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How Long Should You Expect Your Mac to Last?

How Long Should You Expect Your Mac to Last?



Buying a MacBook means investing more than 1000 dollars for a piece of technology. For some, this amount of money is pocket change, whereas others may be reluctant to spend it. They want to make sure that a computer is worth the money. If you need to replace a piece of hardware after a couple of months, the desire disappears quite quickly, right? And it is not just hardware that could lead to problems.

So how long should a MacBook last, and is it really that good of an investment? Let’s take a look at what there is to know about Macs and whether they are the right choice.

New Macs and Old Macs

As one can expect, there are quite a few factors that determine how long a computer will last. A couple of things that stand out the most are what you are planning to do with the MacBook and how you are going to use it.

Running resource-heavy applications for hours every day will put a toll on the hardware and reduce its lifespan. For example, you might be tempted to mine cryptocurrency and have the computer running 24/7.

Another thing to note is that getting a second-hand Mac is also one of the options. You may be thinking that spending less money and getting a MacBook from a random person rather than an official store is worth it. Well, if the second-hand model is in decent condition, you may get a few years out of it, but overall, it is still better to invest money in a brand new Mac.

Different MacBook Models

If you decide to pick a new Mac model and stick to your decision, remember that there are a couple of available options.

Apple stopped manufacturing the traditional MacBook model back in 2019. Now, Mac aficionados can pick between Air and Pro models.

When it comes to longevity, the Pro seems to have an edge. Experts estimate that MacBook Pro should last for about 7 years, whereas the MacBook Air lifespan ranges between 5 to 7 years.

The difference is pretty much non-existent in some sense, right? If you get either of the two models, you can expect to have a laptop that should last you for roughly 6 or 7 years, provided that you take proper care of it.

Potential Problems

Neglecting to maintain your MacBook in good shape is bound to shorten the computer’s lifespan. Some people do not realize that little damages and other harm accumulate over time and leave you with a lackluster laptop.

The potential hazard range is quite wide. It can be your pet who suddenly decides to sleep on the MacBook and leave its hair all over the computer. Small particles like pet hair inside the laptop are a problem. Spilling a drink on the keyboard is another thing that might happen.

Of course, it is not just outside hazards that could shorten the MacBook’s lifespan. If you are not careful with cybersecurity, a virus or malware may find a way on the computer and start causing performance problems.

Comparisons to PCs

It is popular to compare MacBooks with personal computers. If you are set on getting a MacBook, persuading you to take a different route and get a PC might be quite difficult. Nevertheless, it might still be worth your while to explore available options.

Since MacBooks are assembled by one manufacturer—Apple—there are not that many models or individual pieces of hardware to choose from. On the other hand, the situation is different for personal computers.

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There are various manufacturers that offer different pieces of hardware. It is possible to build a custom computer and have parts from different manufacturers.

As for the longevity, it is understandable that different components make it quite difficult to determine just how long a personal computer would also.

At the same time, it is also worth noting that replacing PC parts is easier than it is replacing MacBook parts. And some would argue that accessories like monitors are not as great as for MacBooks as those available for PCs. Whether that makes a difference in your choice is up to you.

Extending Mac Lifespan

The last bit to talk about is extending a MacBook’s lifespan. There are quite a few ways to make sure that your MacBook does not end up in a computer service store or gets thrown away because it stops functioning.

Let’s start with antivirus software. Make sure to have one, so it detects and eliminates potential threats.

Freeing up the storage is another good piece of advice. A cluttered drive slows down the system and puts a strain on the hardware.

Lastly, get in the habit of removing the dust inside your Mac regularly. The filth that accumulates inside should be removed when you hear loud noises from the internal Mac fans. Getting a cooling pad is worth a shout as well.