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12 Games like Agario Online

12 Games like Agario Online

Games like

Agario is one of the most popular and massively multiplayer hit games that became widely recognized and gained a massive following. Today it is considered as one of the top 1000 websites. After making Agario for Android and Agario for iOS devices it received more than 10 million downloads. 

The game was created with a simple premise which is based on controlling one single cell in a map that you can compare to the scientific petri dish. The main goal is to swallow cells that are smaller than you in order to grow bigger and at the same time to avoid being eaten from those who are bigger than you. In the same time, players can grow their cells by consuming food which is randomly scattered all over the map in order to improve your mass.

Even though the gameplay is simple as it can be, it contains numerous features that will keep you involved and to ensure that you play without any problem. That includes experience team mode, skins, viruses, and the possibility to split cells in order to make defensive and attack move.

12 Games like Agario to Play Online

We decided to present your games list with all relevant alternatives and similar games that you can play and enjoy during your break time. The Game The Game

This particular game will give you the possibility to create your own worm and it is very interesting and addicting gaming and multiplayer experience. It is similar to pro because it contains different modes that you can play and also a healthy player pool that will give you the possibility to enjoy in numerous challenges that are in front of you. It is one of the best io games online that you can choose and perfect alternatives to

Unlike other io games online, you will have the option to swim around without spending any resources to shoot another snake, and killing them in order to claim size for yourself.



Transformice is free to play io game online will give you the possibility to enjoy on both your browser or from other platforms such as Android, iOS, and Steam. It became widely recognized since 2010 when it gained massive following and popularity in a matter of days.

The main objective in this io game is to grab all cheese which is one map and to bring it into a mouse hole. Even though this sounds stupid and simple, this is not the case for this amazing game. If you become successful in cheese collection, you will gain bonuses and points that will be recorded in your stats.



Eufloria is very similar to Agario pvp because it offers you the possibility to enjoy similar gameplay but in the artistic wrapper. It works on every single platform that is available on the market and it is at the same time challenging, relaxing and satisfying, just like unblocked. It was released for Windows in 2009 and soon afterwards it was created for other platforms in HD resolution.

Gameplay is based on space environment and the main objective is to overtake the entire Universe with your seeding that you plant trees and grow them in order to control it. There are 25 levels in a story mode and it is very relaxed, so there is plenty of time to enjoy playing it.


nebulous game

Nebulus is a great game for Android which is widely recognized and popular grow your own organism game. You just have to avoid large players and eat smaller ones in order to build up your own and increase the power. 

It comes with great features, which makes it amazing like private servers, and you will be able to reach numerous achievements that will keep you addicted all the way. You can customize your background with different themes, and a control scheme that you are comfortable with.


dogar game

Dogar is great Agario alternative where you have to choose a character of a blob and the idea is to eat as many other blobs so that you can survive and grow bigger. It is a great game because you will be able to use it simply, and it offers you mechanics, controls and gameplay which means a combination of strategy and cool action.

You have to eat smaller blobs and avoid getting eaten by bigger one. In the same time, you can earn different upgrades and enjoyable gameplay. It has cool visuals and great design which makes it addictive and challenging game.

You can download it for both iOS and Android devices from their own certified App Stores, and you can find it also online in order to enjoy from your PC or laptop.


osmos game

Osmos is free Agario like a game where you can combine different Puzzle strategies, Arcade and Action, where you can enjoy its world and engage in different gameplay that you choose. You will enter a dream-like environment, which makes this game perfect and very addictive for all its players and users. Your task is to absorb smaller Motes, to grow bigger and to attack bigger ones.

Everything is based on the idea that you have to grow bigger and bigger until you finish the level. In case that you get absorbed by other bigger Motes, you will die and start from a beginning, so try to avoid anybody contact from others that are bigger than you.

