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5 Reasons Why You Should Give Australian Online Casinos a Try

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Australian Online Casinos a Try

Australian Online Casinos

In Australia, gambling was illegal previously and became legal not that long ago. Because of that, tons of online pokies appeared in Australia, and while some people have already tried them out, you probably didn’t.


However, you may feel like you want to try them out, and if you do, please, stick around. As further in our article, we would like to tell you the reasons why Australian online pokies are worth giving a shot at.

Why Should You Try Online Pokies in Australia?

As we have previously mentioned, there are tons of online pokies in Australia right now. However, if you are hesitant to decide whether you want to try them out or not, below, we would like to tell you the reasons why you should try them out.

It’s Profitable

Probably the most obvious reason why you should try out online casinos in Australia is due to the fact that in them, you have a chance of winning money. Of course, the amount of money you can actually win greatly depends on which game you play, what odds you pick, whether you are using bonus offers or not, etc.

Still, in general, as long as you play considerably and don’t waste all of your money, you should be good. Winning money at online pokies is not as hard as you may think, so you should definitely give them a try.

It’s Safe and Legal

As we have previously mentioned, until not that long ago, gambling in Australia was illegal. Neither online nor offline casinos were available, and if you tried to gamble, you could have very serious problems with the law.

However, as of right now, this is not the case at all anymore. This is because the government of Australia legalized gambling, both online and offline, and now, you will not have any problems gambling whatsoever. All the Australian online pokies operate under certain licenses as well.

It’s Mobile

While at regular offline pokies, you have to visit them personally. You can use online pokies at any place and time you want. There are two ways of doing so: either by using the mobile website of the online pokie or by using a mobile app.


Australian online pokies provide both Android and iOS mobile applications absolutely for free, meaning you will have no problem finding the version that you need. Also, all the apps have low system requirements these days, meaning even if your mobile device is pretty old, the apps will still not lag.

It’s Fun

Apart from being profitable, gambling in Australia can also be really fun. This is because Australian online pokies go out of their way to ensure that you have as many gambling options as possible.

These days, at pokies, you can find thousands of various games, and they are available both in Line and Live mode, meaning you will not only be able to play alone but will also be able to play against live dealers and communicate with other players.

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It Helps You with Improving

This is more of a side effect of gambling, but it is still present nevertheless. When playing various games at online pokies, you subconsciously get new abilities. For example, with time, you will definitely notice that thanks to gambling and playing various games, your math skills will increase. You will also be able to make decisions much quicker and accurately.

Which Games Should You Choose?

As we have previously mentioned, Australian online pokies offer you a wide range of games to pick from. They are:

  • Slots. Slots are perfect for people who are new to online gambling in Australia. This is because, in comparison to other games, slots are really easy to play since you will only need to deposit money, enter the bet amount, and spin;
  • Roulettes. Similar to Slots, Roulettes are also fit for new players. In Roulette games, all you will need to do is to predict where the arrow will land once the wheel stops spinning. The game is quick and profitable since roulette odds are usually really high;
  • Blackjack. In Blackjack, you can play alone or with your friends. The goal of Blackjack is to get the value of cards as close to 21 as possible while not going over that amount. You will be competing against the dealer, who will be playing along without;
  • Poker. Poker is a game that requires a bit more skill than the previous ones. In Poker, the dealer gives you cards, and your goal is to get a combination of cards that is better than your opponent’s. You can also bluff and make it look like you have an incredible hand while having bad cards because your opponent may think that you have good cards and pass, thus letting you win his money.

About Fair GO

Since you are new to gambling in Australia, you are probably not familiar with which online pokies are worth using and which is not. We would like to help you solve that problem, as we want to tell you about the online casino Fair GO.


Fair GO Casino Australia has operated since 2017. Over the course of more than 5 years, the casino has constantly been improving, and now, it is one of the best options for gambling in Australia. The casino offers you thousands of various games to choose from, including the games that we have previously mentioned, and all of them are accessible in Live mode as well.

You can also significantly improve your winnings at Fair GO by using various bonuses and promotions since you can get a Welcome Bonus, as well as other promotions like Cashback or Free Spins. Fair GO is widely popular in Australia, so it’s a safe bet to try it out.