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20 Best Anime Soldier Characters Of All Time (Guys & Girls) –

20 Best Anime Soldier Characters Of All Time (Guys & Girls) –

20 Best Anime Soldier Characters Of All Time (Guys & Girls) –

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a movie with a military character in the title, but the U.S. Army has brought us a film that is sure to please both American and non-American audiences alike. Captain Phillips is a movie about one man’s fight to survive in a situation that would cause most to crumble. We see him take on one of the biggest threats that the United States has faced in decades. He makes you care about what happens to him, because he’s a character that you can relate to. This is sure to appeal to just about everyone.

Anime is a huge part of my life. I wouldn’t say that I watch an hours worth of anime each day, but I do make sure to keep up with new shows as I’m able. I also don’t just watch the shows that I like, but I also check out the ones that I don’t. This can be a very good thing for those of you who like to watch anime and make sure that you’re not missing anything.

I am a big fan of Anime & Manga. I am also a big fan of the male anime character. Here are the Top 20 Best Anime Male Characters (Guys only). Read more about shy male anime characters and let us know what you think.Man or woman, everyone looks good in uniform.

Bonus points for fighting for our freedom.

To show our appreciation for these sexy defenders, we’ve compiled a list of the best soldier characters the anime has to offer. Don’t doubt my logic, this is just a good list for true anime fans.

Best Slice of Life characters and protagonists (Rating)

20. Perfumes of Ichinosa

Anime: Owari no Seraph

Guren is an archetypal character that one can only admire.

Even though he is the commander, no one seems more annoyed than when a meeting is called or strategy needs to be explained.

He can also be very cruel when his subordinates disobey him. Even though we all know he loves her very much.

But most importantly, he’s not afraid to say how it is, and he turns on Yuu when he does something incredibly stupid. And look at that smug face.

19. Levy

Anime: Attack on Titan.

Speaking of absolute beefcakes, they too are at the mercy of ……… surrendered to.

The specimen is probably best known for this archetype. His unadulterated reproductive face seems to be on everyone’s lips as the new season begins.

He is considered the strongest soldier in mankind, and he lives up to that title. As we have seen, he has single-handedly destroyed countless Titans and even trained assassins.

Like Guren, Levi has a very direct approach to life and will kick your ass if you apologize or have to deal with his emotional side.

18. Suzuha Amane

Anime: The Steins. Objective.

Spoiler alert.

Sudzuha before and after the identification is a big gap. At first, she seems like a cute, goofy character who has fun fixing a motorcycle and joining the gang.

But then we learn that he is an elite soldier from the future who can (and will) beat you up if you get in his way. Not only is she physically strong, but she knows how to stay away from weapons. And she turned out to be very smart, she even helped her future father with a time machine.

This is called a full package.

17. Saichi Sugimoto

Anime: Gold Kamui

I thought that man was worse than he was.

I mean, he’s a big, muscular man with more scars than I’ve ever seen under a pile of bodies.

And yet, when he left the battlefield, he was very calm. The best evidence of this is the way he communicates with the Asirpa when they share aspects of their culture, such as recipes and knowledge. He always seems to be a very intrigued exchange student.

He also gives up some of the killing, at least when it’s under his control.

16. Tanya Degurechaff

Anime: The saga of Tanya Wicked…

As the name suggests, Tanya has nothing in common with the previous choice in terms of usability.

He is known for slitting the throat and breaking the arms of those who do not obey. And they are but his subordinates …. Your opponents are in a much worse position.

And yet there is something so fundamentally wrong with her that I can’t help but scream when she blows up another train.

That is, she is in fact the past, the one who was killed and managed to make God angry enough to place her in this new, war-torn world.

15. Mas Hughes

Anime: Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

So let’s get back to the good soldiers!

Maes is primarily used as a comedic element in the series, and in a superior way, you might say.

But he’s no coward either. If it’s hard, it gets harder.

The first thing we learn about Mace is his absolute adoration and devotion to his family. His daughter and wife never seem to leave his mind, which is just adorable. It’s almost impossible to dislike this man.

He would probably make a Soldier Come Home video about our world. And I would definitely cry.

14. Suzaku Kururugi

Anime: The Gisa code

Suzaku is a bit more complicated than the previous options.

Suzaku has killed his father, feels very guilty and is willing to do anything to forgive his sin.

Therefore, for a time, he is the perfect soldier for England: He never doubts his orders and carries them out without fail.

But with the arrival of Zero/Lelush, things get a little more complicated, so now Suzaku wants to kill his old friend so there can be true peace. And if you watch the show, you know how it ends.

13. Tadaomi Karasuma

Anime: Search on

Unlike all the other well-known characters in the series, Tadaomi is not an assassin, but an agent of the Ministry of Defense.

Basically, he is responsible for the care of his students and also teaches Koro-sensei.

But the emotional impact is almost nil because it’s still serious. Irina has never been a parade girl, although driving men crazy is her specialty.

But I think that’s the attitude a good cop should have, it fits him very well.

And let’s face it: Despite the fact that he never smiles or shows any emotion, no one doubts Irina and her taste in men.

12. Laura Bodevig

Anime: Endless Stratos

Technically, Laura is not yet a full-fledged soldier. But she is on the right track, as she is in her first year at the IS Academy.

And I think she’s going to be a monster when she leaves the academy, because she not only has the skills, but the perfect attitude to move up the rankings.

For the first time in the history of anime, we have a heroine who kisses a boy once she realizes she loves him, in front of everyone!

