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New World DPS Build Ups You Must Try Out

New World DPS Build Ups You Must Try Out

Amazon’s New World took its place as the hottest new MMORPG months ago on its release.

Soon after, the game went through some massive hiccups, which led to quite a number of players leaving the game. New World soon got its fixes and patches, and players are back at it, playing to their heart’s content.

As players level their New World classes in New World, they will be faced with a number of choices, one of them being the kind of role they want their character to take on. Some players choose to be Tanks, while others go the route of Healers.

This article is not for them, however. Our expert team of gamers here at SSEGold has crafted a one-stop guide for the Best DPS Builds in New World.

Stuck deciding which DPS New World builds you should go for? Then read on ahead!

Best DPS Builds in New World

Spear and Musket DPS Build

Musket: You will get access to a plethora of DoT effects if you were to select the severalseveralSharpshooter tree, such as the Shooting Stance abilities and the Powder Skills. You must use the Musket as your primary weapon, taking it out when you spot an enemy from a distance and nail them before they can reach you.

Spear: If your enemies manage to close the distance and/or you are running low on ammo, then you need to take out your Spear to deal with them with useful DoT’s like Rend and Bleed.

Attributes: Focus on investing in Dexterity with minimal investment into Intelligence and Strength.

Greataxe and Warhammer DPS Build

Greataxe: An overall solid weapon choice for any of the New World Classes, especially for solo leveling characters. Your basic active abilities that work best with the Greataxe are Charge, Whirlwind, and Execute. These skills, when upgraded, can sweep through mobs without breaking a sweat.

Warhammer: In New World PvE, if you want a potent combination of brute strength and crowd control, select the Juggernaut tree and choose active abilities such as Wrecking Ball, Might Gavel, and Armor Breaker.

Attributes: Focus only on Strength. Your only priority is brute force!


Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff DPS Build


Ice Gauntlet: The Ice Gauntlet proves to be highly effective at dealing damage to large groups of enemies. Focus on skills like Ice Pylon and Ice Spikes. Ice Pylon does the job of slowly whittling enemies down over time while Ice Spikes excels at wave clearing mobs. Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff make for an excellent New Worlds Mage Build for DPS.

Fire Staff: Unlike the Ice Gauntlet, the Fire Staff is focused n targeting individual enemies for large damage. Coupling this weapon with Fire mage skills is recommended. Skills like Fireball and Flamethrower are essential for this weapon, the first dealing large individual damage with the latter healing 34% of your weapon’s damage per second.

Attributes: You will want to focus mainly on Intelligence and Dexterity for this build.

Ice Gauntlet and Rapier DPS build

Ice Gauntlet: Ice Gauntlet is going to be our main weapon of choice in this build, with the recommended skills being already specified in earlier builds. While the Rapier focuses a lot on offense, the Ice Gauntlet works well in slowing and chilling enemies to a halt while dealing continuous damage over time.

Rapier: Just a solid option for New World PvE, especially solo leveling characters. You can use an online New World build calculator to customize the skills and gear to your liking, as this weapon is quite flexible, so much so that Fire Mage skills can work with it! Use the Rapier to dodge, weave, and avoid damage in general.

Attributes: Focus only on Intelligence and a little on Constitution if you plan on solo leveling characters.

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Rapier and Fire Staff DPS Build

Fire Staff: Here, you utilize one of the New World builds that is more of centralized damage dealing build utilizing the Fire Staff. Focus on the Pillar of Fire and Burn Out skills, which have added bonuses against full health enemies and high DoT’s.

Rapier: Since this is a hyper-offensive build, you need to adopt a skill rotation consisting of Tondo, Flurry, and then Flurry and Finish. These three skills together possess great damage output and perform well in the New World build calculator. Along with great passives in the Blood tree, all your skills gain immense cooldown reductions as well!

To utilize all of these high-level DPS builds, you will also need to progress in the game relatively quickly. And with a game that is as skill-intensive and gritty as New World, it’s going to be tough getting there.

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The New World Best DPS Build of All Time?

Now, declaring one single build as the best DPS build of all time is a very controversial thing to do. Not only because the meta is shifting rapidly and what is good one day won’t be the next, but also because this is solely our opinion here at You are free to disagree here.

But with that being said, according to us, the best DPS build of all time would have to be the Greataxe, and Warhammer Build!

Yup, nothing fancy and complex or skill-intensive, and that’s what makes this the best! Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, anyone can utilize this DPS build and be the MVP of their team!

Focusing on a single attribute — strength — you turn into a powerhouse very early on as you take on the lifestyle of “offense is the best defense”, taking your levels of damage output and combo-potential to the next level!

And that’s it, our guide to the New World’s Best DPS Builds. Enjoyed our content? Be sure to browse Lyncconf for more!