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19+ Games Like Spore

19+ Games Like Spore

19+ Games Like Spore

If you love to enjoy playing Spore in all your free time, then you are going to love these games Like Spore too. These games are a perfect blend of life simulation and god game genre just like their Spore. Due to its unique experience and visuals, Spore is always loved by you all but now if you think it’s time to try something else in the same category, then these similar games like Spore are just for you.

It’s not just life simulation or god game but there are other unique experience that you are gonna find once you try these games. These games offer all such as life simulation, evolution, strategy making, and content of god games. Spore is full of stages, and every stage has an exciting gameplay. With each level, you achieve evolution that makes you advance than the previous level, and you understand things better. So these games that I bring you here provide you the same amazing experiences and explorations so let’s continue knowing more about these.

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Games like Spore

Endless Space

If you want even better graphics and a science fiction aura where you need to make real-time strategy, then Endless Space is the right one. It was first released for Windows in 2012, and since then the game has been upgrading its content and platforms. In the Endless Space you can choose from nine civilizations, and each of them is different and offers unique play. Here you feel military things, scientific capabilities and this all create a heroism around you.

You have your interstellar empire, and you are in the year 3000 that is full of advanced technologies where you make real-time strategies. All in all, it is a very much improved version of the technology that you are going to use in the space that is endless.

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution is one of the similar games like Spore where evolution goes in depth and can be seen easily. It’s a life full of more advanced elements that become reasons for the evolution. The gameplay is same as others here but the evolution level seems like the highest, and that makes it worth play. So among all the artificial and evolution games, this ranks first that gives you so much control over the shapes that you can never experience anywhere. The more advanced your imagination, the more evolution you are going to see.


If you wanna mess with mature in the virtual world, then Simlife is perfect for that. The game allows you modifying the genetics of every living thing like plants or animals and make them something else. Due to this ability to change things the game has been in play since 1992. As its name The Genetic Playground, it is really a ground where you can play with the genetics of living things you find in this world. And create an ecosystem according to your choices as modifying environmental factors is also allowed. So you can decide whether an animal should walk or fly, how many eggs it can give, what fruits or vegetable it can eat and much more.

The Kerbal Space Program

If you want to be in a space program and experiencing space objects, then the Kerbal Space Program is a great appealing game for those who feel a particular interest in the universe. The game was launched in 2011, and since then there are regular updates and improvements for the gameplay and other factors.

As a player, you take part in the space program, and the species Kerbals are the orators of it. Any required resources for help are always there by these green humanoids called Kerbals. Here you construct space things such as rockets, space planes and you never end creating objects from collecting components like engines, fuel tanks, etc.


If you love the visuals in somewhat artistic form, but the strategy remains same, then Eufloria deserves being on your devices. The game offers huge platforms to play on, and the game feels both relaxing and challenging since 2009. This game is also set in the space environment where you have seedlings, and you need to sow them in the entire universe and overtake your control. These seedlings become trees, and that area becomes yours, so there are 25 levels in total that you need to cross if you want to see all the sides of Eufloria and make that planet your empire just as you do in Spore like games.

Sins of a Solar Empire

Again an environment set in the space that offers you a sci-fi strategy game. Sins of a Solar Empire is rich in content and visuals from any average space gameplay, and so players always try their luck in the game. Here you conquer the universe with several elements like the military force, economic power, and other diplomatic support. The game needs you making a real-time strategy to win over, and while playing you can easily feel the blend of RTS and 4X gameplay. You are in the future that is set in the universe know your mission is to expand your empire by completing quests.


Osmos gives you the feel of being in a science fiction environment where your goals are to expand yourself by absorbing others that are smaller than you. It is an enjoyable game that is available on platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. First, you are a small organism called mote and as you consume other smaller ones and food available you grow large. There are some mechanics that you need to use to move your mote all around so you can consume other smaller motes. The graphics and music are just perfect, and there are levels that enhance the difficulty as you go forward.

Creatures: The Albian Years

Creatures: The Albian Years is a beautiful world full of adorable creatures, and for the gameplay, it feels same as the Spore like game. Here graphics are vibrant, and content is never ending on the planet of Albia.

It offers you various environments, and here you find unlimited abandoned labs that Shee an advanced race left. Noe these labs have some creatures that you need to re-inhabit and breed them as per your choices, and this way expand the living world here. You also teach them to survive and train them to give them a proper life.


Cosmogonia combines both 2D and 3D objects to offer you innovative graphics and top-level design with a unique gameplay. You have entire universe that you can explore, colonize and take part in battles. There are aliens races waiting to destroy you, and you have to make a strategy to establish peace by winning over these aggressive creatures. Here you can choose options like the size of your galaxy, resources collection, the difficulty of the gameplay and other unusual options before starting your game. The game offers you unlimited galaxies that you can choose by setting attributes and make them workable or in other words use them for the industry, research or farming.


Evolva is one of the best Spore alternatives that take eviction as its main content and real-time strategies too. Here you as a human create your Genohunters that are hunter made of modified genes. You prepare these hunters to protect yourself against any kind of trouble from the galaxy. You can add all features to your hunters such as flaming from the mouth, claws that are so powerful, brain scrambling, electric attacks and much more exciting powers. So create your genohunters by altering the DNAs and fills them with your favorite kind of power.

