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What are MPL tournaments, and how can I participate in them?

What are MPL tournaments, and how can I participate in them?

India-backed online gaming start-up, MPL or Mobile Premier League, was founded in 2018, and it quickly became one of the most trusted and largest gaming platforms in Asia. Its user base across India and Indonesia is 81 million, and it is seeking to wow the US gaming market with the latest launch of MPL US.

In a bid to stand out in the US market, the unified gaming platform has opened a New York office to oversee operations and give American gamers a chance to be entertained while earning real money. Both Android and iOS users can take full advantage of the myriad collection of games offered by the platform, and MPL promises to come up with new games with time. However, players have to be more than 18 years of age to play games and win real cash prizes.

Introduction to MPL Games in the US

MPL launched in the US with an array of 12 fun and exciting games. The platform plans to introduce more games in the future. Gamers can choose games from various categories like card games, arcade games, puzzle games, and sports games. So whether you are looking for challenging, action-oriented games or want to have quick fun, you’ll not be disappointed. 

Some popular games that you can start playing right away include 8 Ball Blast for pool enthusiasts, Baseball Star for all those baseball fans out there, Fruit Chop, and Spider Solitaire. If you miss going out bowling with your friends, you can enjoy a fast-paced game of bowling from the comfort of your couch. MPL’s Bowling game lets two players engage in bowling cash battles, and you can win cash prizes sitting at home if you can get the higher score. 

While you can enjoy a quick game when getting bored on your iOS or Android device for free or for stakes, the best offering of MPL is the online tournaments. 

MPL Tournaments

MPL brings to the US gamers online tournaments where you can participate in single-game or multi-game tournaments to win exciting cash prizes. Also, get bragging rights! 

To participate, you have to sign up on the MPL app and choose a game that you would want to play. Then, when you click on the game, you’ll notice banners for current tournaments for that particular game. Users have to pay a small entry fee to participate in the MPL tournament, and the app will notify the scheduled time for the tournament. The entry fee for tournaments range from $0.5 to $1.0, and the prize pool range is from $20 to $250. 

Make sure to hone your gaming skills to beat your opponent and emerge victorious, along with winning big. However, the tournaments don’t run in any specific time frame, which keeps the excitement alive. So keep checking back not to miss any tournament. 

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Types of Tournaments on MPL

The gaming platform keeps launching thrilling online tournaments to keep the players engaged and win cash prizes. Users can get the full MPL tournament rules when they click on the game of their choice. Currently, the platform offers the following types of tournaments. 

  1. High Score Tournaments: Users have to pay a small entry fee to enter the tournament, and the goal is to score high to win rewards within the scheduled time. With a single entry, users get multiple chances of winning. So, if you miss out on your first chance, don’t lose hope. Keep playing and trying to score higher than the other participants but within the scheduled tournament time. 
  2. Beat the Score Tournaments: The stakes are high here. Players need to beat a threshold score to win the tournament. The chances are limited, but there’s an option to re-enter by paying an entry fee each time. Beat the Score Tournaments are for seasoned players who are confident of winning or like the idea of participating in a high-stakes tournament. 

What’s more?

MPL US is in its nascent stage and seeking to capitalize on the growing popularity of casual real-money gaming in the US market after it has successfully won hearts across India and Indonesia. As a result, US gamers can expect to see new and exciting games and get the opportunity to compete in a variety of formats. The head-to-head matchups will be determined by the app’s superior and proprietary player matching technology. 

MPL promises to develop more and more interesting grand tournament formats where players get the opportunity to win big rewards and cash prizes. If you’re interested in playing tournaments online, stay tuned and keep checking back.