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Hoi4 Console Commands, Cheats List

Hoi4 Console Commands, Cheats List

Hoi4 Console Commands

Hearts of Iron IV is the fourth one in the series that offers you a war strategy game and of course one of the most famous video games. The storyline takes the war running among the countries and in old eras like 1936, 1948, and so. As being a war game it needs that you make strategies and take down your enemy with theta. So it is a lot of fun and encourages you to step forward every time you win.

Gameplay is like a real-time war simulation where players choose the categories from Democracy, Fascism or Communism and get on war happenings. Here the player takes care of their troops, command them, make research about the country, does construction, and much more.

Hearts of Iron 4 - Hoi4 Console Commands, Cheats

Today’s article includes Hoi4 Console Commands that will take you to some fascinating commands. Using these Hoi4 cheats and commands you can make the game world a lot more appealing and enjoyable.

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List of Hoi4 Console Commands

Note: Names in Bold below are commands and on the right side are their effects.

add_equipment(ae) [(equipment amount)] [(equipment name)] – use it to add a specific equipment in the quantity you want.

add_latest_equipment(ale) [(equipment amount)] – this one is about giving you the latest variety of equipment and in the desired quantity.

whitepeace(wp) [(country tags)] – you can set the white peace with the countries you enter into the console.

teleport(tp) – want to teleport something? Then this command is very useful in transporting items.

allowdiplo(adiplo,nocb) – if ever you fell like not following the rules and serve the diplomacy then this one is perfect. You can set war without giving a damn.

Debug_nuking – now you can set the nuclear weapon in any province you want without paying attention to anything.

instantconstruction(ic)  do not worry about any construction as this command does your work and perform instant constructions.

event [event id] [(Target Country Tag)] – using it you can launch any event with the country of your choice.

research [(slot id) or “all”] – ever feel like researching about technology takes time? Use this one and get rid of it by knowing the technology.

Research_on_icon_click – go to the technology tree icon and make a research of any item.

annex [(Target Country Tag)] – begin a war to get additional territories with any country by just entering it into the console.

Winwars – using this cheat you can get maximum scores in any war you encounter.

manpower [(Amount)] – if you ever want to add some manpower then take this command and enter the amount you want it in.

add_opinion [(Country tag)] – just tag the country and ready to add an opinion.

observe(spectator) – this one can be used to make a pause to the game where no country plays and you do not get any messages. But this can hurt the AI aspect of the game.

spawn [(SubUnit Type)] [(Province ID)] [(Amount)] – this one brings a unit in the province where you just need to type the unit type, the province to get it and the amount in which you want the unit.

occupation paint(op) – this one is hilarious that gives you the control of any country’s land.

xp [XP amount] – wanna have some experience in army, navy, and air? Use this command that works once a day.

pp(fuhrer_mana,political_power) [PP amount] – if your political power is going low then try this command and set it high again.

help [command name] – get some help when you get all the console commands using this cheat.  This is going to be really helpful among all these console commands for Hearts of Iron 4.

Focus.AutoComplete – get all the national focuses off from you but be ready to see circumstance with AI.

Focus.NoChecks – similar one to the previous command that affects AI but takes away all the focus requirements.

Instant_prepare – this command lets you have some fun with naval invasions in just no time.

nu [number] – want any number of National Unity? Use this command and get it.

nuke [number] – help you by adding the required number of nuclear weapons.

Yesman – do not worry much about those AIs when you put this command. They will accept any diplomatic offer. Of course, it makes your journey easier and that’s why it’s among these Hearts of Iron 4 cheats and commands.

Rendertype – if you want to have a report or info on render backend then go for this one.

add_ideas [(idea name)] – just get this command, put your idea and get it with the country.

reload [file name] – if you already know the filename you want to reload assets of the use this command.

reload loc – just like the above one, this one brings back the localization files.

reload focus – a very simple command that brings back the focuses.        

reload land – this one is useful when you want to reload the land combat interface.    

Time – just get this code and get to know what time is it exactly.

reload fx [Arguments: map/map name/postfix or *.fx filename] – this big guy is used to reload the shader.

test tool(test) – get the testing tool.    

analyze theatres(anth) – check if any theatre draws any error.

massconquer(massc) – it works as a mass conquer tool.    

delete units(dellal) – want to have some more fun? Try this command and it will delete all the units of mentioned countries.

theaters rebuild(rebuild) – use just one command and it will build all the theatres in the world.