Spore Hero

It’s an advanced form of the game Spore that creates the same characters as Spore, but the mechanics stay in the advanced form. If you wish to feel that same environment and features on the Nintendo Wii, then Spore Hero is your answer. The gameplay also includes the evolution genre, and there are other features too that are all enjoyable. You Live on the planet as one of the characters and participate in the battles to save your planet against the alien planet where you crashed your plane. Spore Hero offers you RPG features where you solve various puzzles and quests exploring the game world.

Darwin Pond

If you want some extraordinary thing in the list of Spore alternatives, then Darwin Pond is full of genesis surprises. Its evolution simulation is just amazing from where you can feel that evolution happening. People who are primarily interested in working with the evolution process may lead to this game. Here simulation can be lived, and there are numerous things to experiment with, so you castle pleasure the revolution goes on. But as there are several levels, so the strategy becomes tough as you level up. There is a lot to tweak so you can set several levels such as hunger level, lifespan potential, etc.

Black & White 2

If you have already played Black and White first part, then the sequel is going to excite you more. Black and white 2 is a mixture of simulation and god genre, and here in the sequel, you feel it on an advanced level. You Use your hands for interaction with the world and support them as needed as you are the god of the people. As it is a god genre, so there are several miracles and power that you get and fulfill the prayers using your gears. Choosing good or lousy god is entirely up to you and according to that you complete tasks.

Impossible Creatures

If you have particular interesting in creating an army of different creatures, then go for the Impossible Creatures. The game allows you to modify their genes and make them something new with unique features so they can efficiently fight against enemies. Doesn’t it sound exciting? If yes, then do not wait and just get the game where you are Rex Chance, and you are on the way to take revenge of your father’s death who was killed by Upton Julius, a devil. By using your father’s technology, you are able to changes DNAs of these creatures and build a strong and dangerous army to kill the evil forces.


The game directly takes the sandbox technology that set you in the space to give the same fun gameplay like Spore. Here you create your spaceships, shields and other tools that save you against odds. You are on a planet, and there are a few resources, so you start collecting them and build up things of your need. You also explore other world and asteroids once you are able to take your ship out. You collect all the minerals and elements that make your journey easy and let you survive in that environment. Customisation options are always available so you can fill your ships with several abilities, and in StarMade it’s always fun to pay.

The Eternal Cylinder

Described as Spore on drugs, The Eternal Cylinder is known for being as fantastical as it is weird, and that’s why people love it. The players control a herd of adorable alien creatures called Trebhums. With a unique mutation system, you can take the Trebhums from the bottom of the food chain to much stronger and predatory creatures with skills and abilities you choose. 

The goal of the game is to explore this vast and detailed story oriented alien world, while also bewaring of the large cylindrical object that destroys everything in its path. A survival single player game, The Eternal Cylinder has some of the most stunning visuals you’ll come across in a video game. If you meet the hefty system requirements, download this game without a second thought. 

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Thrive can be said to be Spore reborn. As the closest game to Spore on this list, Thrive takes the same concept of the Spore gameplay and makes it infinitely better with stunning immersive new age visuals. An open-source game about the all-intriguing evolution of life, you the player are pitted against the environment as you play by the rules of science to improve your species rating.

A vast world to explore, this game has been in development for more than 10 years. It is no longer just a sign of what Spore could’ve been, but a whole game on its own. 


If you’re looking for a more fast-paced game in the same sub-genre, Darkspore is exactly as the name suggests. It borrows the unique creature editing from the game spore and completely overhauls the gameplay. This is a science fiction game that has elements of action and adventure. The player experiences the game as one of the last remaining ‘Crogenitors’ a race of scientists that have been dabbling in genetic manipulation for eons. 

You traverse galaxies in the quest for purging the entire universe from the evil force of ‘Darkspore’ a mutant powerful and uncontrollable creature species that seek to corrupt all others. 

Though the game was discontinued by the developers, there are still versions of the game available online. 


Populous is one of the games that influenced Spore. Defining the ‘God genre’, it may be an old game but it is an iconic one. In this game, the player is a deity and has to use their divine powers to influence what’s happening down on earth. The game takes place in an ‘isometric perspective’ and you have multiple powers to be able to increase your followers and make sure that they outnumber the followers of a rival deity. 

There are 500 levels in the game, with each level corresponding to an area of land. Some of the basic powers that the player has is to move the terrain of the land in such a way that their followers get a chance to build a civilization while the rival followers do not. It is a game way ahead of its time that requires strategizing to master. 

Min System requirements for Spore

Windows XP:

  • 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
  • 512 MB RAM
  • A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  • At least 6 GB of hard drive space


  • Mac OS X 10.5.3 Leopard or higher
  • Intel Core Duo Processor
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • ATI X1600 or NVidia 7300 GT with 128 MB of Video RAM, or Intel Integrated GMA X3100
  • At least 4.7GB of hard drive space for installation, plus additional space for creations.
  • This game will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems (PowerMac).


As you can see these 19 games Like Spore have really got something that always keeps you engaged in the gameplay. These are all set in space if the universe and its objects attract you the most. Real-time strategy and modification in DNAs make it, even more, fun and exciting. So let’s try out these games here and let me know which one is the best for you.