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Simple Guide to Register my Business on Google Maps

Simple Guide to Register my Business on Google Maps

Google provides a free service for all businesses of any type that can do far more than what you can think for your business. The service, which is called GMB or Google My Business, lists your business on Google Maps for users who are located close by and are looking for a service that is provided by your business. If set up appropriately, users will be able to get enough information about your services and contact you to book a service or purchase a product that you have on offer. There are steps that you must take to register your business on Google Maps as well as tips and tricks to optimize your business profile.

Steps to be taken to register a website on Google Maps

Create a Google Account for your Business

A google account for your business is mandatory to claim your business on Google maps. Create an account for your business on Google and make sure that you have chosen the “To manage my business” option when creating the account to let Google know this is a business account.

Complete your Business Profile

If you haven’t created your business profile, that’s the next step you must take. You must google your business name on Google maps, and if it does not exist, you can create it by choosing the option “Add a missing place”. Fill in the form that pops up, and you are right to go to the next step.

Request for a Google My Business Account

You will be able to provide specific information about your business at this stage. This information will play a pivotal role in how your local SEO performs. You must go to and start from there. In this section, you must provide information such as your business name, services and products, address, contact details, business hours, delivery area, and a lot more. Make sure to connect your business profile to your GMB account manually.


Request to claim your business

This is the final step to register your business on Google Maps by verifying your ownership. You need to go to Google Maps and search for your business name. Once it pops up, click on your business profile, and the “claim this business” option appears on the expanded list under your business profile. You just need to click on “claim this business” and follow the steps in order to finalize the process. Google would provide you with different options in order to verify your ownership. Choose the one that suits you best.

GMB is crucial for local SEO

GMB is a must-have feature for all businesses of any type. Internet users, when in need of a product or service, grab their phones and google what they are looking for. By registering your business on Google Maps, internet users are able to easily find you, review your products and service, see other customers’ feedback, and watch your recent posts. This would have a great impact on your SEO performance.

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GMB is for almost all business types

Regardless of your business type, you must make sure to claim your business on Google maps in order to improve your business accessibility, credibility, and trustworthiness. Even if you own an e-commerce store and your physical location is not that important, it’s still a good idea to register your e-commerce office location on Google Maps. Therefore, if you are planning to design a simple website for your local restaurant, or if you are looking for an ecommerce website design in Dubai, make sure to register your business in Google maps. Besides, if you are looking for SEO services, make sure that GMB is a part of their SEO packages in Dubai.


Even though the process of GMB is not that complicated, it is recommended to work with a professional digital service provider in order to take advantage of their market experience and benefit from the tips and tricks they utilize to make your business shine on Google maps. To make things easier for you, we would like to recommend Websima DMCC, as one of the best digital service providers. They have been in the market long enough to add great value to your business. If you are in need of web design or SEO services, do not hesitate to contact Websima and book a free consultation meeting with their talented team.