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CS:GO: Develop Your Skills With Tactical Shooter!

CS:GO: Develop Your Skills With Tactical Shooter!

CS:GO: Develop Your Skills With Tactical Shooter!


Counter-Strike is the most popular series of multiplayer online shooters. Since its release in 2003, millions of players worldwide have become shooter fans. Today, the Global Offensive version is also one of the leading eSports disciplines with millions in prize money. Nevertheless, experts still argue about its benefits and harm.

For many, Counter Strike is perceived as an ordinary shooter – a shooting game, where your main task is to run and kill opponents. However, this is far from reality! CS: GO has nothing to do with shooter slots in 10 dollars online casinos. This is a rather complex game where, in addition to shooting skills, it is important to think strategically! So, does CS: GO still help develop some skills? Naturally, it does! There are quite a lot of them!

Teamwork & Logical Thinking

Of course, team spirit is very important for every shooter. The key to an easy victory is good communication and cohesion in team actions. Each player must make at least some contribution to the game – help with spreads, make exchanges, etc. Without teamwork, victory seems to be almost impossible.

All CS: GO sessions require players to make fast and relevant decisions. Thus, these decisions will entail the outcome – loss or win. Having carefully thought through the plan of action, taking into account all aspects (time, number of survivors, the situation on the map, and grenades), you can safely take the initiative and win.

Development Of Reaction Speed ​​& Ability To Solve Problems Quickly

In most cases, the player’s aim is below the opponent’s body, as no one knows their starting movements.


Therefore, in CS: GO the reaction comes first, which depends on the player’s brain facilities. It transmits signals to the eyes and hands. CS: GO fans still remember ScreaM killing a player, in short, looking to the mid. This eSports player has amazing reactions! During his rather long career, Adil managed to play in many top teams in France and Europe, including VeryGames, Titan eSports, Epsilon eSports etc. Of course, players with this reaction can bring the greatest benefit to the team!

Meanwhile, fast and right decisions are also important in other games and everyday life. So, for example, Nodar Giorgadze is sure that in poker, players should focus on the long term. Thus, the most vital poker skill is the ability to make the right decisions – quickly and consistently. The game doesn’t always go the predicted way. An ally was killed in smoke, someone left because of poor internet, you were left in the clutch, etc. In such situations, it is important to concentrate and, knowing all the necessary information, make a lightning-fast decision that will help play the round in your favor. Such decisions can be observed in matches of TOP teams – Astralis (Denmark), Vitality (France), Fnatic (UK), etc.

Peripheral Vision & Finger Dexterity

Usually, players concentrate on the middle of the screen where the weapon is visible, the place you are looking at. But due to peripheral vision, you can replace the enemy who flashed on the screen and kill him. Well-developed peripheral vision helps to expand the vision area and obtain more information.

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During all movements (shots or turns), the fingers tense and perform a kind of warm-up for dexterity and flexibility. Without good finger flexibility, no effective strafe or flick shot will be possible. It is vital not to overexert your fingers and use the mouse as a flexible means of movement.

Is It Possible To Become A Good CS: GO Player?

Yes, it is! Pay attention to the advice of experts and professional cyber players:


  • Constant practice and training. The best way to learn how to play CS: GO is to hone your gaming skills. You can use numerous training maps and apply the acquired skills in matches with live opponents. Counter-Strike is beautiful in its chaos, but some things are still repetitive. Most clutches are similar – players are taking the same positions and similarly throwing grenades. Once you learn to execute these elements consistently, you will become a much more reliable player.
  • View professional games and demos. This will help you learn the skills of well-coordinated team play. Try to remember the behavior of professional eSports players in various situations, analyze their actions, and take into account the combat subtleties. Also, watch demos – archival recordings of past matches – they help to analyze different situations.
  • Studying maps. It is the key to a successful CS: GO game. The player must remember the location of all map elements, popular places of terrorists and counter-terrorists, and the common timing of the participants. You can study maps in training matches with bots and fights with real opponents.
  • When playing CS: GO, you must be able to take risks, not be afraid to make unexpected moves, and have developed intuition. Consider CS: GO as a unique language with its own rules and exceptions. The higher the game level, the more complex these rules are. Nevertheless, if you continue to follow them, over time you will get rid of many mistakes.
  • Communication and team play. Well-coordinated team play can ensure CS: GO success. So, you can play with friends and gradually move on to communication with other teammates.

E-sports develop various cognitive abilities and play a supporting role in the social and communicative spheres. Besides, it allows you to distinguish and identify the characteristics of different roles, which contributes to the development of personality through the gameplay. Of course, CS: GO is an emotional game. Some are happy that they just won the round – every kill and victory gives incredible emotions! This way you can become more confident and gain the skill not to give up, continuing your fight.