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Marketing Secrets: How to Convert Your Followers into Potential Leads?

Marketing Secrets: How to Convert Your Followers into Potential Leads?

Marketing Secrets: How to Convert Your Followers into Potential Leads?

The art of marketing is very complex and consists of many layers. It doesn’t allow business owners to use magical shortcuts or special tools that will spawn thousands of happy new clients. Promoting a product or service on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other, you’ll have to keep in mind an array of rules, which have to be followed at all times.

Before we begin, you have to take into account that managing pages on social networks assumes that you generate unique content, even one unit of which will require you to create a poster using great poster templates, write a high-quality text, and set up some parameters (including advertisement).

Make a Content Plan and Stick to It

People visit their favorite media platforms as long as they see their beloved personalities and brands there; thus, the regular presence of your business on the Web is crucial. You can easily simplify this task by making up a content plan.

Basically, a content plan is a schedule, which is usually updated on a weekly or monthly basis. It allows you to plan the activity of your account (that is, creating posts, editing photos and videos) in advance.

You can use any convenient tool to make a schedule: for example, spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers (developed by Apple) are the most often applied ones. Also, on the Internet, you can find special applications that offer complete solutions for content plan creation.

Marketing specialists strive to have content ready for a whole week ahead. As a result, they can focus on developing long-term complex promotion strategies.

Analyze, Advertise, Repeat


The world of marketing offers lots of different advertising options. However, there are two most efficient approaches — email subscription and official services offered within each platform, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads (used for YouTube advertisement too), Twitter Ads, and others.

Providing their email addresses, people open the doors to some kind of inner sanctum of theirs. It gives brands an opportunity to send exclusive or personalized deals and offers, which can easily convert the subscribers into leads. While email subscriptions are extremely productive and provide a lot of data for analysis, it is rather hard to get one’s personal address; hence, we have to consider other methods too.

Nowadays, official ad services give business owners a chance to run campaigns on their online platforms with budgets of as little as $5. Moreover, they let you obtain information like the age or sex of people successfully reached or engaged. Plus, you receive other pieces of data like interests, geolocation, cost per result, and others.

Be Quoted

One of the organic promotion approaches is about making members of a specific social network or representatives of mass media quote and feature you in their feeds. This method is rarely used, as it requires considerable effort for implementation. However, these efforts do pay off.

Actually, if you have ever seen interesting infographics catching your eye while you are scrolling your feed, it means that you were targeted by one’s ad campaign of this sophisticated kind. The idea of such advertisements is as fair as possible — the brand is providing its potential clients with valuable content and receives their attention in return.

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Always Stay Tuned

Being in sync with your audience is another vital aspect of social media marketing, which directly influences people’s trust in your company and your product or service. In practice, you (or a person responsible for managing the brand’s accounts on online platforms) have to be aware of society’s agenda that is of great interest and importance today.

Being socially conscious is a really positive trend, which is growing immensely among people nowadays. It will be hard for those potential buyers to rely on a brand that doesn’t share or, at least, is not aware of concerns of 2021. It is better to work in pairs while managing presence on the Web; thus, no one gets too exhausted by reading news day by day.

Community Management and Assistance


In short, a community demands communication. It is a proven fact that people tend to buy from companies that are ready to talk with them directly. When we talk about social networks, it is even more significant, as soon as users on the Internet are more likely to enjoy receiving assistance in written form rather than verbally.

A professional manager has to reply to a vast majority of comments received on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Whether these are compliments, hate speeches, or recommendations, users have to understand that their ideas are heard and their complaints are taken into account.


Honesty is the key feature that leads to the conversion of followers to buyers sooner or later. Even speaking of paid advertising, it is unacceptable to trick users by luring them into your web. Being useful, polite, and always ready to help is the single best method to steal the user’s heart.