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Real Sport Alternatives for Canadian E-Gamers

Real Sport Alternatives for Canadian E-Gamers

In terms of Canadian sports bettors, the following seven sports are the most popular. These eight well-known Canadian sports are the focus of the above-mentioned sportsbooks.

There is a page for each of the eight most popular sports in Canada, including information specific to the country and an explanation of the most common wagers.


The national sport of Canada is ice hockey. Hockey is the only sport on our list that provides Canadians with the sense of pride, passion, and joy that hockey does. Hockey betting is a popular pastime in Canada, and the rest of the world is following suit. There is more than enough hockey activity to wager on throughout the year in the NHL, which runs for ten months.


There are several talented young Canadians poised to make an impact in the NBA, including Andrew Wiggins and Tristan Thompson. RJ Barrett is projected to be drafted first overall and become a star in the league. Basketball was founded by a Canadian, James Naismith, more than a century ago. As the quality of Canadian basketball players continues to increase, it is clear that both the sport’s popularity and the number of people who wager on it are growing.


In Canada, baseball is the most popular sport to wager on throughout the summer months. But even though the NHL’s championship trophy has been given and the Raptors’ season has ended, the Blue Jays can once again return to their glory days of the early 1990s. There was a resurgence in interest in baseball in the United States in 2015 and 2016. I don’t know yet if this new winning culture can lead to an MLB World Series championship.


Recently, boxing has witnessed a huge return in popularity. Boxers like Jake and Logan Paul, as well as boxing icons like Mike Tyson, are stepping into the ring to draw attention to the sport. In addition to the likes of Canelo Alvarez and Tyson Fury becoming household names, the future of boxing is looking brighter than ever before.


Football will always be a popular sport to bet on, and this is reflected in the amount of NFL Betting Sites in Canada in 2022 accessible to punters. It’s good to conduct a little research to learn more about the differences between these betting sites, as some can benefit the player more than others. When it comes to wagering on football, Canadians have a wide range of possibilities. For Canadian football bettors, NFL reigns supreme, but CFL die-hards and college fanatics alike devote their Saturdays to keeping up with the next generation of NFL players throughout the fall months.


A cool beer and a sweaty golfer on a hot Sunday afternoon is the perfect way to spend the summer months. When it comes to golf betting, I’m a huge supporter of daily fantasy sports, which I follow from Thursday through Sunday. Watching one of Canada’s top golfers in contention in a final Sunday pairing is as thrilling as watching any other Canadian sport.


Tennis fans in Canada are in for a treat right now. Young Canadian tennis players like Denis Shapovalov and Eugenie Bouchard, as well as Milos Raonic, are swiftly becoming household names. Tennis has received a lot of media attention in a country that used to only talk about it during the Grand Slams because of their success. As these players progress, I predict that tennis will become much more popular in Canada, as will tennis betting.


The UFC has a devoted following in Canada. Canada has welcomed the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) with open arms. While Georges St. Pierre was with the UFC, he was their most popular attraction, thanks in large part to Canadians’ enthusiasm for him. MMA is one of my favourite sports to wager on because of the potential profit margins plus the fact that the fight isn’t done until the final horn sounds.

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Rory MacDonald, the reigning UFC middleweight champion from Canada, joined Bellator MMA’s roster this year.

Rory MacDonald will be a key part of Bellator’s Canadian tour in the coming several years, and I’m looking forward to it as well.


Canada isn’t a soccer superpower, but it doesn’t imply that soccer isn’t as big in Canada as it is in the other soccer-crazy countries across the world. It is clear that Canada is still regarded as a soccer powerhouse after a record-breaking attendance at the 2007 U20 world cup and a victorious Women’s World Cup in 2015. Three Major League Soccer clubs presently call Canada home (Toronto FC, Montreal Impact, and the Vancouver Whitecaps), with more on the way. Soccer is still a big deal in Canada, as seen by my visits to downtown Ottawa and Toronto during World Cup matches. With so many leagues to choose from, online sportsbooks agree to provide a wide variety of soccer betting choices.