Trade Routes – using it you can choose between turn on or off the visibility of trade routes.

Debug_tactics – in the same way, this one turn on and off the visibility of debug tooltip.

allowdiplo(adiplo,nocb) – this one allows you to use diplomacy that means the diplomatic actions beyond nay rules.

reload supply(alsup) – get the supply systems initiated again.

deltat [(speed factor)] – the command control the animation speeds    

building_health(health) [(building type)] [(state or prov id)] [(building level)] [(health to add)] – fill all these fields and gain a health level in all the specified areas.

instantconstruction(ic) – this allows you an instant construction of things. A great cheat indeed.

Menopause Text – get quality screenshots by using the command.

Next Song – if you are more like a soundtrack lover than initiate the command and enjoy a different music.

morehumans(humans) [num] – want to see more humans> use this command.

window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name] – type the name of the window you want to open or close.

Reload Interface – just clear out everything by reloading the interface.

Reload Technologies – regain the database of technology by putting this command on.

Update Equipments – just like the technology, get the database of equipment using this one.

Update Subunits – for subunit database, use this command.

Pause_in_hours – definer the hours and your game will be paused after that amount of time.


add_autonomy [(Target Country Tag)] [num]     – define the fields and make modifications to a country’s autonomy level.  

Resign – simple if you want to resign or get out from the game.    

add_interest [(Country tag)] – add any country tag and define your interest.

remove_interest [(Country tag)] – just like you add it you can remove your interest using this command.

Get Random Count – pressing 0 and 1 you can set the random count.

Ai – make your wish if you want to turn on or off the AI.

fow(debug_fow) [(Province ID) OPTIONAL] – enter the name of the province you can turn off the war fog there.

Save Game – if you don’t want to lose the game data then simply follow the command.

IP – instantly brings your IP on the screen.

Requestgamestate – you can view the gamestate.

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Nudge – access the nudge tool.    

mapmode [Mapmode type (int)] – works for changing mapmode.    

Fullscreen– go to the fullscreen game.

add_core [(State ID)] – get the state ID and add core.

remove_core [(State ID)] – similarly, remove core.    

Cityreload – makes the cities to reload.

Error – get the errors in the log.

version    Show – the command gets you the current version of the game.

spawnactor [(Actor Name)] [(Province ID)] [(Animation) OPTIONAL]    – enter the name of the actor with the province id and animation and get it spawn.

Camera Clamp – switch on or off the camera clamping.    

reload weather [(randomseed)] – the command is a weather regenerator or it reloads it too.

Weather – get weather simulation on or off.    

debug_air_vs_land(dbg_cas) – switch on or off the debug mode to have battles in air vs land mode.

gb paint [layer] [channel] – get the border painting on or off.

debug_crash(crash) – just crash simply.

sleep(wait) [time in sec] – get in the sleep mode for the specific time.

goto_province [province id] – instantly jump to any province.    

Hdr – you can toggle for hdr.    

Hdr_debug – for hdr debugging    

Help Log – use the command and print all the console commands to log file.    

Instant_prepare – go instant with the naval invasions using this command.

pp [number] – if you want to set the Political Power ten do it by specifying the amount required.

Debug_zoom – get your game in the zooms.

debug_show_event_ID – if you are confused about any event ID then use it.    

debug_events    – make your machine to count the events.

Debug_dumpevents – get your game data dumped to game log.

Debug_diploactions – just like the events, it counts the diplomatic actions.

Debug_dumpdiploactions – and it takes the diplomatic action data to game log.

Debug_smooth – enable or disable frame smoothing.

Debug_nomouse – make mouse scrolling on and off.

Debug_terrain – make the terrain on and off.

Debug_cities – get the cities painting in on and off mode.

Debug_water– water gets on and off.

How to Use Console Commands

Press Shift+2, §, ~, `, “, ^ or ALT+2+1, or Shift+3 to access the console.


Finishing this list of cheats & console commands hoi4. I just want to say that try these and have fun. Cheats and commands are a new way to take your gaming experience to the next level.