The only thing that bothers me is their superiority complex. Especially since she was from Germany, no stereotypes, but we saw how that ended the last time.

11. Yoji Itami

Anime: Destination

This man is the most common, but also the most unusual character to have appeared in anime.

With a very tragic family life, he turns to anime and becomes an otaku.

He manages to get into the army, passes all the tests, but passes on the otaku virus to other soldiers. At this point, one might think that he is just an opportunist and will soon be expelled from the military, but no!

Thanks to his ingenuity, he manages to persevere and become a bridge between the human and the supernatural. What a guy.

10. Griffith

Anime: Berserk

Understanding Griffith is a feat that mere mortals are incapable of.

Once he joins the team, we see him use his charisma to the fullest, while leaving plenty of room for his agility and swordplay.

Everyone on his team was willing to put their lives in his hands, and even the older executives who hated him couldn’t resist his smooth talk, piercing gaze, and supernatural charm.

Because he was such a great man, every failure had dramatic consequences and exhausted everyone under his command.

Was he doing it for world peace, for his ego, for his inner self? I have no idea.

9. Mikasa Ackermann

Anime: Attack on Titan.

In many ways, Mikasa is essentially a Levi, but she has the right to be a waifu.

She is also a very good fighter, having been a Levi herself, and can handle very stressful situations without losing her mind.

That is, as long as Eren is not involved. This child is both her weakness and her strength, and she is willing to take on at least a hundred Titans if it means she can save him.

From a military standpoint, this is not the best option because it goes against orders unless they guarantee Ehren will be released from prison at 56. But for us observers, it’s very interesting to see her get angry.

8. Deceased

Anime: Akame go-kill!

The fact that Esmertus is leading an army is very hilarious.

Because whatever weapons or skills they have, they don’t need them. If she wanted, she could freeze the entire invasion force and be done with it.

But even with this incredible strength, she is a surprisingly good soldier, in that she doesn’t go against her king and does her dirty work even when she gets in his way.

For his part, he tried to lead the way, but he failed.

7. Rudolf von Stroheim

Anime: JoJo’s strange adventures – Battle Adventures

The man is an absolute fool in every sense of the word. And that’s exactly why I love it.

See Also

Okay, he’s a Nazi, so maybe I should rephrase that last part. Rudol is a tough guy, there’s no doubt about that. And he will use innocent civilians as lab rats for his experiments.

But he’s also incredibly brave and doesn’t shy away from a fight, even if it means blowing him up or chopping off his leg.

And ultimately he contributed to the eventual defeat of the Pillar Men, so he’s not that bad.

6. Cullen Stadfeld

Anime: The Gisa code

I’ve said it before, but Cullen is just the last crumb.

She has a mindset of suppressing her feelings and throwing random tantrums. But when it comes to leadership, she is the perfect soldier, both in ability and dedication.

We must also realize that she is a strong and independent woman, for she raises her arms even when she is completely naked.

And of course, when she has sentimental moments, it is the most beautiful and moving experience of her life.

5. Ikta Solork

Anime: Aldermine in the air

Ikta is a character any slacker would love to be.

Someone doesn’t want to go to class and takes a nap all day.

And when he’s not napping, he’s flirting with hot senoritas. Besides, he’s a bad fighter, even if he was in the army.

But you know what?

It doesn’t matter because Ikta has such a big brain and plays 3D checkers while his opponent plays checkers. Thus, the lazy general Invincible was born.

4. Roy Mustang

Anime: Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In many ways, Roy reminds me of Ikta.

At first glance, he always rejects everything on paper and dreams only in his high and mighty head. He’s also the proverbial flirt and has probably been through a lot.

But if you take all that away, you’re dealing with a thoughtful tactician, constantly thinking about his next move and gathering information.

With that in mind, Ikta’s aura will rest on his shoulders for a few more years.

3. Henry’s groove

Anime: Example

The figure is just a BKA detective.

But given the situations he finds himself in, I think calling him a soldier is an exaggeration.

She is a very thorough person who tries to look at everything objectively and collect what she believes is valuable information about the show. He’s as stubborn as a mule and will chase you to the end of the world if it means solving a problem.

His family life suffers from this mentality, but the boy has a good character.

2. Willem Kmetz

Anime: WorldEnd (What do you do at the end of the world?) Are you busy? Are you going to save us?

God, the short stories and their titles.

Anyway, William is a fabulously tragic but sympathetic hero. He is literally the last of his kind.

And if that wasn’t enough, people aren’t at all happy that he survived!

It makes him think seriously about survivor’s guilt. But fortunately, he soon transforms into a caring and passionate heart.

He also grew up in foster care, so the little kids are his little angels of joy. Even if someone continues to interpret their love for children in an obscene way.

1. Yoko Littner

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

For a change, I want to take this opportunity to look at the revolutionary army and the little man who honestly led it to many victories: Yoko.

Science has not yet figured out if it is possible to hate Yoko.

She’s a funny, sweet, cool woman who works with a sniper one day and a modeling coach the next.

Some even claim that their genetic code is so perfect that the authors had to be careful not to pass it on to save future generations.


There are many characters that will work for any kind of RPG. They can be major characters or just minor NPCs, but they have to be memorable and have to serve a purpose. But sometimes, they are just too awesome to be forgotten. So, we are picking 20 of the best, and in this article we will talk about the best Anime characters as well as the worst.. Read more about dorky anime characters and let us know what you think.