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What do I have to study to become a video game producer?

What do I have to study to become a video game producer?

The role of a video game producer can vary a lot, but in essence, this job involves being the main organizer of schedules, people, specifications, and almost everything that the project involves. This figure is the core of the project that stores all the information about what needs to be done, when, and by whom, always with the clear objective of ensuring that the video game goes ahead and is a success.

Is it a profession that suits my qualities?

The main skills that a good producer must have been:

  • organizational skills 
  • diplomacy
  • attention to detail 
  • management skills
  • left-handedness

Such skills are needed not only for this profession, but for many others. For example, when you are looking for writing service online, of course you want to get services from a professional, so you should be responsible in choosing and preparing for the profession.

In most cases, these skills are developed with time and experience after having gone through different phases of the various design, programming, and testing teams of a video game. You don’t have to do my essay online since; basically, this profession requires more experience.

Normally, a producer is usually seen as the project manager to whom to report everything that happens, but his real role is to eliminate all the risks and obstacles that appear to ensure the success of the game. A producer is a cornerstone that brings teams together and encourages the components to unleash their creations. Therefore, being a good leader and having the ability to solve problems is an essential quality.

It is often the case that the development and testing teams are under a heavy workload, working overtime and under a lot of pressure. It is in these situations that a producer comes to the fore. He will stand by the team at all times, even if his support is only moral; he will bring calm in crises, trying to facilitate the solution to the conflict, whatever it may be. All for the sake of a good performance.

Key responsibilities

The role of the producer in the success of the online game cannot be underestimated. It is the producer who makes all the fateful decisions about the project. The producer’s job includes:

  • Tactical and strategic management of their project;
  • Planning, setting tasks, and controlling the execution of plans; 
  • Priority management and ranking of work;
  • Analysis of project indicators, reporting, development, and implementation of measures to improve key performance indicators;
  • Risk management;
  • Participating in the development of an overall plan to promote the online game, online game advertising (advertising campaigns), marketing plan;
  • Motivating team members to work and building team spirit on projects;
  • Developing a community of the game;
  • Defining a policy and specific measures to monetize the game;
  • Managing priorities and ranking work;
  • Adapting the project to daily changes.

Often the producer’s role includes attending various core and near-core events, such as world-renowned conferences and exhibitions, and international tournaments on his own project.

How can I prepare myself?

Generally, producers reach this position after many years in the video game industry. Most producers have more than five years of experience in the industry. There is no specific training to reach such a position, but there are degrees in business administration and specific training in project management.

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Taking into account this reality, we must understand two distinct phases: a first stage, in which to carry out more general training, and a second part, in which experience will be accumulated within the field of video game production.

For the first phase, it would be interesting to carry out specific studies in video game design and development. If we are clear that our future is as a producer, we should try to get involved in the management of teams as much as possible. There are many subjects in which work teams are created for the realization of practices; within these teams should always be erected a responsible who is the one who coordinates the rest.

But if we have already completed university studies not directly related to the video game industry, a good alternative for an aspiring producer could be to start a career that gives us the opportunity to consolidate our leadership skills and creative direction, although outside the video game industry. These opportunities can be found in sectors such as music or audiovisual. Any experience, no matter how small, will place us in a preferential situation.

The second stage to be addressed is to become a production assistant or associate producer. The position of the producer has a great responsibility and can manage a large budget, so for someone to be appointed in this responsibility must add merits and earn the trust of the directors. Once you are established in these jobs, with time and experience, opportunities will arise to reach the big goal: to be a video game producer.

As you can see, this is not an easy path, but nobody said that big companies were easy. Are you willing to achieve it?