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Most Popular Online Casino Card Games

Most Popular Online Casino Card Games

Gambling is a way to not only have fun but also to win a lot of money. It’s hard to deny since many Australian pokies provide such great conditions that you can easily win a lot. But of course, before being able to win a lot of money, you should properly prepare first.

Before rushing into the gambling world, you should first pick which game you would like to play. Today, we would like to tell you about the most popular card games that Australian gamblers choose and play.

Which Card Games Are the Most Popular in Australian Casinos

Below, you will find 3 of the best card games that you can play in Australian casinos.


The first one we would like to tell you about today is Blackjack. Blackjack originates in France and is a wonderful card game to play at any Australian pokie. The game is great for new players, as its rules are fairly simple. While playing Blackjack, you will get 2 cards, and so will the dealer. Your goal is to get your cards to score 21 or as close to 21 as possible while not getting more than that amount. Of course, since you are competing against the dealer, the same goes for them.

You can get more cards than the first 2 original ones. If you want to get another card, you can tap on the table or say “Hit,” and the dealer will give you one more card. There is no limit to how many cards you can get as long as you don’t get more than 21.

When it comes to the dealer, it is a bit different. If the combination of the dealer’s cards scores less than 17, they have to get one more card. If the score is 17 or more, the dealer has to stay with his cards.


Another great option in Australian online pokies is Poker. Poker is also a card game; however, its rules are different from the Blackjack game. In Poker, the dealer will also give you two cards, but you will not get more than that amount. After that, players take turns thinking about whether they want to raise the stake, keep it or pass from playing further. After that, the dealer lays out a card on the table. This happens up to 5 times until there are 5 cards on the deck. With the cards that you have in your hand and the cards that are on the table, your goal is to get a combination of cards that is better than your opponent’s.


The last game we would like to tell you about today is Baccarat. Baccarat is a relatively simple game, yet it is really fun to play. In Baccarat, you will be playing against the dealer as well. The rule of Baccarat is that you will have to predict who will get a winning hand – the dealer or you. The dealer will give themselves and your cards, and each card has its own value. By correctly predicting who has a better hand, you will win. You can also choose to place a bet on a tie since both you and the dealer can get the same value of cards. If your tie bet wins, you will get 9 times the amount of your bet.

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How to Increase Your Winnings at Australian Pokies

Now that you know from which games you can choose, we would also like to help you in learning how to win more money by playing these games. The tips are actually really simple and intuitive. You should do the following:

  • Use strategies. Veterans of gambling have been developing various tactics to play various card games in Australia, and you should definitely use them. You can rest assured that thanks to them, you will win a lot more money since all of them are tested over time and have proven to be working;
  • Use promotions. Apart from improving your skills, you can use bonuses and promotions to increase your winnings. Australian pokies offer you a wide range of various bonuses, the most popular ones being the Welcome Bonus, Cashback, and Free Spins. The bonuses are great for winning more money, as this is their sole purpose, and they also have great wagering requirements that can be met in any game;
  • Keep a budget. In order to win a lot of money from playing card games in the long run, you should get in the habit of keeping a certain budget specifically for gambling. This way, you will always have money to gamble and play card games while also not having to worry about losing, as the money was specifically kept for playing at Australian pokies.

About King Johnnie

We would also like to offer you the services of King Johnnie – one of the best pokies known in Australia. King Johnnie is a great online casino that provides its gambling services in Australia. The casino provides all of its users with thousands of various games, including card games, of course, and all the games can bring you a lot of money, as they have really high odds. You will not have to worry about the safety and legality of using King Johnnie, as this pokie is licensed by Curacao and therefore is absolutely safe and legal to use.

King Johnnie also offers you to play various card games in Live mode. This can be done by accessing the Live Casino section, where games such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and others are available to you. You can also choose to use various bonuses and promotions that King Johnnie provides since there are tons of them, and no matter which one you pick, you will undoubtedly be able to win a lot more money. Use the link and start gambling!