It is perfect Agario stream alternative, but you can also use it for both Android and iOS devices. Just download it for free from their certified Play Stores and you will be able to enjoy all the way. There is an online version, too, in case that you don’t want to install it directly on PC, but you will get fewer features. is amazing puzzle, action and great online clone that you will enjoy playing. This particular game will offer you the possibility to play as a tiny cell, because you just have to eat other Cells in order to get bigger and to avoid getting eaten by bigger ones.

The principal idea of survival is very attractive and it gained its massive following rapidly. It contains great design, setting; cool graphics and challenging gameplay that will make you want to play it all the time.

It is available to install on MAC and Windows PCs, but you can also choose online version directly from your browser without any additional problem.

Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush game

Cosmic Crush is a great action game where you can enjoy in almost any features as online. The idea is to pull smaller planets and asteroids in your gravity in order to get bigger. In case that you collide with bigger planets, you will get swallowed and the, therefore, the level will immediately restart from a beginning. At first, you start as a small rock, and as your goal is to grow bigger into asteroid or planet. Every level contains a different kind of engagement, which means that you will stay satisfied along the way.

The main downside is that it is not available on Android devices, but only for Apple users. Still, you will be able to play it through the browser as an online game as but with fewer features than through the app.

Dots Eater Battle Online

Dots Eater Battle Online

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This is one of the best online games like that combines Puzzle and MMO Action game and offers you mechanics and gameplay inspired by Agario. Gameplay is based on your character (Dot) and you have to absorb other smaller Dots in order to get bigger. When you become big enough, you will be able to attack bigger Dots and absorb them in order to get more points. When you reach the limit, the level will be completed and you will have to proceed to the next one with a different setting.

It allows you to eat other players, and pass deadly obstacles that will give you more points. There are also great rewards and upgrades that you can choose when you become bigger. It is funny and interesting to play and you will enjoy amazing sounds and visuals.

It is available for Android that you can choose to download and install directly from Play Store. In case that you want to play it through other devices or computer, you just have to enter their website and you will be able to enjoy all the way.

Ant Evolution

Ant Evolution game

Ant Evolution is amazing puzzle, action and arcade video game where the main objective is to grow bigger by eating smaller insects and of course, to avoid getting eaten by bigger ones. Find the ones that are smaller in mass than you in order to eat them and get more points. As soon as you reach an overall size, you will be able to eat other inspect and to defeat enemy bosses in order to finish the game. It offers you great visuals, and you will enjoy an amazing engagement throughout the game.

You will be able to install the app on Android phone in order to play it wherever you are.

Nokia Snake Online

Nokia Snake Online game

Nokia Snake Online is an amazing game that we all played on older Nokia phones. Today, it is great online game where the idea is to control the snake and to eat orbs that will appear on the screen. As soon as you eat them, you will get bigger and try to survive as much as you can without hitting your tail or head and screen walls.

It is available only on their website, but because of simplistic design of the website, you will be able to find it in a matter of seconds and start your stress-free enjoyment.

Armageddon Advanced

Armageddon Advanced game

Armageddon Advanced is amazing action, 3D and multiplayer video game that you can play on numerous platforms such as Mac, Linux or Windows. It was developed by Dave Fancella, and you have to control wheeled motorcycle. The best thing about it is that you can enter Multiplayer mode and to compete with others.

In the game, while you move you will leave colored trailed behind you. In case that you touch a trail or arena walls, you will be eliminated from the battle. You can turn 90 degrees to the right or left in order to survive and be the last one standing. The game contains numerous modes such as Wild Fortress, Fast-Track, Rotation, No Rubber, Death Match and much more.

In order to progress the game, you have to complete all objectives. However, you will have fast-paced gameplay which is very addictive.


We have presented you four perfect games that you can play on different platforms and that will provide you, Agario like worlds. All are based on the idea that you have to grow your own player and character in order to get a high score.

Most of them are made with simplistic design, which is the main proof that graphically is not important, but gameplay and idea that lies between everything.