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Weird Plot Twists: What’s Wrong With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Storylines?

Weird Plot Twists: What’s Wrong With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Storylines?

Throughout the long history of the game, users from all over the world could meet a huge variety of characters who experienced many strange and difficult moments in their lives. We can think of Illidan Stormrage, Varok Saurfang, and a host of other characters as well.

Sylvanas Windrunner, on the other hand, is one of the most intriguing characters. We can see how this figure has taken center stage in recent releases. Throughout the period, she played the position of Horde Leader as well as the major villain in various updates.

She is a rather ambiguous hero. Some people admire her; others, on the other hand, have no soft sentiments for her. However, the plot’s inconsistency distracts people from the overall vision. When watching various commercials, we could observe how in one of them, she acts as a strong and independent character. In another video, she does a lot of rash things, and in the last video, she again becomes a positive character. As a result, it’s unclear what’s going on with the game’s plot.

After the release of the next update, which will be the last part of the tale for Sylvanas and the Jailer, which users will need to kill to view the finish of the story, there is a potential that players may see some clarity. This will be tough to accomplish, but it seems reasonable to employ Jailer carry to do it without undue stress.

The latest update

Playing one of the most recent patches, gamers might observe the emergence of a raid. Everyone is to fight a little less than a dozen of villains. To the surprise of many, one of them is our heroine. 

Users attempted to uncover the heroine’s dark ambitions, but instead of receiving answers, they received an infuriating film. This video not only enraged spectators but also perplexed those who were closely following the narrative of the game.

At the time, the video has received a large quantity of criticism and negative feedback.

Incomprehensible plot twists

Throughout the game, fans may see how this heroine had done weird and horrible things over the previous few years. She was convinced that by murdering a great number of people, she could restore peace. Nevertheless, she immediately changed her mind after that.

The primary villain, the Jailer, who appears right out of the blue, likewise refuses to murder the few humans who can stop him. He also refused to murder the heroine, despite her attempts to end his life. Instead, he just restored her soul and vanished through the portal in an unknown direction.

Many people are confused by what is going on with the heroine in this respect. One gets the impression that this character isn’t fully developed. This character has been one of the story’s primary characters. When she became Warchief of the faction, she promptly began fighting with another party and committed a heinous violent act. She became a figure who burnt down the night elves’ homes and also executed myriads of innocent lives.

The faction players were appalled by this. Many others wanted to change their allegiance after witnessing what she had done to avoid being a part of this awful disgrace. This, however, can only be accomplished by spending actual money.

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Following then, the game’s narrative got even more unstable. Participants were unable to watch the whole plot since it was divided into numerous segments, which were buried in books, advertising, and other tasks, triggering a wave of discontent because most players never saw the whole picture of events.

An unexpected coalition

Users may witness the situation when Sylvanas murders the supreme ruler and then publicly criticizes her people. After taking such a step, she will no longer be able to observe the backing of her side therefore she decides to hide from view. However, after a while, we observe how the chief antagonist pops up, but this time she is accompanied by a partner.

Only then does it become evident why she slaughtered so many folks. Her mission was to lead souls to the hereafter, where they might be taken and exploited in Zovaal’s big plan. As a result, the gamers recognized that murdering the elves wasn’t only for the purpose of killing but that they were required to help her fulfil her vision. Although the plot’s growth is intriguing, fans have not praised how this tale was delivered.

Sylvanas’ conscience begins to awaken only when she sees Anduin enslaved, even though she caused atrocities, sparked a massive war, and almost destroyed the whole world. 


Thus, we see how the storylines in the game sometimes look stupid and inexplicable. One gets the feeling that the story is not thought out but created on the go without any explanation. There is only hope for the next update, from which it will be possible to find out how the story will end. Perhaps the update will put everything in its place and clarify incomprehensible points.