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Trending Tech Products That Sell Well Online

Trending Tech Products That Sell Well Online

Do you want to diversify your online store catalogue in 2023 with the latest trending tech products? Plenty of exciting new gadgets and gizmos are being released this year, and consumers love them. So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition and increase your sales, now is the perfect time to browse some of these transformative technologies and incorporate them into your inventory.

From home entertainment systems to wearable health monitors, we’ll highlight all types of technology products and discuss their potential inside eCommerce stores! So, keep reading if you’re ready to find out which hot tech items everyone will be buying in 2023.

USB Flash Drives

The first product on this list, and one that might come as a surprise to many, are USB flash drives. Even though these little devices are quite old, they are still in high demand. This makes sense, however, since they are quite versatile and convenient.

Additionally, whether you are a freelancer looking for additional storage space or a business professional seeking to back up important documents, good bulk flash drives 2GB offers an affordable and reliable solution.

Flash drives are more secure than cloud storage because the data is hosted locally; those who prefer not to store sensitive information online may find that USB flash drives are better suited to manage files securely. Hence, USB flash drives remain one of the most popular forms of digital storage available today due to their many features and cost-effectiveness.

Gaming Mice

The next product on this list that sells extremely well, especially in 2023, is gaming mice. Did you know the gaming industry, specifically video games, is worth around $365 billion? Video games have become incredibly popular over the years.


And with the rise of many streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, many people are either experimenting with streaming or getting into gaming. As such, with many gaming mice available and people wanting to get the proper equipment for gaming, gaming mice sell really well.


Like gaming mice, keyboards are one of the top-selling products online, especially within the tech niche. Keyboards are a top-selling product because everyone using a computer needs a keyboard. Customers buying keyboards can also vary, from professional gamers to anyone just wanting a nice keyboard.

Plus, it just so happens that keyboards are one of the very few products with a massive price range, which is great for online stores since they can target any audience, and the market is expected to grow to $4.82 billion this year.


Another incredibly popular tech product selling well online, especially in 2023, is headphones. It wasn’t too long ago when earphones were the most popular product online; however, they have been overtaken by headphones.

Not only are headphones used to listen to music, but they are also used to watch movies and series and play games. In 2021 alone, 548 million headphones were bought online. And depending on your target market, you can sell affordable or high-end headphones.

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Motherboards are the next item on this list, another incredibly hot online product. There are a few reasons for this. For example, people are now building their computers more than before. This means more people customise their personal computers and even mix and match different parts.

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Another reason could be that with computers being used for entertainment, such as gaming and watching series and movies, they could get worn out faster than ever. Even though the data shows that in 2022, motherboard sales dropped by 10 million compared to 2021, that might simply be because of COVID ending.

PC Cases

Much like motherboards, the next item on this list, which is essential for building a PC, the actual case, is another top-rated seller online. With so many people building computers and creating custom computers for personal purposes, such as gaming or streaming, people want to customise and make them beautiful. That said, PC cases have become a top-rated product.

LED Strip Lights

Finally, the last item on this list, another popular top seller in 2023, is LED strip lights. This doesn’t come as a surprise, especially if you were to look at streamers on Twitch or YouTube who are using strip lights to enhance their setup.

Gamers worldwide have noted this and are, of course, doing what their favourite streamers do. This is quite evident when looking at the size of the market, which is currently worth around $1 billion globally.