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What Affects Your Prediction in 1xBet Cricket?

What Affects Your Prediction in 1xBet Cricket?


Users of betting shops may be interested to enter not only classic sports like the same hockey, tennis, or soccer. There are many local sports that you can take a special interest in, being in a country that doesn’t even have its own tournament. We are talking about cricket, which has a huge fan base in India and elsewhere. There is no problem finding a favorable quote and betting on these matches through 1xBet cricket. Although it is here that you will have to prepare much longer than usual, especially if you are not familiar with the main varieties of regulations.

There is a unique situation where cricket matches are played under different rules. There is first-tier cricket, where the matches themselves go on for quite a long time – up to five days. These are often domestic championship tournaments as well as national team matches. There is a lot of fighting and tactical decisions. T20 is a much faster and more entertaining format, that is why bettors choose such matches. On average, the result is known after about three hours. The duration of one-day matches is also understandable, as there are approximately 40 overs played,

The Process of Picking Cricket Bets Through 1xBet

If you know the cricket rules quite well and are not new to the betting site, you have an active account. Then, you need to authorize on a PC or in a mobile application, replenish the balance in a convenient way and start studying the cricket section.


The Indian Premier League of T20 format attracts betting fans the most, where live betting is also not uncommon. Although it is possible to make a winning cricket strategy via 1xBet through classic single bets in prematch. In this case, the final decision is always yours.

The market is wide enough for the top matches, there are many lines, so you can play on different strategies. The main lines for cricket are the following:

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  1. The usual winner of the match, a winner with a handicap on points or a double chance bet. Double chance is the cheapest, as it is a compromise option for predicting two events at once. A handicap bet can also be made zero to have a chance to return the bet at odds of 1.
  2. Player and team statistics are also actively considered by users for their predictions. You still need advanced analytics here, as sometimes the bookmaker offers to guess the title at the end of the match.
  3. Additional lines usually represent predictions on the draw. This is a classic example of a bet with a nominal 50/50 chance. Although these predictions do not work well in the long run, it is an interesting option for a quick bet.

When making preparations for cricket tournaments and a particular match, you can study quite obvious factors – the current form of the teams, tournament position, motivation, the presence of injured. However, there are also less obvious factors, such as the draw. It determines who exactly will attack first. There is an opinion that there is a slight advantage for the one who starts attacking first by draw. The fresh balls and a whole field make it possible to start the match well and get away from the opponent. Then, there is the factor of weather conditions, and it is not a question of the pitch becoming viscous in the rain, as in soccer – the match will simply be shortened. Some regions have poor natural light, so there is a dependence on how active the sun is.

The nature of the surface where the match will be played is also important to study before betting on cricket. Since there is no single standard, and somewhere a high-quality long pitch is used, somewhere the grass is inherently worse. Moreover, after a long match, the turf definitely deteriorates, and this can be noted in the live betting format.