social online multiplayer game of deduction, where a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 10 players travel in a spaceship. 

One (or two or three) of the players is a secret ‘Impostor’. This impostor kills each of the players, with a goal to win the game by killing all. After each death that’s discovered, a round of voting takes place amongst the players to decide which player they think is the Impostor. This player is voted out. If the players are able to discover the Imposter, they win. If the Impostor goes unnoticed, they win the game. 

On what platforms can Among Us be played?

Among Us can be played on iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One


Valorant is a tactical multiplayer game. This is a 5v5 character based FPS, which means five characters play against five, with a first person shooter mode. 

This game was released in 2020 and published by RiotGames. It’s known for incredible character design and graphics. The reason why the game is so popular is that it’s based on character instead of ammunition. 

So instead of spending all your time in a loadout, you learn about the individual unique abilities and skills of your ‘agent’. The character-oriented game promises that no two agents will play the same. 

On what platforms can Valorant be played?

Valorant can be played on Microsoft Windows

Brawl Stars

Developed and published by the Finnish video game company Supercell, Brawl Stars is a fast paced 3v3 multiplayer video game. You collect Brawlers and upgrade their skills by collecting and holding gems. There’s a lot of strategizing involved in this game. 

With different game modes and locations, you can have almost unlimited gameplay in an exciting cartoon world. The game mode Showdown is a battle-royale style game with three versus three players (last player standing wins). Brawl Ball combines the brawl with football for a rough game. With Heist mode, you protect your team’s safe while trying to loot the opposite team’s. 

On what platforms can Brawl Stars be played? 

Brawl Stars can be  played on Android, iOS

A massively multiplayer online action game, was developed and published by Matheus Valadares and Miniclip respectively. It’s become extremely popular because of its unique strategy involved. The player controls either one or multiple cells in what resembles a Petri dish. Similar to Agar agar (the plant-based substitute for gelatin), the goal is to consume other cells and expand oneself. 

The player must also avoid other bigger cells to avoid being consumed. While it may sound simplistic in its philosophy of ‘eat or be eaten’ the game is actually extremely addicting. 

There’s also more sophisticated features of the game, such as giving up some of your mass to feed it to another player; a gesture that signals you want to team up. 

On what platforms can be played?

The web version can be played on PC Windows and Mac OS can be played on iOS and Android


These Growtopia like games feature several adventures. So you enjoy creating a house, structures, make friends, crawl dungeons, and survive the gameplay. Several elements can be explored and enjoyed together while designing mini-games and letting others play them. So get any of these or all and experience these sandbox games and don’t forget to let us know what you think about these all.