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Will League of Legends Adopt to the Crypto Trend

Will League of Legends Adopt to the Crypto Trend

Blockchain technology has begun to make breakthroughs into a variety of mainstream sectors around the world. It’s been called “the technology that will open the door to the future” and “the decade’s biggest revolution.” Another one that has had its share of these significant developments in the game industry. With the hot winds of NFT and the temptation of cryptocurrency, the gaming industry is also poised to enter this world.

Cryptocurrencies are certainly gaining a foothold in the gaming sector. With the increasing number of both the gaming audience and crypto users day by day, this parallel relationship is compounding. Furthermore, with the explosion of the rapidly trending NFT, we are witnessing the rise of crypto.

Blockchain game studios are also not afraid to get involved, as they see this rise. Many games have already entered this industry. For example, Sorare, Wallem, and even GTA 6, which is expected to join the crypto world, are on this list.

One of the biggest game companies, Valve, the company that owns Steam, said that they would not get involved in crypto and NFT events. Because they are not sure if this is a profitable move, and this massive company is not quite ready to take risks. But Steam’s arch-rival Epic Games has announced that they can keep games containing crypto, NFT, or Blockchain in their stores, even if they do not allow this event for their productions yet. This is a huge step forward for the cryptocurrency and gaming world.

Is LoL Adaptable to This?

We can say for sure that a MOBA game like LoL can adopt Blockchain so quickly. For example, we can think of things like the advanced marketplace or owning items. Or, if we think further, imagine that game characters are transferred to Blockchain based on NFT? It may provide many different possibilities.

And more, of course, betting. Many players who follow eSports know how LoL is going through in this community. Events such as world championships called LCS bring together millions of people and give them the chance to watch competitive matches and even bet.

It is not enough to count how crypto makes things easier and its benefits in terms of betting in such activities. Bet on League of Legends has never been so easy with crypto. Think of the miracles that could happen if this action, which will make most bettors smile, happens.

Will Riot Games Be Involved In Crypto?

Riot Games, the founding company of League of Legends, one of the biggest and top games in the game market, manages to carry itself to the next level by publishing new games and carrying out activities to increase the player base. Thanks to its popularity and rise in eSport tournaments, it also brings in many competitive fans. But of course, these fans want to do more than just watch the games.

A few months ago, a multi-year deal was signed between cryptocurrency exchange FTX and Riot Games. This partnership involves FTX’s branding display during a seasonal tournament, by other means in eSports matches. Additionally, FTX will directly sponsor the Riot Games’ “Most Improved Player Award.”

Could this great partnership between LoL, which has 120 million active users, and FTX, the sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, indicate something? It would be an extraordinary step for Riot Games to work towards the gradual incorporation of crypto and Blockchain into the gaming world.

Imagine how excited crypto fans were to hear this! We can only hope for more crypto exposure for Riot Games in the crypto space, but the reality remains that it is critical for so many players and crypto users. People ask themselves what if this cooperation goes further? That would be a perfect step for both industries.

Epik company, which is frequently mentioned in the NFT and Blockchain world, may have made some breakthroughs. According to the latest speculative news, Tencent, the founding company of Riot Games, is said to have invested in a company called Epik, where you can trade in-game NFT items. This could be a good indicator for Riot Games to break into the crypto world.

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Rapid Growth of Riot Games: LoL Universe

Of course, you know how popular and widespread this huge game, which has been released for more than 10 years, is. The LoL universe, which continues to develop and grow with its vast universe, is the first love of Riot Games. Brand new games continue to be added to this adventure that started with LoL and its variations.

One of the best examples of this, Valorant, although it was released a short time ago, caught the popularity of LoL in a very short time and now has millions of players. For Valorant, which is at least as active as LoL in the field of eSports, both players and bettors are very eager for crypto. 

Bettors don’t need to know the games very well, but they should still keep up with what’s going on in the game, picks chosen or champions played by players. They should also follow the Esport matches regularly from one of the top esport brands among players in order to watch all the matches on time. Both LoL and Valorant bettors and players use that kind of website. 

Riot, which achieved another great success with the “Arcane” series it released a few weeks ago, continues to show success after success. We can understand this from the fact that there are thousands of fans who do not even play the game. Its popularity increased a lot with soundtracks and lore. It has managed to become the most-watched series on Netflix from its first week.

Of course, developing something new is not an easy step. However, we have no doubt that if this rate continues, Riot will enter the cryptocurrency market and adopt without difficulty. Let’s wait and see and try not to feed in midlane in the meantime!